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Morning Catholic must-reads: 13/07/10

A daily guide to what’s happening in the Catholic Church

By on Tuesday, 13 July 2010

Pope Benedict pictured with the Latin Patriarch (far right)

Pope Benedict pictured with the Latin Patriarch (far right)

In a letter to the Latin Patriarch, Benedict XVI has urged Catholics to be visible signs of unity in the Holy Land (full text).

Middlesbrough diocese has lodged an appeal after it was found liable for running a boys’ school where 150 former pupils are suing for abuse.

West Midlands Police has assured the public that it will be able to meet the costs of policing Pope Benedict’s visit to Birmingham in September.

The Bishop of Ebbsfleet, Giles Pinnock, Brother Stephen, Fr Edward Tomlinson and Fr Michael Gollop reflect on the future of Anglo-Catholicism following the general synod vote.

Gerald Warner argues that the Pope’s offer to Anglicans is ill-conceived.

Mary Hunt suggests that the Vatican is equating the ordination of women with clerical sexual abuse in its revised norms on the most serious crimes against Church law.

Cristina Odone argues that “Lefty luvvies” who support Roman Polanski but condemn Pope Benedict are hypocrites.

Ron Modras asks whether excommunication ever does any good.

And Headline Bistro marvels at the Catholic Church in China.

  • Wright

    what is up with this? This collection of posts reeks of heresy and dissidence, not what one expects from the Catholic Herald. Editor, sort it out!

  • Wright

    And by that I mean two of the posts. But that's more than you expect from the herald..