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Let’s take courage and hold a March for Life in Britain

Every year, hundreds of thousands of Americans gather in Washington DC on the anniversary of the Roe v Wade ruling. Imagine for a moment a similar event taking place in London

By on Wednesday, 26 January 2011

Every year about 200,000 pro-lifers march along Constitution Avenue in Washington

Every year about 200,000 pro-lifers march along Constitution Avenue in Washington

One of the most inspiring pro-life events in the world took place in Washington DC this week. If you rely on the television or daily papers for your news this is probably the first you’ve heard of it. Even in the United States it barely registered in the mainstream media. Nevertheless, it was a significant moment in the long struggle to defend the dignity of every human being, especially the unborn. We are talking about the March for Life, an annual event which draws hundreds of thousands of Americans to the nation’s capital on the anniversary of the Supreme Court’s decision to legalise abortion.

On Monday some 200,000 people – Catholics and non-Catholics alike – marched along Constitution Avenue to the Supreme Court, where they held a dignified protest against the landmark 1973 Roe v Wade ruling. On the eve of the event Catholic marchers gathered in the Basilica of the National Shrine of the Immaculate Conception for Mass. Five cardinals, 39 bishops, hundreds of priests, deacons and seminarians and an estimated 10,000 lay people were present.

Let’s imagine for a moment that the march took place in Britain. Imagine thousands of people descending on Parliament on the anniversary of the 1967 Abortion Act. Imagine them holding a peaceful and dignified protest against a law that has caused such untold suffering. Imagine a Mass at Westminster Cathedral on the eve of the march with dozens of bishops, hundreds of priests and thousands of lay people in attendance.

At this point you may be thinking: “There’s no way that could happen.” You may believe that we as a nation are too apathetic to protest against this injustice. You may believe that the bishops are too preoccupied to offer concerted pro-life leadership. You may believe that our pro-life charities are too divided to set aside their differences and work together.

The organisers of the first March for Life in Washington faced the same objections. Just months before the first anniversary of Roe v Wade it seemed as if the occasion would pass uncommemorated. No pro-life group was prepared to organise or fund a mass demonstration. The US bishops were unable to take the lead. There was no guarantee that marchers would turn out en masse. But thanks to a few grassroots activists a march did take place on January 22 1974. It attracted more than 20,000 people. And almost three decades later the march draws 10 times that number.

When Benedict XVI visited Britain last September he urged us to live up to our calling as Catholics, to be strong in faith and committed to serving others, especially the weakest. What better way to respond to this than by holding an annual March for Life?

  • Caroline Farrow

    200,000 people, that’s one for each life lost to abortion in the UK every year. Count my family in.

  • Jack Regan

    I’m in :)

  • Liz

    Yes let’s!

  • louella

    Yeah….it would be a brilliant thing……the least we could do. God Willing!

  • AkP

    Absolutely right!

  • Londonistar

    Will you be demonstrating for an improvement to adoption services? There are already thousands in care. Whilst I support your enthusiasm to reduce abortion I would like to see you open up choices for women which are viable and offer a life to a child. Not a life in horrible State care. That is not the answer and until you start protesting this as well then your demo will fall on deaf ears and look largely self serving for the catholic faith.

  • Londonistar

    IN point of fact you make a protest regards adoption services and faith led ones fundamental to your abortion protest and set a new tone for these kinds of protests since the Washington one goes broadly unnoticed in the press and most definitely needs a new tone. Particularly since unlike in the US you will be counter protested instantly if not on the same day. PLEASE make the difference.

  • louella

    The greatest contribution the Church could make regarding the situation of the nation’s born children is to promote over and over again lifelong marriage…..and also chastity before marriage… as fornication and co-habitation seriously undermines the chances of children being born into a stable family home. A stable family background is the greatest advantage for any child.

    It is the instablilty and often non existance of married life that increases both abortion and children in care.

  • Mike

    This is a wonderful idea. Who is going to take the first step to get it started?

  • GFFM

    I was essentially raised going to such marches twice each year as an adolescent. My parents were very typical middle class people with college educations who didn’t carry signs, but they said it was important to come out in numbers and so we did. We have continued it with our children-simply walking, meeting people. If there would have been a problem with tone at any march, we would not have taken our children. And whenever we went, there were lots and lots of children. I have thought it is the least we can do to remind the country that 50 million of our fellow human beings are not here because children were deemed an “inconvenient truth.” It is now a verifiable piece of data from the Guttmacher Institute that 35% of the women under the age of 45 in US have had an abortion. New York City has the second highest abortion rate in the world per 1000 women, second only to Russia. And the primary reason for abortion is not poverty, but “inconvenience.” I think a peaceful march affirming the right to life where families come out in force is an idea which would greatly benefit the culture. Make it an affirmation, not some kind of gauntlet. It’s a bit over due.

  • raphael

    This definitely needs to happen, good idea!

  • louella

    The Church already had her own adoption agencies…..but many were shut down by secular authorities because they refused to allow gay adoption. What a shoddy thing to do for disadvantaged children from our secular masters eh?!

  • John

    We should just ignore the secular authorities. An unjust law is no law at all and should be disobeyed. Are we a nation of apathetic, obedient sheep, or a nation of empowered, determined laity?

  • RJ

    The organisation Life (which is not Catholic but is supported by Catholics) tries to provide alternatives in the form of counselling and housing. Have you considered supporting them? – you don’t have to be Catholic to do that (or to march for that matter).

  • Wordsworth

    I wonder what would happen if all of the people mentioned above decided to instead of protest, reach out to 1 person each who was contemplating abortion or lived in an area where this was known to be the norm. What if every one of them started to Pray rather than Shout, What if they decided to fast and pray and ask God to change the hearts of people they had come to know rather than accuse. What if they opened their homes and their lives, their hearts and time to the people who sometime feel that they have no other options?
    I am not doubting that the protest was deemed a success, but would it stop one individual who wanted an abortion getting one? Maybe the answer lies in a twofold responce, Open warfare in the realm of the spirit and a love offensive that exposes those outside the church to the Heart of Christ himself?
    likewise who are we protesting about? the very people Jesus came to save and those whom i am presuming are the ones need him most at this moment it time. Can i ask if we are willing to eagerly seek the suffering, willing to open ourselves to abuse and willing to follow a path that would really change lives? Are we grown up to disciple those around us? We are a royal priesthood called by God to reach the lost. What would Jesus do? Organise a protest (even if it was with the best will and hope in the world) or reach out to those the really need him? This would be a true protest about society and one that would change it for the better. There are great stories within the early church of people who used to sell themselves into slavery in order to have something to give to the poor. Maybe we should be willing to give our heart and time in the same way? From my experience and what i have seen, the Holy Spirit normally (although not always) changes people one at a time and mostly out of the love of another. I would be interested in your comments. God Bless

  • Justin

    The Washington protest may go unnoticed in the press but it certainly does not go unnoticed at the ballot box. The pro-life vote is strong, and in Nov 2010 it was strong enough to reach Capitol Hill, such that 2 pro-life bills are going through Congress in spite of the fact that the sitting president is one of the most pro-abortion in history.

    If only us UK Catholics would do the same.

    We CAN make a difference – and we should make a difference 1. at an individual level, by helping those in need, particularly pregnant women and offering them options; 2. at a societal level – by promoting a culture of life and making it seem socially unacceptable to obtain an abortion (like what was done for smoking); and also by pushing for social changes which support life such as education, reduction in income gap, and child-friendly policies; 3. at the legislative level – through peaceful demonstration and through making our voice heard at the ballot box; and 4. at the spiritual level – through prayer, fasting and almsgiving.

    Its a 4 legged stool – all 4 strands need to work together.

  • Richard Collins

    Absolutely. And, I am certain that we could muster a sizeable (not by US standards) number of people.
    This initiative is sorely needed. Happy to be involved.

  • KEF

    It would be a great witness to the principles of life! It started here (in DC) with 30 people forming a committee, so it’s not unforeseeable. We’re praying that one day all supporters for the dignity of basic human rights will unify in witness of the atrocities occurring and push to end them once and for all! Also, I wish there was a more prevalent African-American presence as the birth rate in the population was what Sanger wanted to stomp out. Much like the Holocaust, targeting specific ethnicities.

  • Londonistar

    I have wondered. I would have thought adoption was a much bigger issue. It is also THE only solution to the issue of abortion reduction.

  • Londonistar

    What difference? Banning abortion wont make it go away!

  • Bonydiver

    I fully support it and would even suggest a candle lit procession representing every aborted baby child since this act was introduced with a picture of its chief liberal architect at the head.

  • Paul

    Praise Jesus this would be so cool – but keep in mind: not being cynical – but this is WHY Vatican 2 – lay people, you have to do this!!! the bishops cannot help, they just wont, but they will certainly join you so welcome them. They have enough to do for the parishioners inside the church.

    Secondly, pro-lifers are the greatest most decent people – they clean up after themselves, they protect everyone around them, they love. Safest place in the world – and most joyous – outside of Mass.

  • Joseph Antoniello

    I’m not from England, but if I am anywhere near Europe in October, I would definitely be there!

  • ABFL

    In the total sense — as in “absolutely zero abortions” — no, it wouldn’t.

    But the idea that there would be just as many abortions, but illegally, is … very poorly supported at best. The vast majority of abortions (in US anyway) are done largely for reasons of convenience / it’s cheaper / etc. — the cases of rape, etc. are a *very* small minority. So if it became less convenient to have an abortion than to have the child, the rate would drop *dramatically*.

  • Ed Mechmann

    As a Yank, can I urge you in the strongest possible way to make this happen? The March in Washington is an amazing, uplifting event, a joy-filled celebration of life. It brings together thousands of young people, together with us old guys. It is an incredible witness, and it would be enormously encouraging to us Americans if you could pull it off.

  • Siobhan

    I am an American High School student. This year and last year, my school has sent roughly 40 students from Chicago to Washington D. C. for the March For Life. I was unable to attend, but my friends who went said that it was an amazing experience where they met kids their age from other schools who were passionate about the pro-life movement. I would definitely support an annual March For Life in Britain because I believe that it is so important to share the pro life message with people in a peaceful and joyful way!

  • John

    Actually, there are many solutions to abortion, the main one being, oh I don’t know, DON’T HAVE SEX unless it’s for procreation.

    But of course, surely we can’t expect people to control themselves… This is one of the many awesome things about Catholicism. It teaches self-respect, self-control, personal responsibility and self-awareness. All things lacking in our modern barbarian society.

  • Sean9 Saunders

    My only comment on this is what is the efficacy of the Marches? Abortion seems to be acceptable in society, and even some Catholic accept it. May be people would profit from reading Pope Paul’s encyclical ‘Humanae Vitae’? Or may be a priest could say a homily on it? I think we need to go to the root of the problem and oppose and show up contraceptives for being intrinsically evil. Again that has always been Catholic teaching, but again most catholics would disagree. Like Michael Voris said on realcatholictv said, ‘see you next year!’

  • Emurphy

    I’m in the US and last Monday was my third time at the March for Life. Several of you have responded have questions what good is it, why not focus on other things such as helping women. Both are good questions and I’d like to give you my take on it. First of all, an awful lot of those who turn out the people who are reaching out to pregnant women, who are trying to make a difference in the community. Second, a major benefit of a march such as this is to encourage the pro-life community. When you look around at all those people, all those young faces (in DC you will see more youth than elderly), it gives you a sense of hope and the realization that you are not alone. One of my favorite things is to see banners from people of other faith, it helps remind me that we Catholics are not alone in this.

    I strongly urge all of you in Britain to consider your own March for Life. It will encourage you, it will inspire you. And that will help you go back and make a difference in your community.

  • Londonistar

    Im sorry but telling me a married woman not to have sex and then expecting me to cope with a severely sick child when I cant for numerous reason bring a half dead child into the world is a workable solution to this issue. Rather than telling me to control myself can you direct me to adoption agencies that cater for severely sick babies and will find suitable parents please? You clearly cannot make a distinction between the thousands of reasons couples make the painful decision to elect abortion. You would treat me just as you would a teenager rolling in off the street who wasnt smart and controlled enough not to have sex. Hey – thanks. Very christian and chariteable of you

  • Londonistar

    I rather thtough the grotesque abortion case in the US news recently demonstrated that without safe legal abortion even worse tragedies occurred and even more unscrupulous people get into the business of the supply for an obvious demand. After all these women had no means and no health insurance and so elected in their smacked out states to have back street abortions instead. And there is the result.

    There are numerous reasons for abortions. Bullying isn’t the answer and wont make you sleep better at night with it resting on your soul either.

  • louella

    Sorry…..but legalised abortion will be overturned. Societies that abort have a limited shelf life……and expire after a given time….ie when their ageing society is taken over by more pro-life, fertile, younger others. I’m thinking specifically of Muslims here.

    If you cannot cope with a sick child……then I am sure some family can and will. Why don’t you try the Life organisation as suggested, I’m sure they can advise! And while all the ‘reasons’ for having an abortion may be different……each abortion takes the life of an innocent unique child.

  • louella

    I agree Sean……I don’t believe we can have a secular society as we have today …..that won’t hold on for dear life to their ‘right’ to choose abortion. I think we have to also aim to convert society to Catholicism…..and that includes using demography to do so too…thereby destroying secularism. If we don’t …..then Muslims will.

    But still I think a Pro-life march is a great idea and would be a visible sign of our opposition to abortion and our continued aim to have it overturned. I am sure we would get a lot of non-Catholic support too.

  • Anonymous

    March for Life ?

    Well ? How do you define ‘for life’ or ‘Pro-Life’ ?

    In the US it’s simple: it’s a march against Roe vs Wade and all the other exigents trail along behind – embryonic experimentation, partial-birth abortions, the Terry Schiavo case etc – and the population [mainly religious] will delcare that they’re pro-Life – but usually this means they aren’t really pro-Life – they’re merely anti certain forms of the taking of human life. Take a look at many pro-Life websites and you’ll discover that even when they’re anti abortion-on-demand many advocate abortion in the case of rape or incest or a handicapped foetus or one infected with hiv or a drug-addiction or even one born to a drug addict/special needs mother…

    How many of the vehemently professing pro-Life US citizens have no reservations in advocating Capital punishment and illegal unjust wars of aggression ?

    But all this can be swept aside and they gather as one for a March for Life – and all credit to them!
    ANYTHING which counters this culture of Death is to be jumped at…

    But in this country ?
    Things are a little more complicated…

    Yes I can see the major pro-Life groups overcoming their differences – I can see a wide oecumenical force of evangelical Christians, Catholics, Muslims etc gathering together under the umbrella of being ‘pro-Life’ – even if what they mean by it has very different definitions and exemptions…

    But as Catholics ?
    We have a few hurdles:

    a] The severe rupture in Catholic pro-Life activism – the 1998 debacle has never been resolved – and the pig-headed leaders on both sides are unforgiving and resolutely unwilling to accommodate each other – to the extent that by their antipathy they continue to breed dissent – thus those involved become partisan – and their young indoctrinated acolytes on both sides are following suit – bearing the grudges onto a second generation.
    To the extent that some major pro-Life bloggers/commentators/advocates refuse to even acknowledge the existence or the activities of the other side unless they really have to….
    It’s scandalous – shameful – disgusting !
    I don’t care who’s to blame – or who did what – or who disappointed whom or betrayed whom or acted shamefully…
    At present – the fact that Right to Life and the SPUC are not a combined force utilising all talents and capabilities is an unmitigated SCANDAL upon us all.

    To those who are involved : The price is too high to not get it sorted – NOW!

    b] So-Called Pro-Life Politicians [including Catholic MPs]
    need a list?

    They’re supposed to be Leading the political fight for the Pro-Life cause – but their version of Pro-Life is on occasion highly divergent from authentic Catholic teaching – and I’m sorry but it is the Apostolic duty of these people’s Bishops to direct them to not cause public scandal by advocating anti-Catholic positions in a public forum.

    Now yes – we do appreciate and value ANY support [however limited] to the Pro-Life cause – But we can’t continue in this abject denial of reality that what is considered to be a politically pro-Life approach is definitely NOT the Catholic position. It’s ridiculous for Nadine Dorries to publicly denounce the catholic hierarchy for their ineffectualness when her version of pro-Life is directly contrary to Catholic teaching at the most basic level…

    c] The Bishops’ Conference of England & Wales – irrespective of what it claims and teaches – is NOT PRO-LIFE!!!
    It’s a terrible accusation to make – one that fills me with shame, anger and sorrow : But it cannot be denied.

    i] The CESEW has agreed with the Connexions programme to allow it access into every Catholic Secondary School – this involves sexual advice/counselling to the underage, the provision of contraceptives and referrals for abortions and the provision of abortifacients. Conference is fully aware of this – and at present that which knowingly involves the murder of the unborn is a stated policy position. Given that the CES also helped draft the last government’s proposed health and sexual education bill , and appointed Greg Pope as deputy?
    Conference has made it pretty clear that it cares very little for defending either the sexual safety, security and health of Catholic teenagers or the life of the Unborn.

    ii] Conference has signed off on the Liverpool Care pathway [June 24 2010] which considers Clinical Nutrition and Hydration as medical treatment which can validly be removed – This can only be described – irrespective of the florid sentimental comments of those advocating this [e.g Fr James Mulligan in the Herald] – as euthanasia by starvation and dehydration.

    Which directly contravenes CDF directive on the mandatory retention of all forms of normal care due to a dying patient:

    iii] Conference’s Department for Christian Responsbility and Citizenship formed the CEDAR initiative against domestic violence – a worthwhile cause one must admit until one sees the links and formal co-operation with specific pro-Euthanasia and pro-Abortion organisations.
    iv] The Intervention of Conference’s ‘Ethics Spokesperson’ – Chairman of the Christian Responsibility and Citizenship group – Archbishop Peter Smith in parliamentary bills dealing with major life issues such as the Mental Capacity Act and the HFE Bill – Archbishop Smith might feel proud of himself [as he stated in his interview in the Herald with Anna Arco] – but Catholics should be outraged!
    Mental Capacity Act

    [clarification by Prof Finnis over specific wording which inadvertently indicts Archbishop Smith even further]

    Now I’m sorry – But Conference truly needs to clean up its act – and please note I didn’t even refer to all the dodgy environmentalist documentation advocating sustainablity [i.e. population control] – the links with CAFOD’s far-from-Catholic positions on certain issues etc…but we can’t ignore the fact that Conference has conspired and is conspiring with the Culture of Death.

    I care less about a March for Life – and more for a Catholic Church in England and Wales that is incontrovertibly for Life!!!
    Which is something at present to which none of us can attest.

  • Londonistar

    Id sooner take my own life than commit a child into this world to suffer. Abortion is not going away and were there any real help out then many in less precarious situations than my own would no doubt benefit from the love and kindness you would all offer them. Except that I dont sense that you are offering any alternatives.

    We must consider how to rouse one another to love and good works.We should not stay away from our assembly” Heb 10:24-25.

    The love is clearly missing

  • Londonistar

    Ill turn up at the demo with my own banner and walk alongside you all to remind you what you apparently are lacking (love) for and towards your fellow human beings facing varied and dire ‘choices’. Decisions which push them, I can assure you, to the very edge. You have no alternative for such people or love in your hearts. It is plainly obvious this is a rather large piece of chest thumping over secular society and not, as you would have me believe, an extension of love and concern for a mots awful decision.

    We must consider how to rouse one another to love and good works.We should not stay away from our assembly” Heb 10:24-25

  • Londonistar

    what on earth is joyful about abortion?

  • louella

    You are right……where there is abortion…..the love is sadly missing. And you don’t see any alternatives….because you don’t want to see. Very sad!

  • Annony11

    Of course, nothing is joyful about abortion. But thousands of people gathering to protest it… that is something to be joyful about.

  • Annony11

    I think you misunderstand the entire event. Yes, it is called a protest. Yes, there is shouting — mostly at the rally beforehand. However, there is also much prayer going on before, during, and after the march. Much of the march itself is spent in quiet reflection. Many of the people attending do fast and pray for this intention. The march is about changing hearts and minds. No one is being protested against. Yes, the actions of abortionists are being protested… but not the abortionists themselves. The prayer (or hope for the non-believers … yes, there are many non-Christians and even atheists, agnostics, etc who march) is that their hearts will be changed. Nothing about the march is about accusations. In fact, one of the most common theme’s for signs is to promote programs for post-abortion healing. That definitely qualifies as reaching out to those who really need Him.

  • Wordsworth to Annony11

    Thank you for your kind reply and. Can i ask therefore if to your knowledge you are aware of anyone who has come into the church through the actions you have mentioned or stopped being an abortionist or stopped having an abortion that they had already planned to carry out? I ask because the moment we protest in large numbers, regardless of whether it is for good or bad, we become a force. That force can be identified as an enemy (even if it is not) and more often than not a symbol to rally against, consolidate an opinion and then justify their side of the arguement even more and become entrenched in it. They can even become Martyrs to their own cause if they feel that you oppress them and the freewill action they want to carry out. Now, let me clarify my position. I am a Pro lifer, but taking to the streets to enforce my position on someone else who either doesnt have the same believes as me is something i am uncomfortable about. Whilst abortion genuinely upsets me, The parent is responcible for the life of the child they carry and are answerable to God for anything they do concerning that life. I just see the March as a massive effort that could be betterspent in meeting the people who eith carry out abortions or have abortions as friend within a none us and them situation. If i was someone going through all that i would consider you and the rest of the crowd against me and by default Jesus and his church. Maybe i am wrong, examples of success would help ease my concerns. I look forward to your reply, God Bless

  • lowcarb

    When one knows the consequences for the soul of a woman who has an abortion, one would not encourage a woman to have an abortion: the abortion will bring much suffering in the future. It is the lack of love, which is understanding with caring, that encourages women to have abortion. Learn about the consequences by listening to the Feb 12 2008 broadcast from blunt fm website.

  • Anonymous

    Just get out and march for Life. There is no time for analysis any more. Take courage and BE NOT AFRAID!

  • Anonymous

    I say please go out and march because there is really no time for analysis any more. Take action. Take courage be not afraid to hold a March for Life, you’ll do a world of good!

  • Anonymous

    Unusual definition.
    For whom exactly? Certainly not the murdered – YES MURDERED Child – irrespective of your definition of a life worth living – and yes – not only were there many institutions which cared for and raised the most terribly mentally and physically handicapped children – they were bastions of beauty, wonder and hope – I used to pastorally visit one – but in this age of systemic national eugenic genocide – children like those I used to visit no longer see the light of day, feel the sun on their face, are able to hold and be held…and why? National ideological indoctrination that these children did not deserve life – that a life potentially filled with pain, suffering, limitation, multiple surgeries and needing the care of others – was NOT WORTH LIVING!

    Wait till you reach a certain age – and possibly contract a debilitating disease – and the nation which decided that the unborn were not worthy of life – make the same choice about you!

    You talk of difficult decisions – The decision is quite simple – it’s about human dignity – YOURS!!!
    Yes we are bullies – we bully you into choosing life – we beg, plead, demand that you remain a human being true to yourself – and not become a murderer…

    Painful decisions – why should there be any notion of a decision ?
    There is a life – one that has every right to be lived – how dare any human being who has been graced with the gift of life – deny it to another – or have the right to be allowed to deny it to another?

    What gives you the right to say anyone has the right to kill another?

    But you speak as if abortions for foetal medical reasons were the prevailing reason – rather than the 4% – YES 4% – of the justification for abortion.

    Abortion is being systemically used as a form of ‘contraception’.
    Rather than the strong legal stipulations which guaranteed in parliament that it would never become abotion on demand – it has become just that.
    Rather than it being a ‘woman’s choice’ – it is not that for any underage girl whose parents can enforce an abortion – and most definitely not for the hundreds of millions of female children murdered because they couldn’t continue the family name in China’s one-child policy – or would be the burden of a dowry in India.
    An alleged ‘right for women’ has killed an estimated 900 million+ unborn girls in forty years – 145% of their male counterparts! Go the sisterhood eh!

    Christ commanded us to love our neighbour – how murdering them before they are graced with even an opportunity to know what love is – by those who have no inkling what love is – and ironically by those whom – socioculturally are supposed to possess the strongest instinctual love of all ?
    It’s an indictment against the very concept of being human….

  • Anonymous

    Oh suffering!
    How terrible! Let the pain all go away!
    Give everyone who suffers peace – the eternal peace of death.
    You’re a monster Londonistar!

    Love? You haven’t the tiniest understanding of it….

  • Jgirl

    Our leadership has failed, too. This is why it’s grassroots. No, we’re not all unified. (And as a CAtholic, I hope you’re not making a case for abortion in cases of rape and incest–when our teaches that the baby is fully human at the moment of conception, no matter how conceived?). Because other evils persist on our society doesn’t mean we don’t take a stand on any of them.

    We’ve got Lila Rose, Abby Johnson and 40 Days for Life as part of our grassroots. These are not “elites” but regular folks. We’re watching a modern day David and Goliath.

    Planned Parenthood and abortion providers are very worried. It matters. It all matters.

  • Jgirl

    EVERYone brought into this world suffers. By that logic, we should all be killed. No point in arguing with someone with this mentality. We have our viewpoint you have yours.

    We’ll continue to pray, fast and reach out to women in need who are desperate and feel they have no choice but to abort. There are plenty of families who would welcome these children into the world and plenty of volunteers who offer help to the mothers before, during and after birth.

    Love will win. Killing the unwanted will not help anyone. It’s selfish. “The greatest destroyer of peace is abortion. For if a mother can kill her own baby, what’s to stop her from killing you or me?” Mother Teresa.

  • Jgirl

    Watch the evevnt. It’s about love and reaching out. Inspiring talks, testimonies–and knowing that we’re not alone. It is a joyful event. Our saints lived hard lives–yet, they were joyful. It’s a fruit of the Holy Spirit!

  • Jgirl

    Baby-steps. Like C.S. Lewis for folks who come into the Church. We have to meet folks where they are. And we have to unite in our cause for life. There have been been dramatic conversions with this movement. :)

    Reading is good. But young folks do well with a cause to stand up for! 300,000 people! No media coverage, but there is a ground swell. It’s good to know we’re not alone!