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‘Top Muslim scholars’ seem to be telling us that dialogue with them is a waste of time

If there are any ‘moderate Muslims’ around, let’s hear from them

By on Thursday, 27 January 2011

Sheik Ahmad Mohamed el-Tayeb, president of al-Azhar University in Cairo, is flanked by Cardinal Jean-Louis Tauran, president of the Pontifical Council for Interreligious Dialogue, at a conference in Washington DC (Photo: CNS)

Sheik Ahmad Mohamed el-Tayeb, president of al-Azhar University in Cairo, is flanked by Cardinal Jean-Louis Tauran, president of the Pontifical Council for Interreligious Dialogue, at a conference in Washington DC (Photo: CNS)

The decision, reported on this page, of certain “top Muslim scholars” to suspend all dialogue with the Vatican in protest against Pope Benedict XVI’s condemnation of anti-Christian violence in Egypt is deeply depressing, but I suppose we ought to have expected it. I recently reported, in a mood of probably foolish optimism, that there had been a backlash against anti-Christian attacks, not just among the Copts, but among Egyptian Muslims, too. There had been widespread calls by Muslim intellectuals and activists for Egyptian Muslims at large to flock to Coptic churches across the country to attend Coptic Christmas Eve mass, to show solidarity with the nation’s Coptic minority, and also to serve as “human shields” against possible attacks by Islamist militants.
“Are there here,” I asked, “signs of hope?” Perhaps, I ventured, “this is the beginning of a new era”. I also added: “Then again, maybe it isn’t. We shall see.” Well, now I fear we have seen, despite those brave “human shields”: for, in the end, I fear, this has been a welcome but impermanent moment of tolerance which has by now almost certainly dissolved.

The decision of Sheik Ahmad el-Tayeb, president of the al-Azhar University in Cairo, and members of the Islamic Research Academy to suspend dialogue with the Vatican was made unanimously in response to the Pope’s reference “to the discrimination endured by Coptic Christians in Egypt” after a bombing at a Coptic Orthodox church left 23 people dead. Sheik el-Tayeb had earlier criticised the Pope’s remarks as “unacceptable interference in Egypt’s affairs”.
So: it’s OK for Muslim “scholars” to comment on anything that happens to Muslims anywhere in the world, on the ground that wherever there are Muslims is part of the “Umma”, the Muslim world, so that isn’t interfering in anyone else’s internal affairs, but for the Pope to complain about the oppression of fellow Christians is precisely such an interference.
And the point is, of course, that whether or not they are for some reason engaging in “dialogue”, these same “scholars” think they have a right and a duty not merely to urge the oppression of other religions but in the end to eliminate them entirely on their territory. Just as Sheik Ahmad el-Tayeb was breaking off dialogue with Rome, one of his colleagues in the al-Azhar University, Dr Imad Mustafa, was issuing a fatwa. “He began,” reports the Jerusalem Post:

“… by stating the well-known doctrine of ‘defensive jihad’, that is Muslims must go to war against infidels who attack them. Of course, the word ‘attack’ is often spread rather thinly to justify aggression.

But now Mustafa has publicly and explicitly come up with a new concept, one that up until now was supposedly restricted to groups like al-Qaida: ‘Then there is another type of fighting against the non-Muslims known as offensive jihad… which is to pursue the infidels into their own land without any aggression [on their part]…
‘Two schools [of Islamic jurisprudence] have ruled that offensive jihad is permissible in order to secure Islam’s border, to extend God’s religion to people in cases where the governments do not allow it, such as the Pharaoh did with the children of Israel, and to remove every religion but Islam from the Arabian peninsula.’ “

“And to remove every religion but Islam”: what a detestable euphemism for murder. And that, in the end, it seems, is the ambition of the “scholars” of this important Islamic “university”. I put these words into inverted commas to indicate what is rapidly becoming very obvious, even to those determined to put as optimistic a gloss on interfaith relations as possible: that the words really don’t seem to mean to the Muslim world anything remotely like what we mean by them.

Perhaps I am wrong to write thus in anger: but there is such a thing as righteous, or justified anger. If I am indeed wrong in what I have said here about the Muslim world, it is now up to that section of Islamic opinion which fundamentally disagrees with the views emanating from the al-Azhar University to make its views known as vigorously as the “scholars” have done. The ball is now in the court of “moderate” Islamic opinion. Is there anyone out there? If so, for heaven’s sake, say something.

  • Horace Zagreus

    Whether or not we agree with Sheikh al-Tayeb, he does hold a PhD from the Sorbonne. Surely the mere achievement of getting l’Universite Paris 1 to actually hand over the certificate is an indication of being worthy of being called a scholar.

    More seriously, having thought about this a bit, I think what is going on is that Sheikh al-Tayeb is pinning his own colours to the mast for other Muslims: he was only appointed as Grand Imam in 2010. His predecessor, Tantawi, was a noted liberal: he approved abortion, tried to ban the niqab, and was seen as weak and a puppet of the Egyptian government.

    What I think Sheikh al-Tayeb is doing is trying to show that he’s not Tantawi and that he’s not going to make similar pronouncements. I expect dialogue will quietly resume again once the fuss has died down. In the mean-time, he’s also agreeing with the Egyptian government (sort-of), while not outing himself as a liberal (sort-of). In short, he’s socially/morally conservative, but also trying to back Mubarak. The Al-Azhar is unlikely to want instability in Egypt.

    I think. This could easily be a total misinterpretation, though.

  • Dabees

    I have always said a peace activist to a Muslim might very well mean something so neferiously different than what we think one is…..

  • Laurent Bouvet

    A call by moderate muslims has been made in France (via Respect Magazine), titled “Islam flouted by terrorists”, just after the attack against the Coptic church in Egypt.

    Link :

  • Linus

    Glad to see you are finally beginning to understand Muslims!!! There is absolutely no point in dialogueing with Muslims.They have never intended and never will treat non-Muslims with equality and they actually do intend to eventually wipe non-Muslims off the face of the earth. And you know what, they may well succeed, at least if numbers have anything to do with it. Those at the Vatican who hope to come to some meaningful and lasting agreement with them are fools. What they don’t understand is that these people are our cross, they are the punishment for our sins. Only God can change them and He hasn’t shown any sign of acting.

  • Auricularis

    In other news: Willaim Oddie finally gets it

  • Harry Fox

    The Holy Father’s commitment to engage in dialog with Muslims is more than simply a personal desire — he’s exercising his role in the world as the head of the church and as representative of Our Lord to all the human family. That view of the Pope’s insistence highlights the point of such dialog and discussion — even in interchanges with other world religions, not to mention nations and cultures, it is the Pope’s obligation to present the love of God for His world and all its peoples.

  • Sol Salas


  • Emma07

    the other comments are so right. Where I live in West Yorkshire UK, I am frequently being spat at by Muslims on their way back from the Mosque, driven off the road, hustled off the pavement so I have to walk in the gutter, not served in local Muslim owned shops until all the Muslims including women have been served first, muttered at if I even indeed cross the threshold of the above shops. If I complain of course I’m being racist and Anti Muslim. I am a 45 year old devout Catholic who dresses modestly and wants to be friendly to all. I would say to all you middle class liberal London based Catholics wake up and smell the coffee. Of course Muslims don’t wish to dialogue with us,they wish to destroy us. Fact.

  • louella

    What is happening now is that Muslims are (peacefully) infiltrating the West….now that it is secular and Christianity is no longer dominant…..and they are outbreeding ‘Christians’ thereby turning the West into part of the Ummah!

    And the only thing that can resist is the return of the Catholic State… Christendom. Secularism is an illusion that cannot be sustained and will be destroyed. It belongs to yesterday. So let us work and pray for a Catholic State again.

  • louella

    It sounds like the UK is being turned into another bitterly divided Northern Ireland….but probably 10 times worse. Thanks to our evil secularism and it’s policies from abortion and contraception to mass Islamic immigration to replace our ageing society. Evil begets evil I guess.

    We must work and pray for a Catholic State to ensure our children’s future. Why leave them in the hands of secularism and our secular masters. We can see where that is leading!!

  • Toby

    I agree to some extent with your sentiments, but I do think separation from the State is sensible. That way our religion does not fall when the State inevitably does.

  • Christina

    As I live within a few miles of Oldham, and used to do my shopping there, I can assure bloggers that Emma07′s account of her experiences are, sadly, all too believable. In a period of 30 years this erstwhile quintessentially Lancashire town has become one that I avoid whenever I can. I have experienced all that she has, except that I haven’t been spat at (or only indirectly when a Muslim woman hawked and spat in front of me as she was coming out of my doctor’s surgery and I was going in). A regular essential Sunday drive through a Muslim ghetto in Manchester has become an ordeal because of the dangers posed by the overt contempt of pedestrians and motorists who step out, or cut dangerously in front of me, as they see a ‘dhimmi’ woman behind the wheel. And if there were an accident, I fear that my car would be surrounded by a hostile mob in a place that the police avoid like the plague. The complaints of Muslims, to whom dogs are ‘unclean’, are resulting, in this ‘nation of dog-lovers’, in an almost universal ban on the responsible exercising of them in all parks and open spaces. Yes, wake up and smell the coffee. Obedient to the teachings of the ‘holy Qu’ran’, that our Pope has kissed, the world must be converted to Islam. What is perhaps not appreciated by our oh-so-politically-correct leaders in national and local governments is that when (not ‘if’, unless by divine intervention) Europe’s indigenous peoples have contracepted themselves into a minority and the rest have been ‘converted’, not only will christian civilisation die here, but all records of it, as manifested in the art and literature of its past will be systematically destroyed as displeasing to Allah. Has anyone in these northern towns, where Muslims are faithful to the teachings of the Qu’ran, seen a Muslim at the theatre or a concert, in an art-gallery or library? I hope that, when everyone does wake up and smell the coffee, there will still be time for the records of our civilisation to be transported to safety.

  • Christina

    The Devil at work here, Linus? When I clicked on ‘liked’ on yours and other posts, the number went down one instead of up!!! Bloggers take note.

  • Christina

    I DO hope so!

  • louella

    All abuse should be reported to the police especially spitting….and complaints made to local politicians too. We have a case against Islamisation of our Christian nations and we should demand that it be halted. This is not about hating Muslims…but about the future security of our children and we don’t want them to be made 2nd class citizens in our Christian homelands

    How dare politicians turn our Christian nations into Islamic ones. Who on earth gave them the right!

  • Don

    al-Azhar University in Cairo and its Islamic Research Academy are tied to the Egyptian government. One must wonder how much freedom Sheik Ahmad el-Tayeb had in making his decision, or if it was considered necessary to appease the Egyptian government. As well, since Islam lacks a magisterial teaching authority, Sheik Ahmad el-Tayeb is only speaking for Muslims in Egypt as the Grand Imam, or perhaps he is only speaking for the Islamic Research Academy at al-Azhar University?

  • Fr. J

    Excellent article. Muslims have a double standard, they know it, and don’t care what we think. It is time to be more forceful in defending ourselves.

  • Jjj

    Deus lo vult

  • Grandpa Tom

    I am so glad that finally someone with a platform to reach others has spoken the truth about Islam. Most people forget that the Moors, Islam raiders invaded Spain in the year 711, and occupied Spain for 800 years until Queen Isabella’s army won the last battle in 1492. The Tree of Islam requires blood for it’s growth. The Muslim empire will not stop the aggression until the entire world is Islamic (they hope). The war between Christians and Jews against the Muslims is the struggle between Abraham’s descendants Isaac and Ishmael, and the Covenant with God (Gen 16:-17). Rev. 12; says “There appeared a woman clothed with he sun, and the moon under her feet, and upon her head a crown of twelve stars. The moon under Mary’s feet is the crescent moon of Allah the moon god of the false religion of Islam whose symbol on their flag is said crescent moon. We woke up after Sept. 11 – 911, then we hit the snooze button, and went back to sleep. Muslims will also be exempt from the Health Care law, see page 107 of the Bill. The sublime message is to convert peacefully to Islam, and avoid the IRS. See “” Fight back, burn a Koran, place bacon and pork products on their Mosque. Musllims do not play football because they are not allowed to touch the pig-skin football (humor).

  • Dallasgreengberg

    The heresies of vatican II on ecumenism need to end now they have only produced bad fruits. Many Catholics know nothing on the faith and the urgency of being attached to the One Church Holy Apostolic Catholic Church for salvation. The SSPX have provided a great example of following the foundations and roots of the faith.

    The Catholic modernists are getting drunk from the blood of the Saints who have died for the faith, not appreciating their sacrifices for truth.

  • Anonymous

    You forgot to mention that Sheikh al-Tayeb was appointed as head of al-Azhar by President Hosni Moubarak

  • Craig

    The world needs to stop saying radical Moslem attacks are random and rare. How much of the entire world has these types of attacks, over and over again? It really does not matter that there are “moderate” Moslems or anyone in between. The end result is physical aggression against everyone [else]-NOT God’s religion. May all Moslems re-read about Mary in the Koran and be opened to the light of our Lord radiating from her example.

  • Craig

    In one of his books, Archbishop Fulton Sheen wrote of Mary’s influence throughout multiple chapters in the Koran, including Mohammad’s words to his beloved daughter, “fatima”: (paraphrased) “in Paradise, you will be above all other women, except Mary the Mother of Christ.” How can the Mother of a simply “prophet” for Mohammad be above his own daughter???? May the Holy Family and Saint Michael protect us all!

  • LeFloch

    Quite right. They see our readiness to ‘dialogue’ as a sign of weakness.

  • LeFloch

    Having spent time in West Yorkshire I recognise what Emma is saying is 100 percent accurate. Sadly, our country is being colonised by those of lesser ‘cultures’……….. sorry I meant to say ‘enriched’ by ‘vibrant diverse communities’.

  • Barry

    It seems that Mohamed el-Tayeb doesn’t speak for the Muslim faithful?

  • Anonymous

    Well, the wonderful inter-religious and ecumenical “dialogue” seems to be floundering, to put it mildly – watch this Greek Orthodox Archbishop telling the Pope off, big time.

    This man makes Archbishop Lefebvre look like Cardinal Bertone’s twin.

    And when you’ve picked up your jaw from the floor, make sure you vote on the subject at

  • TheoLosAngeles

    Thank you for the link to and Archbishop Elias. Mr. Elias has threatened Pope Benedict XVI with excommunication if he beatifies John Paul II. Such as threat is common in the history of Catholicism. I remember Pope John Paul II’s visit to Greece in May 2001 where he was met with protests and disrepected by Eastern Orthodox leaders, none of whom met his arrival. Thus, Mr. Elias shows his true colors as a broken record of failed doctrines. He is similar to “experts” on Islam. The Papacy really is the light of truth.

  • W Oddie

    But how do you (we) know?

  • Anonymous


    Archbishop Elias didn’t threaten him – he knows he has no more authority to excommunite anyone than I do. He said the Pope would (by his own actions) be excommunicated. There’s that annoying automatic excommunication thingy, Theodore, where, if we step outside the bounds of adherence to the truth (like if we contradict it, blaspheme etc) we automatically incur excommunication.

    I sent out a link to this video to just about everyone in the Catholic Truth inbox and the result has been overwhelmingly thanking God for the outspokenness of this Orthodox Bishop.

    You, of course, make the classic mistake of confusing the papacy with an individual, particular Pope. The papacy is right at the heart of the Church and survives DESPITE the failings, even heresies, of particular popes. After all, you wouldn’t, surely, seek to defend any of the bad popes in previous eras of the Church’s history, would you? Or would you… I’m not sure, really…

    Wake up and smell the papolatry that is preventing you from seeing the scandals in the Church, at the behest of the Pope himself. Once you do, you can really set about defending the papacy.

  • Anonymous

    So, you disagree that Christ should be at the head of every nation? Really?

    Forget about world peace, then.

  • Anonymous

    Why not shop elsewhere – after you’ve given your reasons to the Muslim shop owner?

  • Anonymous

    Very interesting indeed, Christina. I’m glad you highlighted the fact the Pope JP II kissed the Koran – shocking.

  • Anonymous

    The Pope has no mandate to “dialogue” with error. His mandate is to seek converts. I do believe those were Our Lord’s very last words on this earth.

  • Theodore

    Thank you for your kind, clear and informative response. I acknowledge the mistake of confusing the general definition of the papacy with an individual Pope. And I agree that defending bad popes, such as Urban VI (1378-89), is pointless. And yes, waking up, smelling coffee and thinking are always good things to do. I personally accept the authority of Pope John Paul II and over that of Ab. Lefebvre and Ab. Elias. It takes humility to be in full communion with Roma.

  • Anonymous

    Craig, it is reported that when the Pilgrim Virgin statue of Our Lady of Fatima was travelling around the world in the 1950s, the great miracle of the doves was witnessed by the tens of thousands of faithful who came to pay homage in every Christian country where she stopped. The only time that miracle did not occur is when the statue travelled through a predominantly Muslim country, even though the Muslims came out in droves to honour the Virgin Mother.

    Two things can be taken from this. The first is that the Pope has no business dialoguing with those who deny the Divinity of Our Lord, as heaven made clear in the above account. The other is that, despite their present darkness, their honouring of Our Lady will, I believe, win their conversion to the true Faith one day. First, though, the Pope must renounce this mythical dialoguing approach to false religions and return to the Church’s true mission to preach Christ militantly.

  • Anonymous

    I don’t call visiting a Mosque and addressing Muslims as fellow “children of Abraham,” without the slightest mention of Jesus Christ, anything but a betrayal of the Church’s mission to convert unbelievers. “Unless ye be born again of water and the spirit, you cannot enter into the kingdom of heaven.” These are Our Lord’s own words. Do you think he would have altered them in order to please His hosts, or in the pursuit of some earthly equalities doctrine? I don’t.

  • Anonymous

    “It takes humility to be in full communion with Roma.” Is that eternal Roma you speak of, i.e., the Roma of sacred Tradition, or Modernist Roma, the Roma of Assisi and Koran kissing? The real question is this: Is Modernist Roma in full communion with eternal Roma?

    It’s an interesting dilemma given that such as Assisi and the Koran Kissing thing, as well as a few other matters, are clearly condemned by the Magisterium up to Vatican II. Or maybe I’m not reading the Encyclicals of the old Popes correctly, maybe there is a “hermenutic of continuity,” as it’s called today, between past and present Popes that permits ecumenism, interfaith dialogue and all associated scandals. Now there’s an interesting, if impossible, challenge for you!

  • Lee

    Its the Liberal catholics we have to thank for this sordid mess and destroying ‘nearly’ any resistence to these heathen. I’m from London and can testify to Muslim (mainly Pakistani) attitudes towards white people or anyone who is non-muslim and for most of them, behind closed doors or sometimes openly, they are not pretty. It is about time we stopped the supposed dialogue with the leaderless serpent of Islam and start evangelising them especially as many come from areas where centuries ago, they would have been Christians until their heritage was pillaged by marauders and swords of Islam and its Pan Arabic nationalism.

  • Lee

    What is this book for I would be most interested.

  • Anonymous

    I think Martyjo below has answered you more than adequately, so I will merely add that, in the matter of “accepting the authority of Pope John Paul II” (and any other pope for that matter) you need to understand what it is that you are accepting.

    We are not only not obliged to accept anything harmful to the Faith (such as ecumenism and scandals like Assisi III) but we are absolutely bound to oppose them.

    As St Paul taught, our first duty of obedience is to God. As he opposed St Peter to his face when St Peter was in error, so we must oppose popes who cause scandal and teach error through bad example and careless talk in private speeches and interviews.

    As the great English martyr said of his weak and cowardly fellow bishops at the time of the Protestant Reformation: “The fort is betrayed, even by those who should have defended it.”

    And so it is today.

  • Anonymous

    This very interesting article just came my way and reminded me of this post and its reference to the miracle of the doves – it really does say it all.

  • Anonymous

    Thanks for the link, EditorCT. Very interesting indeed! That, I suppose, is Our Lady’s response to the rejection of her request for a Papal/Episcopal consecration of Russia to her Immaculate Heart in favour of a humanistic pursuit of world peace based on the myth of ‘unity in diversity’.

  • John

    Very sad, our president calls the Muslim faith “the religion of peace” it does not seem to be true most of the time. Of course our president isn’t honest most of the time….

  • baronsternberg

    I have heard that he kissed the Koran (when it was given him as a gift) because the Iraqi Patriarch Raphael who was visiting him was under constant surveillance agents of the Iraqi government agents who accompanied, and was never given a moment alone with anyone. John Paul II didn’t want him killed or imprisoned when he went back to Iraq.

    What would YOU have done? I’d have done just what JPII did.

  • Arthur

    Our politically correct media castigate the English Defence League as ‘right wing’ and ‘racist’. How many know that it is not racist, having members from all races. How many know it is not anti-semitic, having Jewish members. How many know its motto is ‘In hoc signo vinces’? All it stands for is resistance to the Islamification of our country.

  • John

    I, too, live in Oldham and am dismayed to see what is happening to our town, country and culture, I have been forced off the pavement by asian students at the Sixth Form College while walking to Mass at St Patrick’s Church; abused by asians when walking my dog and seen good areas turned into slums due to the influx of immigrants (mainly Muslim) who seem not to know how to live in a traditional house. I even saw graffiti in the local college saying ‘Whites go home not welcome here’ a couple of years ago.
    We must never forget that ‘devout’ Muslims believe in forced conversions and are patiently waiting until they gain the ascendancy due to their birth rate and immigration. A former Civil Service colleague of mine, working in London, was shocked a while ago when, at a staff meeting, an asian colleague said that things will be different in a few years when ‘they’ take over London! The comment was not challenged, even by the bosses, because no-one wanted to appear racist.
    A friend of mine is an african diplomat and has told me repeatedly that our easy-to-claim Benefits culture does not just destroy us but also other countries. He says that – certainly in Africa – we are seen as a place which pays people to have children which encourages mass immigration to the detriment of countries such as his own. He believes that Child Benefit, for example, should be limited to just a couple of children and not paid for them all.
    I know from my experience working for a national advice charity that Muslims, for example, see the UK as a good place to live as the Benefits are – to them – generous and enable them to live comfortably here and send money home.

  • Ibrahim Ali2009

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  • Parasum

    “Its the Liberal catholics we have to thank for this sordid mess and destroying ‘nearly’ any resistence to these heathen.”

    Blame Rome and Vatican II – that’s where the rot began officially

  • Michael Moran

    I love every one even those who hate me,,Jesus said,it’s in the KJV