One humorous punter had a banner which even the Pope might have enjoyed

Amidst the thousands who protested the Pope’s visit to Britain, one protester stood out. Fr John Zuhlsdorf over on What does the Prayer Really Say? found a picture of a young man who was protesting the Pope in a very particular way. Benedict XVI would probably have enjoyed the sight.

Armed with a black marker and a pizza box, Toby Guise, a 29 year-old communications consultant from London, wrote:


“Drop the Filioque!”

The Filioque is a clause added to the Nicene Creed by the Western Church and addresses the way the Trinity is understood. It has been a source of division between the Eastern Churches and the Western Church.

Mr Guise said: “There was a serious point behind the banner. Putting the Filioque up for discussion would effectively roll things back to the last Ecumenical Council in 787 – sending out a tacit but momentous appeal for Christian unity, yet without necessarily sacrificing a point upon which many Catholics are very impassioned. The hope would be for other denominations to respond by looking at ways in which they could re-enter into communion with the Catholic Church and with each other, including on thornier issues than the Filioque.”

He also added: “I didn’t actually point the banner at the Pope, thinking it was more important to welcome him unconditionally and that he had probably had enough disagreements for one weekend.”

Mr Guise was first spotted by Greg Burke of Fox News.


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