A daily guide to what's happening in the Catholic Church

A Belgian appeals court has ruled that a raid on Church property in June was illegal.

The police have estimated that security for the Pope’s visit will cost no more than £1.5million ($2.3million).

The official papal visit website has announced that it will be live-
streaming all the events
of the four-day trip.

The Church is investigating a possible second miracle at the intercession of Cardinal Newman.

Cambridge historian Eamon Duffy contrasts Benedict XVI and John Henry Newman.

Catholic Voices Media Monitor responds to Independent columnist Johann Hari’s attack on Pope Benedict.

Archbishop Timothy Dolan of New York discusses his debt to the Society of Jesus (audio).

Stephen Barr responds to Stephen Hawking’s claim that God was not necessarily the creator of the universe.

And the Scottish Church has unveiled a new tartan to mark the Pope’s visit next week.