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What Boris said to the Pope and the Pope said to Boris

The Holy Father met the Mayor of London last night

By on Friday, 17 September 2010

Boris meets the Pope at Heathrow, Terminal 4

Boris meets the Pope at Heathrow, Terminal 4

Let others tell you what’s going on in the real world. I’d like to tell you what went on in the Royal Suite at Terminal 4 last night when Boris Johnson, the Mayor of London, met Joseph Ratzinger, the Pope of Rome.

“I told the Pope,” said Boris, “that what was wrong with Britain was that the Roman Emperor Honorius told the Brits in 410 AD that Rome was no longer able to protect them.

“From that time,” said Boris to the Pope, “the British have had a sense of desertion, of confusion, of rejection.”

What did the Pope make of that? I asked Boris. “He looked hunted. His eyes flickered around the room.”

Did he saying anything? “Yes”, said Boris. “He said: ‘Very interesting’.”

Boris was accompanied last night by Lara Johnson, his 17-year-old daughter, who is an admirer of Benedict XVI and who speaks pretty good German.

Earlier in the day the Mayor had issued a statement exclusively for readers of the Catholic Herald: “In return for a general absolution,” ran the statement, “I have granted the Popemobile an exemption from the congestion charge.”

  • Nick Gazard

    Classic Boris, what a wonderful character he is – the Congestion Charge comment made me laugh out loud!

  • precusant

    This is good humor that we need more of.

    But then i start thinking it's true. . . .

  • lokionline

    I am beginning to see why you voted that man Lord Mayor of London.

  • DB

    We didn't. “Lord Mayor of London” is a different position.

  • Geoff

    God bless the Pope!

  • Forlornehope

    Did Boris greet the Pope in Latin? I would be very disappointed if he missed that opportunity.

  • Mrs.Josephine Hyde-Hartley

    Which just goes to show how Boris's endeavours may also count usefully as somezing raza zan nozing.

  • Cheryl Huber

    Where's my exemption. God knows I've paid a few congestions charges, parking tickets and various other.

    It's hell owning an automobile in London.

    All joking aside. Thank you to His Holiness for visiting Britian. I pray my friends, whom I met when I lived in London, are paying attention. A secular society is a tough way to go.

  • Anthony

    Shouldn't it be “Joseph Ratzinger, the Bishop of Rome”?