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The priest who celebrated Mass for almost 80 years

Canon Reginald Fuller has died at the age of 102

By on Wednesday, 4 May 2011

Canon Reginald Fuller the day before his 100th birthday

Canon Reginald Fuller the day before his 100th birthday

Canon Reginald Fuller, the oldest priest in the Diocese of Westminster, has died. He was 102. He had been a priest for 79 years, and, until very recently, was still concelebrating Mass most mornings. For an obituary, go here.

When I met him two and a half years ago, I was captivated: he was a brilliant storyteller and probably could have talked for days. His stories covered the most random of subjects: bees, bombs, crashing planes, his father’s beer trade. Except, for the interview, there was one problem: he never talked about himself. He avoided the subject entirely. It seemed a sort of instinctive, natural humility. His achievements were many, but he had no appetite for discussing them.

It was lovely to meet him. May he rest in peace.

  • Thomas M.P., Silvassa, India

    Very rare. Really very very rare. He has been very lucky to hold the Lord in his hands for so many times. His life must have been pure and simple and selflessly given to the Lord God Almighty, otherwise how can a man be so humble? Definitely he is already a saint and the Holy Catholic Church will recognize it some day. I had never ever heard of him earlier. Thank you Catholic Herald for reporting about this Holy man. Even in this modern day materialistic world there are so many holy people. And almost all of them are unheard of to the rest of the world. But their Master, Our Lord knows them and their lives. It is the lives of such unheard of saints which should inspire us. Saints are such, that they do not seek any worldly recognition whatever. Some people live exemplary lives expecting to be canonized one day. Such people will never be canonized because they expected a worldly reward and veneration. God’s ways and manifestations are really very strange. He will reveal the real saints as and when He chooses.