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Vatican Blogmeet: Update

The Pontifical Council for Social Communications will announce participants in the Vatican blogmeet on Saturday

By on Wednesday, 13 April 2011

I’m probably one of a gazillion people who received this from the Vatican blogmeet people, but I guess this is the latest news:

Dear Friends
By 8am Monday morning we had received over 400 requests.
On Wednesday 13 April we will close the application process and sort out requests into categories of language, geography, typology etc. and where necessary we will draw lots to make the final selection.
On Saturday a list of participants will be posted on We are heartened by the widespread interest, and ask you all to be patient with this effort to increase dialogue with the blogging community, and also to support us with your prayers.

Richard Rouse and Ariel Beramendi

  • Dorothy Cummings McLean

    Very exciting! I’m glad they explained in detail how they will choose bloggers. It now looks very transparent and democratic.

  • Gordon Campbell

    The tamest of the lot will be selected-No Michael Voris,No Lifesite-no blogger who is fed up to the teeth with the blatant heterodoxy we are confronted with every day while the Bishops ignore it and our peasant Taliban Catholic complaints.St John Chrysotom was right.These shepherds need to understand they have some furious rams in their flock who are sick of Kumbaya Catholicism and the Tyranny of Nice(with apologies to Kathy Shaidle)

  • Anonymous

    Wait and see Gordon – you never know!? Last year at the height of the anti-papal witch-hunt there were many bloggers and commentators who came to the fore in their defence of His Holiness while their hierarchy was defiantly silent – maybe the Vatican noticed?

  • The Crescat

    Congrats, Anna, on being chosen!

  • Susan

    Congratulations, Anna! Looking forward to meeting you and anybody else who speaks English at the vatica blogmeet!
    Susan Vigilante

  • dating

    What an exciting event.! Congrats.! :))