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Medjugorje is generating what the Devil loves most: disobedience

St Bernadette lived a holy and humble life. I don’t think the same can be said for the Medjugorje seers

By on Friday, 11 February 2011

Pilgrims gather around a statue of Mary in Medjugorje, Bosnia-Herzegovina (CNS/Damir Sagolj, Reuters)

Pilgrims gather around a statue of Mary in Medjugorje, Bosnia-Herzegovina (CNS/Damir Sagolj, Reuters)

Today is the Feast of Our Lady of Lourdes. I have been to Lourdes on several occasions, largely drawn by the personality of St Bernadette herself. Being chosen by Our Lady as her messenger did not make Bernadette holy; it was how she lived her life afterwards, especially during the 13 years she spent at the convent in Nevers: often in pain, unable to take part in the regular life of the community because of her ill-health, lonely, isolated and constantly belittled by the mistress of novices, she nevertheless bore her crosses with exemplary patience.

St Bernadette has been on my mind ever since I got sent a YouTube film recently, advertising Medjugorje. J Edgar Hoover once said that the only certainties in life were death and taxes. I would add a third: controversy over Medjugorje. It seems that Catholics today are divided into two camps: you are either “for” Medjugorje or “against”. This, needless to say, has led to much unseemly in-fighting within the Church.

What annoyed me about the YouTube presentation (apart from the muzak and the hushed and reverential voice of the narrator) was its blatant way of referring to the alleged apparition as “Our Lady”, as if this were a foregone conclusion. It isn’t. I was further nettled by statements seeming to show that the late pope, John Paul II, as well as Mother Teresa, both “believed” in it, as if to demonstrate that the apparitions must be true, simply because of the witness of these two holy heavyweights.

I am not an expert on the subject of these alleged apparitions. But I have read enough of St John of the Cross to know what he means by “spiritual gluttony” in my encounters over the years with adherents of the place. One lady told me excitedly of her rosary turning to gold; another had been overwhelmed by watching the sun dance; a third became very angry very quickly when I expressed a little caution in my response to her assertion that Medjugorje only brought forth good fruits.

My own instinct is to think that Our Lady has not appeared thousands of times to the supposed seers, or given them dozens of different “secrets”. Nor do the seers themselves live lives like St Bernadette. Of course, you don’t have to be a saint to see Our Lady, as I said above; but there seems to be nothing humble, holy or hidden about the later lives of the Medjugorje “seers”.

Actually, what I think as a private person, or what the late pope wrote in a private letter to two friends who had sent him literature about Medjugorje, or indeed what the saintly Mother Teresa is said to have said, is neither here nor there; it is what the Church thinks that matters. What the Church thinks about alleged apparitions is left to the local Ordinary to investigate and pronounce.

Four years after the Lourdes apparitions of 1858, and after a lengthy investigation, the local bishop pronounced them authentic. In the case of Medjugorje, both Bishop Zanic of Mostar and his successor, Bishop Peric, fully investigated the phenomenon and decided that nothing supernatural was taking place. So why are bandwagons of pilgrims still going there? The answer probably lies in Understanding Medjugorje: Heavenly Visions or Religious Illusion by Donal Foley, available from Theotokos Books. Foley has his vociferous detractors, naturally enough, but he has done his homework and reading his book reinforced my own sceptical instincts. In particular, the scandalous behaviour he describes of some of the Franciscans closely associated with the place, seems shocking: Fr Slavko Barbaric, who died in 2000 and who I was told by one of the faithful at the time “has been taken by Our Lady straight to heaven”, had actually had his faculties for hearing confession withdrawn by Bishop Peric several months before his death; Fr Zovko, who was refused permission to celebrate Mass in Washington in 2002, had had his faculties also revoked; worst of all, Fr Tomislav Vlasic, deeply involved in the early years of Medjugorje, was laicised and dismissed from the Franciscan order very recently, in July 2009, for various misdemeanours including some against the Sixth Commandment.

Bishop Peric has spoken of other problems, apart from disobedient Franciscans: religious communities established without diocesan permission and ecclesiastical buildings erected without approval. What is going on? A sound Canadian priest once said to me, when I asked him about the “good fruits” of Medjugorje: “The Devil doesn’t mind a few thousand people becoming better Catholics after going there if, as a result, he’s got millions of Catholics being disobedient to the authority of the Church.”

Obedience is the issue. It’s what the Devil (you can’t get away from him – and my thanks to “paulpriest”, who pointed out at length to me after my last blog how very busy Old Nick is behind the scenes today) hates like poison. You can imagine Screwtape rubbing his hands with glee. St Bernadette was once asked what she feared most; her reply was: “Bad Catholics”.

  • Frances-Mary Callan

    I am saddened that this article has reappeared. Mediugorje can be very confusing as the church insists that no-one is allowed to assert that Our Lady really has appeared or that any other unusual occurrence has occurred. The seers of Mediugorje are very obedient about sticking to this, which means there is a lot they don’t say and a lot they can’t answer because it would come under topics they are not allowed to discuss. I went to Mediugorje twice, and was very impressed with the reverence, prayerfulness and peace. The first year, one of the women was missing, the seer who lives in Italy now and whose mission is to pray for the sick, but she was there the second summer. I went to listen to her talk from the veranda of a relative’s house. She was radiant with joy, yet her pain and suffering are constant. She has had several operations on her spine. On my first visit I met a retired electrical engineer who had returned for his second visit. He had come the year before just to please his wife, because his own faith was almost lapsed. After the evening prayer time, when the crowds had left the hill, he saw Our Lady, listening to two young people singing. It was lovely to listen to him as he described what she wore and how beautiful she was. He had asked his parish priest if he was allowed to talk about it. The answer was, “Talk as much as you like, as long as it’s all quite unofficial.” His faith was rekindled and he started training to become a deacon.

  • John Paul Madrigal

    Thank you for humbly sharing your feelings and experience concerning Medjugorje. It’s important that we continue to speak with respect to those who may believe differently than we do concerning the alleged apparition. The seers have stated that when the church makes a declaration concerning the site, that all the faithful should obey the church. That’s what I’m going to do. When the church declares the matter resolved I will fully submit to its determination. I feel very comfortable with that approach. In truth, i don’t know anything for sure about the alleged event, and (as John Konner points out) no one should accept as true any such event as though the church meant nothing. I agree this can be dangerous. Neither should they condemn it independently of the holy church. Equally dangerous. Nor should any of us squabble to the point of hostility and resentment, contributing to divisiveness among God’s faithful. (although i believe that healthy discussions can be positive.) Let’s try to lead prayerful lives availing ourselves of the sacraments often and supporting our priests. Let’s be examples of charity in the war that frequently characterizes private revelations. (remember how vehemently the children of Fatima, St. Pio, Sts. Bernadette and Faustina were opposed for years before the truth began to rise to the surface as it always will. Even if that truth is condemnation, let it be so that we can live in obedience to the Church and not find ourselves “battling against God himself.” Honestly, I am favorably disposed to the apparitions although I do not consider myself to be a proponent. One cannot promote a matter of faith and devotion without awaiting the approbation of the church. What I do is receive the sacraments more often, meditate on my relationship with God and keep abreast of events at the site, especially regarding the church. May God bless you and all readers on this feast of the Divine Mercy 2013.

  • John Paul Madrigal

    Ok, I don’t consider myself to be a proponent of the alleged apparitions in Medjugorje per se. I’m simply awaiting guidance by the church on the matter and following the events with some interest. John, I read the article you submitted and I have to say that it’s not to be taken seriously. It’s not representative of an empirical, reasonable and intelligent analysis of the facts. It’s emotional, irrational, and extremely far-fetched. I read it with an open mind wanting to consider carefully anything you had to post. It uses language that one employs who is using distorted thinking, and who is frankly, a little neurotic. He uses blanket statements, such as “the priests in Medjugorje are involved in sex acts and even rape.” I’d like to see a reference to such an accusation that has been investigated and tried in a court of law. He makes an outrageous statement that “followers of Medjugorje” believe more in the seers that in the church.” I can’t speak for others, but I have never, ever heard one person following Medugorje state that they “believe” in the seers over the church. Every speaker, video, friend, by word of mouth, whatever has always said they would submit to the church when it makes a pronouncement and so will I. When the seers were asked in an interview what the faithful should do if the church rules unfavorably on the alleged visions, each has said that the faithful should always follow the church.

    This article goes on to compare Medjugorje to an evil suicide enterprise, events involving satanic ritual sacrifice and even suggest the priests in Medjugorje are satanic worshipers. Come on, John, you’re a reasonable person. In matters of serious debate a hostile rant such as this article represents would not be given any reasonable consideration. Nowhere in the alleged messages has Vatican 2 been addressed, nor standing during reception of the Eucharist, nor three days of darkness. No one has ever been asked, nor has suggestion been made that believers should turn over their assets to the local establishment. Certain individuals do profit off of the tourism in Medjugorje, but that is true of the Vatican, Lourdes, Fatima, Rue de Bac, Knock etc. Wherever people come with money profit makers will be there. Nothing in the alleged messages has contradicted the teaching of the church to date. This fact has been established. In other words, nothing that has been presented to date by the alleged messages, visionaries or scientific data relating to the case rules out the possibility of the authenticity of the alleged apparitions. Scientist have concluded over the past thirty years that the seers are seeing something of unexplainable beauty and are not lying. That is to say, they truly believe that what they are seeing is real and true. There is no evidence of deception. Furthermore, it has been widely reported in the press and many sources that the seers do attend daily Mass, albeit sometimes privately, pray at, least, three rosaries and fast for seven days before the alleged visions. They also pray seven Our Fathers and Hail Mary’s daily. Is there scandal? yes. Controversy? yes. Outrage? Obviously. Every authentic revelation has been characterized by such elements. EVEN JESUS HAD PEOPLE COMPLETELY DIVIDED AND UP IN ARMS ACCUSING HIM OF TEACHING PERVERTED DOCTRINE AND TREASON. He awakened something in people that made them have an emotional opinion. Sound Familiar? This is not necessarily bad fruit when it’s accompanied by millions of conversions and people who are praying more and seeking God through the sacraments in an alleged event where believers are instructed to always follow the church. John, I don’t know what is going on in Medjugorje, but I have been studying the episode for a long time, and I find it compelling.

  • john konnor
  • John Paul Madrigal

    Better article. Some well presented arguments. I agree that people who are overly emotional or zealous concerning a particular devotion create an atmosphere in which traditional authority can be circumvented. Certainly there is an element of Medjugorje followers who fall into such a category. Speaking of the events as facts or referring to the alleged messages as, “the blessed mother said…” when we cannot be sure of anything at this point. I agree. We all know that there are all types out there. Unfortunate it is that some form groups similar to cults who go “rogue” and are ready to die for their belief in spite of the facts or the guidance of the church. I’m also sure there have been character attacks on the local bishop and others who hold a certain disdain for the events occurring there. This is wrong and I have absolute certainty that movements exist that are designed to extract a favorable commission declaration by attacking the opponents. This is truly sad. In addition, people predisposed to an emotional spirituality based on spectacle and consolation can be lulled into a shallow experience with Christ that detracts from the significance of the sacraments and common sense. All true.

    Where I disagree with certain points in the article centers around a generalized tone that seeks to associate the “dangerous” and outrageous behaviors exhibited by some of the more zealous followers of the alleged vision to the seers, the alleged messages, or the general faithful who do submit fully to the church. The seers and the alleged messages actually warn against a spiritual life centered around miracles or preoccupied with chastisements and warnings. They have repeatedly warned visitors not to look at the sun because of the danger of damage to their retinas. They tell us not to preoccupy ourselves with miracles or chastisements. It is only necessary to live a simple, prayerful life, to seek out the sacraments frequently and to submit to the church in all matters.

    Finally, while I agree that obedience is most important and there can be no wavering in matters of faith and morals, it is an established fact that the church itself often takes time in matters of private revelation for the will of God to be revealed. At times God allows us to struggle with the unknown before clarifying matters for His purposes. It is not a matter of doubt that contrasts with the infallibility of the church in making these declarations. It is simply a matter of prudence and discernment on the part of the Holy Church when a decision is made to put off making proclamations in matters of private revelation. Making reactionary or rash judgements is considered to demonstrate a lack of virtue as exemplified by the saints who endured bouts of uncertainty and doubt with patience. This is seen in many historical examples such as that of the Divine Mercy revelation that was condemned and the declaration was detracted. It doesn’t mean that God or the establishment of the Church makes mistakes per se. This can never be. But due to the human nature of the individuals which comprise the church it is possible to misstep with full assurance that God will ultimately reveal the fullness of His will over time.

    Thanks to everyone who discusses these matters respectfully and helps me to consider things more comprehensively.

  • mary rodgers

    good article have been to medugorje bout 30 time althiough have not been there 5/6 years.I was getting a bit windy about it I suppose i was caught up with the sun moving and all that .but with the help of some very good priests i would not thank you to go again!!! even thiough i have firends there. I also found that friends who went and still go when i was goign now dont bother with me because i have changed my mind about Medugorje. I find some of them get very angry and annoyed when yo uchallenge them about messages or visinaries !!! A freind priest of mine who went a few years ago and to my knowledge is a wonderful humble man was very taken back by fr yozo who continually degraded politiacan naming them etc. as he says its the gospel he should be promcaliming.also there are priesats who come back from there promoting it off the altar a very big no no satan is deligthed as such ones sre beign disobenant with realising it. as anothe old and wise priest said to me satan will letu beilve 9 truths to convinmnce you of the biggest lie of all.!!!! Fatima has opend my eyes to it all

  • Julia

    Holy Father Francis tells us calumny is the work of the devil.

    God is the Judge of His people, it is presumption (1 of 7 deadly sins) for us to judge others. Have we really the whole truth to base our judgement on? I don’t think so.

    I don’t know if Medjugorje is supernatural and Heavenly; but I rejoice in the good news I hear from those who have found a new hope in that place. St Paul tells us that is ok to do.

    The Gospel these last few days is interesting. The poor Apostles were flogged and forbidden to speak of what they heard and saw with the good news of Jesus Christ. They disobeyed the ones who should have been the first to recognise Jesus as the true Messiah. Now what do you make of all that.

    Look for the good in all things, God will bring good out of every situation, if we pray and ask for His help.

  • WDW Michelle

    Remember, Padre Pio was prohibited from saying mass and hearing confession for some time. We do not know for sure, either side, whether Medjugorje is real. But, we do know that people are being asked to pray the rosary, go to confession, and pray more. Where is the harm in that? People must be cautious on both sides, and when the church makes a final decree, we must listen to the church. Obedience is key. In the meantime, keep praying.

  • bluesuede

    I too, have my doubts about Medjugorje, mainly for 3 reasons. I read another article, I can’t remember where, that said some of the seers own hotels in the area and that would mean that they profit from keeping the alleged aparitions going all these years. I don’t know if this is really true.

    I know from approved Marian apparitions before, that the Blessed Mother says just enough to get her point across, but these Medjugorje dialogues with the apparition, go on and on for years, and much of the words (which I’ve read from their website) are droning on and on. To my observation, when the Blessed Mother talks to us on earth in one of her rare visits, she is never boring.

    One more thing, I have always been suspicious hearing about rosaries turning to gold. Why gold? When Mary appeared in Lourdes and Fatima, she never let her seers personally profit monetarily from her apparitions. The message is always about how to save our souls. The miracles are most always spiritual and physical healings.
    Once, St. Bernadette was offered a gold coin from a pilgrim, but she repulsed it and refused to benefit from her apparitions monetarily. Her parents, who lived in poverty, did do better after her final apparitions, that was only because the Church secured a full time job in a mill for Bernadette’s father. The Church wanted Bernadette to enter a monastery and she couldn’t support her family, as was expected in those days if you were poor. Doesn’t God help us with just what we need, not more than what we need?

    I’m glad for the good that some people attest to when they go there, that’s really good. But, I trust the Vatican will take it’s time, in their careful investigations and be sure when it pronounces its final word on Medjugorje.

  • johnkonnor72

    …those proponents who claim mary is appearing and sending heavenly messages are committing the same sin as adam and eve..namely falling victim to the beguiling of the devil ….the fruit they are consuming seems good since the peel or the emotion tastes good the outer appetites are satiated however the spiritual core or flesh of the fruit is rottten ..since ones who claim they are sure mary is appearing claim that they possess the knowledge to tell between what is good and what is evil without first consulting mother church..where all certainty for salvation emanates…the three spirits at work are the human spirit, the heavenly and the rebelious angelic spirit,(suggested reading on discernment of spirits) …when a person is absolutely certain and obstinate in their stance without the assurance of mother church this can be a sign of demonic obsession…praying the rosary and confession appear to be good ..but without proper instruction they can become empty devotions…confession without a proper examination of conscience does little to enhance a person’s conscience…what good is it if i pray the rosary every day and i dont meditate on the mysteries and then live that rosary…makiing it a part of my interactions with the people around me…the devil loves that we pray and we confess however we overlook the basic tenets of christian charity…spirituality in a vacuum is not fruitful….as pope john paul the second said if we are cut off from the bishops even devotion to the eucharist cannnot save us…’Cut off from the Bishops, not even devotion to the Eucharist itself can unite
    the faithful to the Mystical Body of Christ.’ [Pope John Paul II, Ecclesia
    de Eucharistia 2003, Chap 4, part 39..the mystical body of Christ the church and her sacraments are all united a tapestry of faith and salvation….what good is it if i confess my sins however i do not confess the fact that i am ignoring the one whom Christ gave rightful authority through the apostolic succession to ensure the church survives and stays free from the snares of the devil…like adam and eve in the garden the fruit tasted good at the outset however the disobedience made it rotten at the core….

  • Donald

    The Franciscans operate St James Church in Medjugorje. They are ultimately subject to the Pope, not to the local bishop. The Franciscans have many martyrs in Croatia. They stay when the going gets rough. The local clergy pull out when the heats on. What you are seeing in Medjugorje is a power struggle which the two mentioned bishops have aggravated.

  • Donald


    Please see my post.

  • johnkonnor72

    i suggest you read this to acquaint yourself with what the franciscans indeed have control over if anything…. …Vatican II document Christus Dominus on the authority of bishops, saying, “‘All Religious should always look upon the bishops, as upon successors of the Apostles, with devoted respect and reverence. Whenever [religious] are legitimately called upon to undertake works of the apostolate, they are obliged to discharge their duties as active and obedient helpers of the bishops’. This norm, as is obvious, indeed applies even more to those religious to whom the care of parishes is entrusted.”….One of the parishes explicitly mentioned in Romanis Pontificibus, that of Capljina, affords us an excellent example of the ongoing disobedience of a small segment of Franciscans in Herzegovina…”In refusing to return the contested parishes to the rightful jurisdiction of the diocesan clergy and in conspiring to promote and defend the spurious apparitions of Medjugorje as a means of avoiding the dictates of the papacy as laid down in Romanis Pontificibus, this small cadre of disobedient Franciscans have not only brought shame upon themselves, but have led millions into error, using the Medjugorje phenomenon to promote their own agenda and taking countless number of souls along with them into their dissent.”.. quoted from the above source…

  • johnkonnor72

    …it is not enough that Jesus suffered a horrible passion because of our sin to show how much God loves us… some people need the mother of God to appear to them on a daily basis to tell them they are loved by God…what you hear quite often is that Mary is appearing just for “US”…or for her if we are the centre of the universe and the virgin Mary is reserving herself just for us…it sounds quite self centred….it is interesting that the apparitions so called started at the begginning of the eighties….the message you hear in quite a subtle way is that Mary is appearing for “ME”..or I owe “MY’ conversion to this is all about what I got out of it and it doesnt matter what anyone else has to say I am right because what i feel makes me an authority….it is not for nothing that they call the eighties the “ME” generation…remember the devil fell from grace because he said “I” will not serve…. it is also interesting that padre pio said another name for satan is “ME”..mine or I…as in I want this or that in opposition to what God wants for me….it is not enough that we are told by the bishop here that there is no apparition of course someone who is in love with themself will not listen to anyone but themself….it goes without saying…what many in medjugorje are experiencing is not love of God or Mary or Jesus but love of themselves….that is why if medjugorje dies their relationship with themselves will suffer..and this is why they defend it so vehemently it becomes PERSONAL…because medjugorje offers these people another outlet with which to love themselves……Lucifer was so beautiful in all respects that he would not love anyone but himself…the phenonmenon at medjugorje is nothing more than a festival of humanism cloaked in the auspices of an alleged shrine to the mother of God…

  • Mary


  • Mary

    Medjugorje is true, try lowering your own voice and listening with your heart not with your head! The Vatican sent a commission for the last three years and has got a positive report for Medjugorje – look it up – If Medjigorje wasn’t true it would have collapsed years ago, it is still going strong! The fruits of Medjugorje are many – I am one of them – After doing what Our Lady has asked of us – Praying the Rosary, fasting, confession, Eucharistic Adoration, Daily Mass – my soul has been lifted to Heaven!!!!! Be careful that you do not judge Medjugorje, for you will find that you are going against Heaven and in fact maybe working for the other side. I think we should leave it to God, as to who is humble and who isn’t don’t you? As for the secrets wait and you will find out, this is a time of great grace and mercy given by Heaven to change for the better. Are we listening?

  • john konnor

    …we live on faith however we survive by exercising our reason according to the natural law…do not be blinded by the is good to desire to do good however we need to be practical…as it says in scripture the human heart is deceived and wicked who can understand its myriad ways…

    It was said of Abba John the Dwarf, that one day he said to his elder
    brother,’I should like to be free of all care, like the angels, who do not
    work, but ceaselessly offer worship to God.’ So he took off his cloak and went
    away into the desert. After a week he came back to his brother. When he
    knocked on the door, he heard his brother say, before he opened it ‘Who are
    you?’ He said, ‘I am John, your brother.’ But he replied, ‘John has become an
    angel, and henceforth he is no longer among men.’ Then the other begged him
    saying. ‘It is I.’ However, his brother did not let him in, but left him there
    in distress until morning. Then, opening the door, he said to him, ‘You are a
    man and you must once agian work in order to eat.’ Then John made a
    prostration before him, saying, ‘Forgive me.’ remember we aspire to heaven however we need to live and serve our brothers and sisters and not hide ourselves away in obsessive devotions and fasting…we were made to serve on earth our time in heaven will be later after the time of service is done…..

  • spurgeon

    I couldn’t have put it better,Francis.I recall one priest asking one of the seers “Did not Fr Zanic forbid you promoting the Mejugorje Gospa is his diocese?
    If he did not matter how
    wrong you think he was you have no right to continue promoting her.That by definition

    is disobedience which in turn is a serious fault. But it still goes on up to now!

  • seventry5

    The Committee of Bishops in the Vatican 1993 has made this statement:

    “We bishops, after a three-year-long commission study accept Medjugorje as
    a holy place, as a shrine. This means that we have nothing against it if someone
    venerates the Mother of God in a manner also in agreement with the teaching and
    belief of the Church. . .Therefore, we are leaving that to further study. The
    Church does not hurry.” (Glas Koncila, August 15, 1993).
    So its not officially approved as its still in the process of being looked into, but neither has the catholic church officially ordered catholics to not go there.
    I have been twice in Medjugorje and there was an outdoor mass being held because there was about 7000 people in attendance. There was 500 priests, the confessionals were open the entire day and evening with long queues, the rosary was being prayed the entire day in apparition hill and mount krizevac by many pilgrim groups that were there. I saw a lot of devotion and faith by the many thousands that were there. You could feel peace on the apparition hill. When you read the messages from the Medjugorje they all pertain to people returning back to God and back to the catholic church and reading the bible and going to confession and receiving the Holy Communion, and a call to love, peace and prayer, especially the rosary. Over these 32 years, many millions, not just thousands, have converted back to God, the faith, and back to the catholic church, back to confession, back to the rosary prayer. So many have become priests and nuns as a result of their visit to medjugorje that led them to their conversion.
    Whether you believe in the apparitions taking place or not, let us unite by praying the rosary and asking Our Lady, Our Heavenly Mother to pray for us to not be led astray by anything that is not of God.

  • john konnor

    ….post hoc ergo propter hoc…or coincidental cause or affirming the consequent..failure in logic to take into account adequately all antecedent causes…curiosity, auto-suggestion, ignorance of Church teaching, unbridaled zeal….the Zadar commission which is the official statement of the Church as per Cardinal Bertone and his CDF letter..has stated nothing supernatural happening, no pilgrimage allowed validating supernaturality, however pastoral care has been falsely surmised to be an approbation by the Vatican..hence the coincidental causality of sacramentals & sacraments being falsely associated with apparitions….the Church doesn’t externally coerce free-will by acting as travel can go wherever you like!!!!!…but apparition chasing makes the Church look bad…its a departure from reality,,,such people weaken and subvert the faith and become emboldened for the sings seen…losing Holy fear they commercialze religion and harm unity in the Church….as Jesus says in the Gospel it is easier for a camel to pass through a needle than for a rich man to enter heaven..he means practicing spiritual poverty or hope in the things we dont see..MEDJUGORJE is all about captivating Christ and not sharing him..which is contrary to the Gospel of charity… Pope Francis recently said about neo-revelationists they would do well to pick up the Gospel and live it….

  • p kelley

    My, my, my. Why are any of you posting about this? So much energy spent to persuade or dissuade the internet audience to your own important point of view. Medjugorje- real or not – why does it matter ? Perhaps, as it is said….begin by taking the plank out of your own eye. This is an irrelevant discussion. Perhaps consider going to a quiet place – say a few Hail Marys, an Our Father, or a simple from the heart talk with God. Focus on becoming a better person. Take one or two baby steps towards walking in the path of Jesus. Medjugorje apparitions or not – it’s all unimportant – ask yourself, what would Jesus and his Mother want us to focus on? My blessings always to all of you,

  • moses2

    Are u listening do not look for signs to believe just believe God is real trust me just talk to him 24 7 he dies listen and instead of asking for things like spoiled brat thankHim every day every minute for what u have He knows what you need so just worship our creator every min without crying wanting things rread the bible and listen and dont now to any statues

  • V payne

    well said, seventry5; who are we to judge the righteous or non righteous , who are we to judge the disobedient and obedient. The devils always use the intelligent people to write what the devils wants.

    I have been to Medjugorie many times, and my next trip there is next year with group of deacons, and priests, and group of devoted pilgrims. Every time is different, I have witness many graces from God, one particularly a young girl of 12 years old with bone spine cancer unable to walk, 10 day and prayers she was heal in Divine mercy Church in the village, now she is grown 16 years old very active in sport. and also a boy of 14 that doctor has declared no cure and under tons of medications, and was send home, as hospital convince he has no chance to live longer, are now second year of seminarian to be a priest. Many more – my own – witness many conversion- If one close their eyes and heart ,therefore ,ones cannot see or feel the graces of God. and who are we to judge the seers’

  • john konnor

    ….a dicto secundum quid ad dictum simplicter…. such and such a person is apparently intelligent and is not partial to the phenomenon at medjugorje as is the devil???, and so all intelligent people are influenced by the devil and against medjugorje????…. anyway Pope Francis recently invited some Med supporters to the vatican to join in the Marian Day festivities so it looks like Medjugorje has been embraced in some manner by Vatican…well i feel bad for the Bishop at Medjugorje..and hopefully all the people converted at this place will persist in their new found spirituality and one day come to understand the utility of a unified faith…anyway thanks for the posts…

  • Ian Campion

    Medjugorje is a tourist scam. I hope that the so-called visionaries
    Are excommunicated!

  • Franca


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