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There is no room for anti-Semitism in the Church

What does the cry of the people baying for blood during Christ’s Passion really mean?

By on Monday, 25 April 2011

A Passion play in Panama (Press Association Images)

A Passion play in Panama (Press Association Images)

Much publicity has been given to that significant passage in Pope Benedict’s recent book, Jesus of Nazareth (page 187) when he discusses the cry of the people during the Passion: “His blood be on us and on our children (Matthew 27:25).”
At first the Holy Father analyses the elements that made up the crowd baying for Jesus’ blood: these are not the ‘Jewish people’ as such, but the dominant priestly circle and the followers of Barabbas.

Then, in an illuminating passage, the Pope reminds us that “the Christian will remember that Jesus’ blood speaks a different language from the blood of Abel; it does not cry out for vengeance and punishment; it brings reconciliation.” He emphasises that, “read in the light of faith, it means that we all stand in need of the purifying power of love, which is his blood. These words are not a curse, but rather redemption, salvation.”

This interpretation makes it clear there is no room for anti-Semitism in the Church. This makes me ask the question: “Why is it that among certain right-wing (I hate that expression when used in the context of the Church, but it can be useful) Catholics, those who attend the Tridentine Mass, there is anti-Semitism?”

I have encountered it myself: the odd remark that makes you sit up and wonder where that person is coming from; ‘under the counter’ literature with disturbing phrases and attitudes. When I referred to The Remnant in my blog for April 14, a friend warned me against giving this publication publicity as he had encountered an anti-Semitic strain in some of its articles.

Further to this, a good friend of mine, who is herself a convert from Judaism and who always attends the Extraordinary Form of the Mass, tells me she is sometimes very distressed by the blatantly anti-Semitic remarks she hears from fellow EF worshippers when socialising after Mass. I once put this question to a Francophile acquaintance, who replied that in France the far Right in politics has always been closely linked with the Lefebvrist wing of the Church there. And then there is the case of the schismatic Bishop Williamson and his now notorious views about the Holocaust: clearly, there are too many instances for this to be a random feature.

We have just celebrated Good Friday when, in the Novus Ordo, the general intercessions ask us to “pray for the Jewish people, the first to hear the word of God.” The same prayer in my old Roman Missal has the Latin: “Oremus et pro perfidis Judaeis…”, translated as “Let us pray also for the unbelieving Jews…” Is this part of the problem?

When the late John Paul II (of soon-to-be blessed memory) referred to the Jews as “our older brothers”, I warmed to the phrase. I have a private syllogism which runs, “Jesus was a Jew. I follow Jesus. Therefore I am a Jew.”

This is, of course, factual and well as logical nonsense, as I am actually a Celt, descended from a long and noble line of Irish peasants, but you get my drift: how can we Christians, who profess to follow Christ, have any truck with any kind of anti-Semitism?

Pope Benedict concludes on page 187 with the words, “Only when understood in terms of the theology of the Last Supper and the Cross, drawn from the whole of the New Testament, does this verse from Matthew’s Gospel take on its correct meaning.”

Worth pondering, eh?

  • Jeannine

    Official Church teaching, even before Vatican 2, has always condemned any persecution to &/or bigotry towards our Jewish brothers & sisters. Yes, there were always a few bishops & priests who conveniently misinterpret scripture for a variety of reasons & Rome usually tried to correct such misinterpretations.

    So there are a few bad apples within the Traditional Catholic groups. Name me 1 group whose members are perfect. After reading the Catholic Herald online for the past couple of months, never once did the Traditional Catholic posters write that they were without sin. Catechesis is a lifelong endeavor for everyone & I am sure these Catholics realize this too. If I’m not mistaken, Bishop Williamson was corrected from within. At least the leaders realize this form of bigotry is wrong.

    If the SPPX & other like groups have to contend only with violentless bigotry— Boy are they lucky! I am constantly debating with pro-abortion, pro-homosexual marriage, pro-artificial contraception Catholics in my parish. Lets not mention the discussions I have with these uninformed Catholics on basic theological beliefs such as the real presence in the Eucharist.

  • PedesXpi

    No, there is no room for anti-semitism in the Church, if by Anti-Semitism we mean looking down upon people because of their Jewish ancestry or faith, or denying them their civil rights, or not treating them with charity and civility.

    However, it is good to try and understand the causes of anti-semitism, and also make some distinctions. We are Christians, not Jews (religiously speaking) and therefore we know that about certain key matters, Christianity is right, and Judaism is wrong. Further, my Catholic faith has moral consequences that the Jewish faith does not—an important reason that I am not Catholic. Recognizing this is not anti-semitism. However, this does by itself make me a more moral person than my Jewish neighbor. As a Catholic I also know that about certain very important matters, my faith is right, and my Presbyterian neighbor’s church is wrong. In civil society this does not become a problem in the neighborhood as long as I do not use this as an occasion to beat up on my Presbyterian neighbor, and vice versa.

    In my experience in the U.S. however, I have often (since childhood really) been the target of some real viciousness from many Jews of my acquaintance because of my Christian, and in adulthood, my Catholic Christian faith. I should add that attended for three years a prep school, which while officially secular, was largely composed of Reformed Jews. I have also, I might add, been the target of a LOT of viciousness from Irish Americans because of of mine and my family’s English and Anglican background. Does the latter make me anti-Irish. No, nor should the former make me anti-semite. However, I have had friends, (even Jewish ones) comment that they are surprised, given my childhood experiences, that I am not an anti-semite. I probably should add that my experience with Anti-Christian bigotry (and with anti-English bigotry) from these sources is far from being unique.

    There are a lot of reasons for anti-semitism, some inherited bigotry, some transferred anger, but some the result of being the victim of bigotry from those whom one is subsequently tempted to hate. When the latter is the case, one needs to recognize it and the hurt done to one’s self, else the hurt will fester. To ignore the hurt is simply to set up the stage for more hurt, and one should not let the fear or accusation of being a bigot deter one from facing the ill that has been done to one. However, once recognized, it is essential for us as Christians to forgive, to give up our anger and foreswear veangeance, for we are sinners ourselves who are in need of God’s forgiveness.

    When the Church is so much under attack from within and without—and in a place like France it has been under attack for a very long time—it is not surprising that some Christians, especially those devoted to the Church and the faith, should fall prey to the temptation to bigotry themselves. The key thing, it seems to me, is not only to have the spirit of forgiveness, but to recognize our own sinfulness and the ways in which we ourselves may have done others ill. We are all in need of God’s mercy and forgiveness; we are all in the same boat, and this realization seems to me the best cure for bigotry, whether anti-semitism or some other kind.

  • Pedesxpi

    Correction “an impoprtant why I am a Catholic”

  • veritatum

    Dear author,

    I wish before you published this article you actually researched what semites are. I will give you a hint: They are not exclusively Jews. A Semite is a member of any of various ancient and modern peoples originating in southwestern Asia, including the Akkadians, Canaanites, Phoenicians, Hebrews, and Arabs. So therefore from this, Anti-Semitism means you are prejudiced against the Arabs and south western Asians! My Parish Priest warned us of the dangers of using the word anti-Semitism, therefore I do suggest that you revise this article.

    As a side note, Bishop Williamson in his interviews on Swedish television, doesn’t say outright “I believe the holocaust did not happen” he merely states that he disagrees with the figure of 6 million Jews being killed, and the methods reported of their murder. However, his Lordship’s remarks have been twisted to suit the baying mob of the media. As Pilate asks in the Passion of Our Lord “Quid es veritas?” (What is truth?) I implore you to fully search the truth out before publicising it to the masses, instead of half-truths that are akin of the modern media.

  • Anonymous

    Why be a pedant. We all clearly know what anti-semite means – regardless of its origins. It means anti-Jew – that is quite clear.

    The figure of 6 million is rarely disputed, there were thousands of witnesses to the crime and the crime was meticulously recorded by the Nazis themselves. Why the Bishop would question this we can only guess.

    I realize this is a different issue, somewhat, but I would like to make the point – that although I will not stand any anti-Jewish racist comments in the Church, it does not colour my opinions on the problems in the middle east – which I believe would be much more helpful if we could be ‘colour-blind’ to the religions of both groups.

  • dino

    Yes, pedantic it may be however there is a specific point here and that the author should have stated anti Jew. As one word’s meaning has become entirely warped, thus warping the context to which it is used. As you said “we all clearly know” which is a contradiction as “we all clearly don’t know”

    As to the question of the Jews, as Catholics we are taught that our faith instituted by Christ is the only path to salvation. Christ was the messiah, he died to release us from sin and all the Jews who were stained with original sin. Therefore when Christ instituted the Holy Sacrifice of the Mass the Jewish religion became redundant as a path to heaven.

    With this in mind the Jews should be prayed for, to convert. I don’t think that hostility should be shown to them at all, the attitude of the traditional elements is one of sympathy for the Jewish plight. I can’t speak for the Lefebvrist wing of the Church, but if you are to read the Archbishop’s book “An Open Letter to confused Catholics” it addresses such issues as that, amongst others.

  • Lee

    Someone has finaly put to bed the lie that anti-semitism is hating those of the Jewish faith who happen to be of a semitic background. It’s abit like saying that their close relatives, Hamitic people are only Ethiopian people (The majority Hamitic people). Sorry to sound bigoted but loads of misnomers have been shifted into place so as to throw off the fact that many Jews ( yes converts to it and adopted jews, not just Semitic descended Jews) have chosen to forego the promises of the Messiah and they know it, hence the reason why words have been shifted (like semitism) so as to act as a guard for what amount to non-believers !

  • Anonymous

    What an appalling article. How shocking that anyone claiming to be a Catholic should insult Catholics who for two thousand years have worshipped God in the Mass which is only “extraordinary” because it refuses to be killed off by so-called Catholics who prefer a concoction created by a known Freemason and approved by six Protestant Ministers, and, moreover, promoted by a Jesuit who boasted “the Roman rite as we have always known it, has been destroyed.” (Fr Joseph Gelineau SJ) How dare anyone accuse countless saints and martyrs of “anti-semitism” not least in the prayers of the Holy Mass itself. Outrageous.

    I see that veritatum has made the point I intended to make at the outset. At no point in this nasty and unscholarly article is there even the slightest attempt to define terms, such as “anti-Semitism” and the false assumption is made, as usual, that this describes anti-Jewish sentiment.

    Further, the falsehood which I consider to be deliberately perpetrated, that Bishop Williamson is a “schismatic bishop” when Pope Benedict has decreed otherwise, proves that this author is not an honest person of good will. As a Scot with a heap of Irish blood in my veins, I’m dismayed to learn that she is of Celtic origin. Archbishop Lefebvre’s own parents suffered in the German concentration camps – as someone says below, this article is poorly (to say the least) researched.

    And it is of crucial importance to take note of the fact that Pope Benedict has made clear that these books, which he seems to have plenty of time to write, are NOT binding Catholic teaching, but his own personal (and often highly flawed) opinions. Yet, this writer, like all the rest of the papolatrists, jumps on his every word and treats it like infallible Holy Writ. Such ignorance!

    Whatever the authentic meaning of that verse of Sacred Scripture “His blood be upon us and upon our children” the fact is that the people of Israel have scarcely had a moment’s peace since they rejected the Messiah. That’s not anti-Semitism, that’s historical fact. Live with it.

    But allow me to say before I sign off, what I’ve said to others, including at least one Jew. I’m sick and tired of hearing about the Jewish holocaust (to the point where I no longer use a capital letter for it.) Sick and tired. There have been other peoples, other massacres, that are never mentioned while we are fed stories, news reports, plays, (I even wrote one myself!) films, you name it, about this one event in history, which is (wrongly) regarded as unparalleled in the history of the world. I’m not anti-Jewish; I’m not anti-anyone or any nation. I’ll even watch the royal wedding on TV on Friday, notwithstanding the Highland Clearances and the execution of poor Mary Queen of Scots. I’m no bigot.

    Unfortunately, the same cannot be said of the author of this article. Hatred of the SSPX is spewed out, under the guise of condemning Bishop Williamson for his personal political views on the holocaust, while remaining silent about the heresies spouted by bishops “in good standing” including the bishop recently exposed as abusing his two nephews who was NOT excommunicated or even suspended, merely advised to go for counselling! What, you think he’s preferable to Bishop Williamson? Really?

    I note the final quote of the article:

    “Pope Benedict concludes on page 187 with the words, “Only when understood in terms of the theology of the Last Supper and the Cross, drawn from the whole of the New Testament, does this verse from Matthew’s Gospel take on its correct meaning.”

    Debateable. That’s the Pope’s own opinion. Bishop Williamson gave his personal opinion about the numbers involved in the holocaust. By expressing his opinions on the holocaust, Bishop Williamson affects not the integrity of the Faith one bit. The same cannot be said of Pope Benedict, who now has a track record of causing untold damage to the integrity of Catholic Faith and Morals. His nonsensical comments about condoms, his shocking Assisi III event, his fast track beatification of one of the worst popes in the entire history of the Church and now his own personal (and dubious) interpretation of Scripture taken at face value and treated like infallible dogma by the ignorant, all of this is evidence that those causing most damage to the Faith are not traditional Mass attending Catholics or the priests, bishops and faithful of the SSPX but one modernist pope after another, leading astray the ignorant papolatrists who simply do not have sufficient Catholic education and Catholic sense, to distinguish truth from error.

    I conclude as I began – this is an appalling article. Insulting and ignorant. I think the Church, Triumphant (in heaven) Suffering (in Purgatory) and Militant (on earth) is owed an apology. Without reservation.

  • Anonymous


    There IS no “Lefebvrist wing of the Church” – Archbishop Lefebvre is – as history is already proving – God’s instrument to help us through this terrible crisis in the Church. But for him, the Traditional Latin Mass and Sacraments would have disappeared. One day, he will be canonised, no mistake about it.

    And of COURSE the Jews should convert to the one, true Faith. Who would ever have thought that the day would come when Catholics who prayed for this great grace for that chosen race, would be described as “anti-Semitic”? Who would ever have thought that popes would make public statements to reassure the Jew that they didn’t have to convert?

    No wonder Our Lady warned of a “diabolical disorientation” to come in the Church. WOW – was she right!

  • Anonymous

    Jeannine – terrific post. Spot on.

    Not only was Bishop Williamson “corrected from within,” he was warned by Bishop Fellay that if he made even one more public statement about anything to do with politics or anything else, he would be expelled from the Society.

    Unlike the heretics and blasphemers who pose as priests and bishops in good standing and who, far from being punished for their behaviour, are promoted.

  • Anonymous

    “A dominant Priestl Circle” Ahh so it was them who cried out “release Barrabas”,so if they were,nt Jewish,then who were these people,as it seems a lot of “Priests”
    Jews are called to task over the condemnation of Jesus Christ,as againt Barrabas,but that does not mean that all Jews from then on are guilty,its like saying all Germans today are guilty of the Nazi Holocaust,and all Russians are guilty of the Communist Holocaust…….and yet Orthodox Jews are still awaiting the coming of The Messiah,sorry my friends but he has already arrived and his resurrection was celebrated a few days ago

  • veritatum

    Thank you for that, it is nice to see some sense on these forums, if you think about Archbishop Lefebvre actually preserved the Church. If he hadn’t have acted in the way he did, I dread to think what would have happened.

    Our Lady has a habit of bestowing upon us great gifts and as the mother of God we should listen to her, as you would to your own mother. In reality we still haven’t had the Third secret of Fatima delivered to us yet! But that is a whole different can of worms to open.

  • Charles Martel

    Groan. The usual attempt to smear traditionalists with anti-semitism! Surely you can think up some new rubbish, Francis Phillips. I have been a ‘traditionalist’ (I’d prefer just to be able to call myself a Catholic!) for many years and I have never heard anti-semitic comments in these circles, but never mind.
    Now that we seem to be turning the corner in the debate on the liturgy and Vatican II, with more and more heavy-weights piling in on our side from outside the usual traditional ranks, we’ll see many more of these slurs from liberals and ‘conservatives’ who see the bastions fall one by one – the interdiction of the Old Mass, the excommunications of the SSPX bishops, the bans on debating ecumenism and religious liberty.
    Unable to take refuge in their old cry of ‘schismatic!’, they are looking around for other weapons.
    But before these people go any further with this nonsense, they should listen to Bishop Fellay:
    “The position of Bishop Williamson is clearly not the position of our Society. Antisemitism has no place in our ranks. We follow fully God’s commandments on justice and charity and the constant teaching of the Church. Antisemitism has been condemned by the Church. So do we condemn it.”
    Fr Schmidberger, the Superior General of the SSPX before Bishop Fellay, reproached Bishop Williamson by quoting Pope Pius XI: “Spiritually, we are all semites.”
    Give it up, Francis. It’s nasty, it’s slanderous, and it’s just not going to work.

  • Jeannine

    Thank you to a Traditional Mass worshiper from a Novus Ordo worshiper.

  • Anonymous

    What was that about anti-Semitism?

    Time to stop painting these anti-Catholic bigots as persecuted saints – whatever their religious persuasion – and face the truth.

    REALLY worth pondering, eh?

  • Anonymous


    Without Archbishop Lefebvre, there would be no Fraternity of Saint Peter or any of the other traditional groups in the Church – they all sprang up following the action of the Archbishop and the growing support for the SSPX.

    You are right about the Third Secret of Fatima but notice, there is a thread running through the minds (if that’s the word) of the modern Catholic. Those who scream “schismatic” at the SSPX, who really prefer the Bugnini Mass, despite its Masonic origins and involvement of six Protestant Ministers (many times, modern Catholics have responded to this information from me with “So? What about it?” Protestantised to their fingertips) … those who are thus brainwashed, are the same Catholics are universally agreed that the Third Secret has been revealed and Russia has been consecrated, as per Our Lady’s instructions. Ask them to explain why there is no promised (by Our Lady) period of peace in the world and you get another shrug of the shoulders. Dunno, vacant look, who cares.

    Yes, thank God for the great grace of recognizing the significance of Archbishop Lefebvre in this enduring crisis.

  • Michel Roi

    On my last trip to Israel in 2005 I read a little book, written by a Jew, on Jewish belief and practice. In the chapter on the Messiah the author said something like “According to our scriptures and sages, the Messiah should have come two thousand years ago. We don’t know what happened.” They might not, but we do! “he came to His own people, and His own people did not receive Him” I believe it was St. Thomas Aquinas who said the average Jew of Jesus’ time was not responsible for failing to recognize Him as it was the role of Israel’s priests and religious leaders (hierarchy) to identify the Messiah. We can hope then that the majority of Jewish people are in good faith. But even if we do, we must hold that they are missing out in a big way by not recognizing the Messiah and not recieving the sacraments and clear teaching He left that we might attain Heaven. I agree with Pope Pius IX that we can be sure God loves and wants to save everyone, but, as well, has established “One Lord, one faith and one baptism.” That blessed Holy Father felt we should hope for the best (baptism of desire, etc.) but fear for the worst. Pray for the conversion of the children of Israel.

  • DBMcGinnity


    Christian truth is speculation based mainly on pious anecdotes, fervent zealous aspirations of spirituality based on saintly visions, biblical quotations, sweeping assertions, generalised inference, indiscriminate speculation, widespread supposition and foolish nonsense. Christian doctrine and Catholic dogma is based on misinformed and misguided zeal, multi-sourced conjecture, and “all the dots do not join up”, that is to say, if there was actual proof, then more people would be interested and convinced of it’s veracity.

    The freedom of choice in religious observance is here to stay, and all The Catholic Church threats throughout the centuries (temporal and spiritual) of pain and suffering (on the rack or in flames), the threat of excommunication, priestly curses, diocesan duress and cruelty, educational bullying and fear of being socially ostracised, together with social and community intimidation are all meaningless. For these reasons the origin of all pontifical philosophical and doctrinal dictates must be treated with suspicion, and cannot be trusted.

    The SSPX do not help themselves or their cause with their Ian Paisley motto: “Never, Never, Never” and “Pope John Paul II is the Anti Christ” Even Mr Paisley was able to see the logic of compromise and reason. Even Mr Peter Robinson who once hated Catholics, recently attended a Catholic Church Mass. One Mass is as pleasing to God as another. The SSPX Mass is a beautiful memory, of how things used to be, but their idea of being the only way to God is gone forever, and Novous Ordo is here to stay.

    One religion is just as pleasing to God as another, because it is the “purity in a persons heart” that really matters, and not the psychodrama or the ostentatious rituals. Jesus never participated in, interminable, nonsensical, incomprehensible, grandiose ceremonies.

    Because I had an ecclesiastical education and was brought up the Latin Mass, Solemn High Mass, The Missa Cantata (SPPX) and Low Mass, I understand the Latin and the ritual, but most people never understood, they went to mass because they were obliged to, and said rosaries on their rosary beads throughout the mass, without knowing what was going on. Vatican II enabled the congregation to join in the Sacrament of the Eucharist

  • F. John Loughnan

    In my web-file The “JEWS” and Antisemitism at I conclude:
    “Based on my experiences and observations, I believe that the Society of St Pius X is an anti-semitic group. It breeds, harbors and sustains anti-semitic prejudice via conspiracy theories. I do not believe that anti-semitism is consistent with the message of Jesus Christ. I have often wondered – what my reaction would have been had I been born a Jew? I have tried to imagine myself in the position of those who have been so unjustly treated, terrorized and brutalized in the past.

    “I must add that I do not condone or agree, in any way, with Jewish terrorist de-humanizing of the Palestinians – nor of any other terrorist acts. I think that Lex talionis [the Law of Retaliation] is blatantly sterile, futile and self-perpetuating. Further reading on Australian Jewish-Christian Relations is available in items 12 – 15 in the Appendices and References section below.”

    Some of you folk may be interested in the material about the SSPX on my site in the files contained at in
    F. John Loughnan’s Files On
    The Society Of St Pius X (SSPX)

    My background is that I adhered to the SSPX from 1974 to 1997 – 23 years. During that time, I was a National Vice-President of the Latin Mass Society of Australia – which, ultimately, merged with the Ecclesia Dei group.
    Our National Secretary at that time was Hutton Gibson. Some of you may know him to be a prominent sedevacantist, and father of Mel Gibson. Another in our group in Melbourne was a Railways Clerk named Gordon Bateman. Gordon ultimately adhered to the brother of the SSPX’s Fr. Carl Pulvermacher – Fr Lucien Pulvermacher, who, in time claimed to be the True Pope. Gordon and some other lay-folk formed a “Conclave” and elected him. In an act of grace, Lucien “ordained” and “consecrated” Gordon and raised him to the position of Papal Secretary, “Gordon Cardinal Bateman.”

    During my early days, I was a member of the committee which brought Archbishop Lefebvre and his SSPX to Australia. It was also at this time that Australia received it’s first SSPX Superior: Fr. Gerard Hogan. Fr Hogan was involved in a “fight” with another SSPX priest after his tenure expired; both were forced to accept re-assignment overseas. Fr. Hogan would twice resign from the Society – the last time to take up a position with a Californian millionaire as his personal chaplain.

    Many SSPX priests in the meantime have realised that the SSPX is NOT the solution to the problem. Many have reverted, gone over to the sedevacantists, etc. An incomplete list of “reverts may be viewed at

    Be sure to read “The Anything BUT Consistent Mind Of Archbishop Marcel Lefebvre!” at

    Archbishop Lefebvre, his priests (who included the Bishops of the SSPX) were certainly excommunicated for the crime of schism – and the adherents were warned of the danger of their excommunication. The excommunications were lifted from the bishops – but NOT from Lefebvre. Furthermore, the suspensions a divinis imposed on all of them and on the priests has NEVER been lifted – which means that they possess no jurisdiction and no faculties.

    There is NO good reason to be in this position.

  • DBMcGinnity


    BAR= Son of
    ABBAS The Father

    BARABBAS was the son of the father (The son of God) and he was released by Pilate, the Bible says so.

  • DBMcGinnity


    SSPX has had it’s chance, and it has failed, because it does not embrace the pristine teachings of Jesus to love everyone, equally. The love of God cannot be conditional.

    The Traditional Latin Mass (particularly SSPX) was and still is a wonderful, mystical and spiritual experience. But the concomitant attitudes of Catholic clergy within the Roman Catholic Church was not wonderful, mystical or spiritual. The Industrial Schools and Magdalene Laundries in Ireland was the epitome of Vatican cruelty with clerical acquiescence to child physical and sexual abuse. That ethos still exists in the Vatican.
    New book claims to lift lid on sex secrets of the Vatican

    Please take note that “Novus Ordo Seclorum” (Latin for “New Order of the Ages”) Mass. “Novus Ordo” appears on the reverse of the Great Seal of the United States, most commonly seen on the reverse side of the U.S. one dollar bill. This tells us that The Vatican and The Roman Catholic Church is now run from The White House in the USA. Catholics will find in the fullness of time that the Vatican will move it’s headquarters to Washington DC., Please answer these questions: Why is the pagan “Obelisk of Augustus” in St Peters Square? What part did Pope IX have to play in the building of “The Washington Monument” which is (an obelisk), and why? SSPX is the “Old Order” that has become extinct.

  • Anonymous

    So who was Jesus Christ if Barrabas was the son of God,Or were both ,Jesus Christ & Bar Abbas the same person, that seems very muddled to say the least!

  • DBMcGinnity

    As a young boy growing up in the 1940-1950 Ireland and having received an ecclesiastical education I was certain about everything that I had been taught about Jesus. As I became older I came to realise that there was enormous dissonance between what the Catholic Church taught about faith and morals and what the Catholic Church did in practice. The story of the Popes alone is one of mendacity, murder, debauchery, and blatant hypocrisy.

    It was then that I began my own study and research, and I have read almost everything available on the life of Christ. (the list is too great) Most of what is written by Catholics is speculative, subjective, pious, conjecture and can not be substantiated. There are about six excellent books that cast doubt on the New Testament account of Jesus life.

    The Christian account of Jesus does not add up because Christianity is the story of cruelty, oppression, suffering, torture and misogyny. Ttherefore, Christianity cannot be consistent with the teachings of Jesus. Such a man may have existed, but the evidence is scant. I think Barabbas was Jesus and was released by Pontius Pilate. I purport that the story of the Crucifixion is a hoax that was later contrived by Helena, Constantine’s mother to meet his political needs. The Deity of Jesus and the Trinity etc., subsequently arose out of this clever deception.

  • Petrus

    Let’s nail this “schismatic bishop” lie once and for all.

    In a much overlooked and little discussed interview published February 8, 2007, in the German Die Tagespost, Cardinal Castrillón said he rejected the term and idea of “ecumenism” from within the Church as a reasoning behind the continuing discussions and open communications with the leadership of the SSPX. Specifically, he said the following:

    “Please accept that I reject the term “ecumenism ad intra.” The bishops, priests and faithful of the Society of St Pius X are not schismatics.”

    In a 30 Days interview appearing soon after Bishop Fellay’s August 29, 2005 meeting with the Holy Father, Cardinal Castrillón again confirmed that the SSPX situation was not a matter of formal heresy, but one of canonical regularization. In answer to a question about the historical situation leading up to the August 2005 meeting, Cardinal Castrillón said:

    “Unfortunately Monsignor Lefebvre went ahead with the consecration and hence the situation of separation came about, even if it was not a formal schism.”

    Now, the Bishops of the Society of Saint Pius X do not claim any jurisdiction. Canonically, they are Auxilliary Bishops, ordained by Archbishop Lefebvre in what he believed to be “a state of emergency,” to administer the sacraments and catechise the lay faithful in the traditional manner prior to the post-conciliar upheaval and chaos. You cannot be schismatic for clinging to Sacred Tradition. If the Bishops of the SSPX claimed that the SSPX are the true Church, or that outside the SSPX there is no salvation, then this would be a schismatic mentality. They have never held this monstrous position. Certainly there are canonical irregularities, but these do not amount to schism.

    Sedevacantists are formal schismatics, as are the Orthodox churches, because they do not recognise the authority of the Sovereign Pontiff.

    Now, to the second piece of nonsense in the crazy article. Bishop Williamson is NOT an anti-semite. Bishop Williamson regularly invited a Jewish Rabbi to guest-lecture at the seminary where he was rector. Questioning the number of holocaust victims is not anti-semitic. So I challenge anyone who thinks he is an anti-semite to provide some evidence.

    I have been attending Mass at an SSPX chapel for over 2 years and I have never heard an anti-semitic sermon or been involved in an anti-semitic conversation. I have a German-Jewish blood line, so I am certainly not anti-semitic myself. Do I want the Jews to convert to Catholicism? Of course. Do I believe the Jews MUST convert to Catholicism? Absolutely. Catholics are duty bound to “Go teach all nations”. This does not make me an anti-semite. Isn’t it sad that a Catholic has to defend his belief that others should convert to Catholicism?

  • Petrus

    What a wicked post! There is no real evidence offered here. Hearsay, hearsay, hearsay. Tell me this, Father: what does “adhere to the SSPX” mean for a priest? Were you a member? If the SSPX are so anti-semitic, why did it take you all those years to get out?

    You seem to offer a lot of stories about individuals who were priests of the SSPX and then decided to leave. Clearly, it is without doubt that there were some screwballs within the SSPX. However, the actions of these screwballs, whether it be becoming sedevacantist or holding a conclave and attempting to elect a pope, have no bearing on the SSPX as a priestly society. There are teachers who cannot teach. There are teachers who are bullies. It doesn’t mean the entire teaching profession are incompetent bullies!

    You wrote ” During that time, I was a National Vice-President of the Latin Mass Society of Australia – which, ultimately, merged with the Ecclesia Dei group.” Surely you realise that without Archbishop Lefebvre none of these groups would exist? Again, with respect, Father, your post offers nothing of any use to anyone. It smacks of someone with an axe to grind. This certainly isn’t Catholic.

  • Irene.

    Your post is ridiculous. Anyone with even a modicum of knowledge of the SSPX would know that THEY ARE NOT IN SCHISM. Garbage! There’s enough evidence out there to substantiate my assertion and so, F. John Loughnane, you can surely source it for yourself. I don’t have an enormous knowledge of the SSPX but what I have encountered is good, sound and truly Catholic. More than I can say for my every day experience in my parish over the years!!

  • John Mclellan

    Keep taking the tablets; they are doing a great job!
    And NO MORE of those funny cigarettes.

  • Torkay

    What exactly are the qualifications of this devious, utterly dishonest bleeding heart liberal, that she is given prominent column space week after week with which to distort, misrepresent, and otherwise calumniate the tradition of the Church? Let’s make a list of said calumnies in this despicable article:
    1. Tradition = “right wing.” I’m just waiting for the other shoe to drop, i.e. “fidelity to Tradition = bigotry and hate.”
    2. “Followers of Barabbas”: this murderer had no “followers.” He was merely conveniently at hand as a substitute for the release of Our Lord. Miss Phillips apparently is privileged to distort Holy Scripture as well as Tradition.
    3. Antisemitism at The Remnant. Please cite specific articles. BTW, you can’t, because there are none.
    4. “My Jewish friend” etc. This reeks of dishonesty. This writer cites THREE “friends” in order to support her nonexistent case: a “friend” who warned her about The Remnant, and another Jewish convert “friend” who complained about antisemitic remarks during socializing after Mass!! Then, of course, she also has a “Francophile friend” who assures her about the association of far-right politics with the SSPX. Right, Miss Phillips – and I have a “friend” in Scotland who told me that you’re about to convert to Islam, so of course I believe him.
    5. “Unbelieving Jews” is part of the problem. Do you mean to say that telling the truth is hateful, bigoted, etc? Do you also mean to say that the Jews have, unbeknownst to the rest of the world, converted to the One True Faith? Please.
    6. “The same prayer in my old Roman Missal…” Miss Phillips seems to have conveniently forgotten that Pope Benedict replaced the prayer in question, since he, sadly, is still tainted with the false politically correct Modernism of his youth.

    If Dr. Oddie is perusing this blog, I appeal to him to use his influence to have this shallow, devious propagandist fired at once, before she turns The Catholic Herald into another Tablet. With rubbish like this, you’ve already passed the halfway point in that journey.

  • Torkay

    Thank you, Petrus, for exposing the fraudulent smear campaign of this dishonest priest – if indeed he is a priest.

  • Michaelbedeaddison

    To the Editor of the Catholic Herald,
    Why do you allow both these disgraceful attacks and scurulous distortion on and of the SSPX? ROMAN CATHOLICS who attend Churches and Mass Centres run by the Society of St Pius X are neither Lefebists nor are they Anti Semitic too! I can attest that their frequents are but faithful Catholics who are Loyal to the Pope and the Holy See!


    Jarra Lad

  • Anonymous

    I have been aware of the SSPX for some years. Three years ago I decided to attend their Masses on a regular basis. I thank God for that inspired decision. I have never heard any anti-Jewish sentiments expressed in any of the many outstanding homilies I have heard. I have never felt so close to God, and so assured that I have found the right track, as I have since returning to Tradition.
    You can keep all the muddled thinking that is all around us. You can keep the opinions of learned authors who have written books in support of their opinions.
    I know what feels right, and I know when I feel right within myself, and that time is now.
    May the SSPX flourish and go from strength to strength until Truth and Right prevail.

    May God strengthen the SSPX and may it eventually eclipse the nonsense that has overtaken Christ’s Church in this past few years.

  • Margaret

    Well dearly beloved,
    I clain the SSPX as the very main part of my life and I am definitely not antisemitic so if that counts put it in your ear. Everyone’s sins put Our Saviour on the cross. Mine and your and everyone. the Jews were just fortunate enough to have claimed His precious blood upon themselves and their children. His precious Blood be upon me, please God!!!! Pour His precious blood upon me! By that Blood I am cleansed. Our Blessed Mother–a Jew. St. Peter–a Jew. Joseph–a Jew. To God for them and for all do we owe our prayers to find Him Who loves us all so much. Off it already. Blessings upon the SSPX.

  • Anonymous

    Answer the question please otherwise iI will see you as barmy…was Jesus Christ and Bar abas the same person ? I can see you have issues with the Roman Catholic Church in Ireland
    Frankly you are talking out of your backside
    So where do you stand for your personal redemtion,
    maybe Atheist or worse protestant

    So my friend who was Barabas and who was Jesus and who was released?

  • crouchback

    DB….sorry old boy, your nuts. There should be an ignore button for the likes of you. I’ll be speeding past your posts.

    Debate I can handle, idiocy….No.

  • Oremus

    The only crime committed was the invention of a half protestant mass whose guiding light was Fr. Bugnini and six
    protestants. But the one on whose authority the NOM was enforced, was Pope Paul VI. If Catholics had a clear
    understanding of what the Church teaches about the Mass, they would only assist at the Traditional Latin Mass,

    As soon as the crisis is over, Archbishop Lefebvre we be canonized a Saint. No doubt about it!

  • DBMcGinnity

    I can imagine that you would judge anyone who disagreed with your point of view as ‘barmy’.
    I have issues with the whole catholic church insofar that they have used a great deal of energy to obscure the truth and it has backfired in their face. The people have found out the truth!!!

    “Frankly you are talking out of your backside” is crass vulgarity and unworthy of a person who claims to be a better than Protestants. Your comments say more about your low level of education and your lack of sophistication. Your coarse insults are not consistent with the teaching of Jesus Christ, nor are your ungenerous comments about atheists and Protestants, who are made in the image of God. I do not accept life hereafter therefore I do not require redemption.

  • DBMcGinnity

    You make a judgement and accuse me of being mentally ill, because my opinion does not agree with yours. We have not met, yet you accuse me. Such accusations contravenes the tenets of the eight commandment. “Thou shall not bear false witness”, which includes impugning the good name of another. Why do you not endeavour to dispute and enable me to correct the error of my ways rather than become offensive and insulting. I look forward to your cogent and rational reasons as to why you want to ignore me. Would Jesus have run away? I think not!!! SHAME ON YOU.

  • Anonymous

    Fr Loughan,

    I have been regularly attending an SSPX chapel for over 5 years now, and I have never heard any priest or lay person express “anti-Semitic” or anti-Jewish sentiments. Not once. I’ve heard plenty of diocesan priests express anti-Catholic sentiments and even anti-papal sentiments, but I’ve heard none of that in the SSPX chapels.

    You say “some of (us) may be interested in the material about the SSPX on my site…”


    I, for one, am not in the slightest interested in your material or your views about the SSPX.

    With respect, I’ve read reams of anti-SSPX stuff over the years, and my overwhelming thought is always: “So what?” None of it stands up to any level of serious examination and is generally nothing more than personal criticisms of various priests of the Society. Anyone who expects the SSPX clergy and faithful to be any more perfect than the clergy and faithful of any other parish, is a few sandwiches short of a picnic, if you ask me. Not that you did. Be assured, I don’t need to look at your material to know that the roses in the garden of the SSPX have their fair share of thorns. Ditto any diocesan parish you care to name, from Aberdeen to Australia.

    As for that Californian millionaire. Wonder if he needs a financial adviser? I’m rubbish with finances, but I’m real good at giving advice. Especially to millionaires and especially if they live in California with an SSPX chaplain on hand. I wouldn’t even have to travel to Mass, let alone struggle to find a parking space (my most recent gripe, but that’s another story…)

    Astonishingly, you continue to peddle the false charge of schism, when Cardinal Hoyos, speaking for the Pope, has made clear over and over again that the SSPX are not and never have been in schism. They are, he explained, in an “irregular situation” and, moreover, he added, those who believe them to be in schism “show that they do not understand the situation.” Reflect.

  • DBMcGinnity

    John Mclellan (unregistered) wrote, in response to DBMcGinnity (unregistered):

    Keep taking the tablets; they are doing a great job!
    And NO MORE of those funny cigarettes.

    You make a judgement and accuse me by allusion of being mentally ill requiring psychiatric treatment. Furthermore you accuse me by allusion of smoking illegal drugs. . We have not met, yet you accuse me of criminal activity Such an accusation is illegal. . and it contravenes the tenets of the eight commandment. “Thou shall not bear false witness”, which includes impugning the good name of another. It is no excuse that you seem to have low level of education and clearly a deep lack of sophistication and a lack true Christian charity to publicly state that someone is mentally ill and a law breaker. Jesus would not have done this, nor would he have approved of your lack of benevolence, and common decency.

  • Anonymous


    I wish you’d speak plainly. Say what you mean, instead of all this beating about the bush…

  • crouchback

    Well said Margaret.

    I’ve been thinking along the same lines since I’ve been reading the Book 1 of the Popes Jesus of Nazareth.

    I have heard some what I’d consider eccentric opinions every now and again from Traditionalist catholics, but they are free and contributing to the rest of Society. The SSPX churches are open to the public, I’m sure that if there were any serious things going on these would have been outed by now. Everyone has a phone with camera and sound recording…..if there was anything even worth reporting it would have happened by now.

    Same goes for all the various Traditionalist Publications. Apart from loonies, like Hutton Gibson, I’ve watched him once on You Tube, totally barking mad. As far as I know he hasn’t been arrested for anything, so even the totally barking mad, so called “Traditionalists” are not in jail. Ergo, they can’t be all that bad…..even if they are barking mad.

    What about the French Catholic Bishop, in “good standing” who was pictured assisting an Anglican and a Lutheran to “ordain” women priests….shouldn’t the Catholic Herals be chasing him up for Anti – Catholicism…..????. Only asking.

    Nothing to see hear. Time to move on.


  • Anonymous

    Whatever you think of me and my coarse manners,and I make,and never have the claim that I am “better” than Protestants,
    So please answer my question Who was Bar Abbas and who was Jesus Christ and who was released ?

  • Saunders9

    I think a really important issue has been raised here. I attend Latin Mass once a month and have friends who are very traditional catholics. I think there is anti-semitism everywhere and even my good self has been prejudiced even against Catholics when I have my ‘English’ hat on. How I overcome my anti-semitism was to have a devotion to Saint Edith Stein. So every time I’m anti-semitic I think of Edith and correct myself. But I think the Church has done much to correct any anti-semitism there was in the Church. All prejudice is wrong but may be because Traditionalist’s pray for the conversion of Jews that is seen as wrong but in reality we should be praying for everyone to become Roman Catholics because it’s the Truth.

  • DBMcGinnity

    “Atheist or worse Protestant”
    This is a pejorative and insulting allusion, and it denotes your attitude to be that protestants as worse than atheists. If this is not true, please explain what you meant. Regarding Jesus and Barabbas, the Latin Hebrew and Aramaic translation speaks for itself: i.e. Barabbas means Son of the Father, also the Son of God. The story in the bible says that Barabbas was released and Jesus was Crucified.
    Because there were so many interpretations of Jesus name he could have been “John Dow”.

    However, I cannot answer your question because there is no empirical evidence that either Jesus or Barabbas even existed. The Bible is a wonderful book and I can claim to have read every word on several occasions. The book contains wise, philosophical fables, like Aesop’s fables that I used to read to my children, and there is much wisdom to be learned from reading the Bible. But for the Catholic Church to present the Bible as factual and the immutable Word of God has been a cynical and sustained deception and is not true. Over the centuries, the contents of the new testament and the story of Jesus has been so contaminated and perverted with hyperbole that nothing that has been written can be relied upon.

    The Mystery of Barabbas from
    “The so-called “mystery of Barabbas” refers to some puzzling similarities between the released prisoner and Jesus himself. The most striking similarity concerns their names. Some ancient Syriac copies of Matthew, and a few other ancient sources, call the freed prisoner “Jesus bar Abbas”. The name Barabbas can be obtained from this by dropping the name “Jesus” and changing “bar Abbas” to “Barabbas”. Furthermore, the phrase “bar Abbas” can be translated as “son of the Father”, which could possibly be applied to Jesus himself, since he sometimes used the word “Abba” (father) in referring to God”.

    There is a plethora of information that the Roman Catholic Church have known about and they have used a great deal of time and energy to obscure the truth. Sorry, “the cat is out of the bag”

  • Anonymous

    Does it take such a a long diatribe to answer a simple question? which is not really answered! as you now pronouce that none of these people ever existed
    I never called you Barmy I did in fact say if you can,t answer the question regarding the point made by yourself then I would consider you barmy.
    Now on reading other posts I see that others have drawn this very same conclusion
    So I tell you the postings are now closed!

  • DBMcGinnity

    Diatribe means a bitter, sharply, abusive denunciation, attack, or criticism. I have not been bitter or abusive, what I have written is cogent and reasoned. You wrote: “Now reading other posts I see that others have drawn the same conclusion”. May I suggest that you explain what this allusion means, because it seems abusive to me. Please explain what this comment means?

  • DBMcGinnity

    You just cannot unilaterally close the post after you have made disparaging comments that impugns a persons character without some explanation. I request that you explain yourself.

  • Kieranvettraino

    What is the actual point of this article? I can most certainly agree that any move towards eliminating hate towards any ethnic group is commendable. Indeed the casual observer could take that to be the point of this article. Yet in reality this is no more than a dig a Catholic tradition- our common tradition and or course the SSPX who seem to exist as the scape goat for every dodgy journalist with an axe to grind towards tradition.
    Im really getting sick of this tradition bashing which exists among the British Catholic (gutter) press. Does nothing in the entire universal Church merit some journalistic time more than trawling up the past re: Richard Williamson- SSPX heresay- “friend of a friend quotes”.
    Catholic Herald- The Daily Sport of Catholic journalism.

  • F. John Loughnan


    I didn’t know that the Jews thought of God in terms of the Trinity! Wasn’t that concept taught by Jesus?

    Do you know what his father’s name was?

    Could you please provide evidence?

    Isn’t “Abbas” different in Hebrew to “Abba”? Are you a hebrew scholar?

    Could it be something akin to the Endlish “Donaldson” or “Henderson”, etc., etc.?

  • DBMcGinnity

    What would Jesus do in this situation?
    I attend SSPX Mass frequently and I can attest to it’s beauty and solemnity. It is the very same Missa Cantata that I was brought up with and i love it. I have several DVD’s of all latin Mass’s that I play often. Equally I like the Novous Ordo for it’s informality and for the participation of the congregation, especially the children. So, why does it have to be one tradition or the other, why not both?. If people love God then they will gladly do whatever is necessary to please God. I purport that this petty conflict and quarrelling over doctrinal flummery offends God and the dignity of all his people on earth. It should really stop now.

    One ‘Red Herring” and stumbling block is Papal Infallibility, that is only 140 years old. God gave us free will and a conscience for us to decide what is best for us, and not some archaic, aging, autocratic old man.
    When I was a boy, if I had a problem to sort out my mother would say: “What do you think Jesus would do?. It is the same thing applies to the Mass. What would Jesus do in this situation?