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Posh and Becks are a force for good in the world

I hope they communicate to the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge the fun of having four children

By on Monday, 25 July 2011

The Beckhams have been criticised for having too many children (Photo: David Davies/PA Wire)

The Beckhams have been criticised for having too many children (Photo: David Davies/PA Wire)

Some people just don’t get it. Simon Ross of Population Matters has been quoted in the Observer as stating: “We need to change the incentives to make the case that one or two children are fine, but three or four are just being selfish. The Beckhams… are very bad role models.”

What planet is this fellow living on? Doesn’t he know that even the UN Population Fund (not a particularly family-friendly organisation) has subtly changed its tune on population in recent years: “Prescriptive population control policies that limit the birth rate are no longer appropriate” is one of its current statements. The buzz words are now “education” and “choice” rather than dire warnings about our planet being an overcrowded lifeboat.

Russia understands very well the effects of a shrinking population. I have blogged about this before, but it is worth mentioning that a new law in Russia, signed on July 14, now requires abortion advertisements to carry health warnings (just like packets of cigarettes in Britain). The Russian population has dropped from 145 million in 2002 to 143 million. The UN predicts that by 2050 the Russian population will be only 116 million. Abortion, though still depressingly common in Russia, is no longer being promoted with a positive message. The Russians have too much at stake – the future of their country, for instance.

The Vatican adds its own warning. Ettore Gotti Tedeschi, president of the Vatican Bank, states frankly: “The aging population of the US and the European nations is the true origin of the current economic crisis.” When will this message sink home?

Simon Ross, with his outmoded ideas on population, seems to be echoing one of the creepiest books I have ever read on this subject: The World Without Us by Alan Weisman. This nihilistic author – he gives pessimism a bad name – has a serious population death wish, wanting to limit “every human female on the earth capable of bearing children to one”. Compared with the likes of Ross and Weisman (and possibly the Prince of Wales, who every so often sounds off in a similar fashion), the Beckhams seem a positive force for good in the world.

Snobby people might sneer that Posh and Becks (as they are known in the tabloids) have given their children unusual names. This is irrelevant. Contrary to what Simon Ross thinks, they are excellent role models: married, faithful to each other and with four children. Blogging about the Royal wedding, I fancifully suggested that the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge should have six children. This, I accept, is unlikely, especially with the Prince of Wales around to advise them. But it seems that they are very good friends with the Beckhams, even to the extent of telling David Beckham “to give Victoria our love” when she couldn’t meet them during their Hollywood trip as she was about to give birth to her fourth. Perhaps the Beckhams (who have a stately pile in Hertfordshire known to the tabloids as “Beckingham Palace”) could indicate the pleasure and fun of four children to the other royals?

  • ms catholic state

    Seems like the secular world is suffering severe scizhophrenia on the subject of population.  They moan about a growing world population (often ignoring the deathly ageing societies of the West) while expecting the economic benefits of a young growing population.  You can’t have one without the other…..that’s the reality.

    Secular governments provide free abortion and birthcontrol (are they trying to eliminate us or something?!) then scratch their heads over the harsh economic realities of an ageing population.  Hasn’t the penny dropped yet?!….one leads to the other. Ageing societies are dysfunctional…..and deadly.  And post-Christian secularism…..and secular governments have to admit responsibility for bringing their nations to the edge of the abyss.  (How history will mock them).  Only the Church has the moral authority to admonish them and lead them from their own self destruction.  I hope she will take the courage and boldness to do this soon.  Time is running out.

  • LocutusOP

    David Beckham as a football player was one of the most uniquely gifted at his best. I don’t know enough about his personal life because I don’t follow tabloids, but I certainly would be disappointed and somewhat sad if I had a son and he turned out like David (outside the football field) or if I had a daughter and she turned out like Posh.

    Insofar as they might inspire people to let go of the 1-child culture, then they might be a force of (limited) good. They should indeed be commended for being open to life and the marital gifts of children.

    However, the fact that he’s (seemingly) had several bouts of infidelity and that he and his wife (especially the wife) seem to have deep vanity issues disqualifies them as forces for good – especially in a society in which children grow up thinking that their looks are the most important success factor – unless we have a very relativistic view of what counts as good. (Although it is my understanding that David has overcome his cheating ways and has been faithful for a while, and for this he should be commended.)

    If I’m not mistaken, Tony Blair and Cherie Blair also have 4 children……I would shudder to think that any faithful Catholic would hold them up as being forces for good – given all else they have done.

    So we should be very careful with whom we choose to label as “a force for good” especially in the Christian context, and especially on a Catholic newspaper website.

  • Petrus

    Honestly, Francis!  This is another one of those weird and wacky Catholic Herald blog articles. 

    First of all, David Beckham is a serial adulterer.  The Beckhams are one of the most worldly couples around.  They worship fame and money.  They are self-absorbed attention seekers.  The only thing that matters to this couple is themselves.  There’s not a Catholic virtue to be found.  They are the very opposite of what young Catholic families should be aspiring to become. 

    Perhaps in the liberal, Modernist, worldly and contraceptive world of the Novus Ordo, having 4 children is something extraordinary.  However, in Traditional Catholic churches run by the Society of St. Pius X it’s uncommon to find a family with ONLY 4 children.  These families look to the lives of the Saints for their role models, not television and tabloids.

  • Gerry

    Franco was a force for good in the world. What happened to your post on subject?

  • CathedralMan


    Could you supply evidence that Beckham is a ‘serial adulterer’?

  • Anonymous

    You took the words right out of my mouth.

  • Colleenc1947

    I could not agree more.  Go the Beckhams & all those who choose life.  My daughter has 4 children.  All children have medical & mental health issues.  All 4 of them.  You would not believe the number of people who say to her & us (the grand-parents)  You/They are not going to have anymore are you/they.  It is truely offensive.  My daughter did not want to have children with  any kind of illness, let alone mental health issues, but she did.  Accept them, both her & her husband do.  So do we – their grandparents.  Another one?  Whos to say it will not be the “perfect”?  whatever “perfect” is.  Go the Beckhams & go my Daughter & Son in law.  God Known all things.  God will judge all things.

  • Petrus

    Oh Cathedralman!  How are you doing buddy?  Whatever happened to you a few weeks ago when you were invited to an all expenses paid public debate?  The chance to prove, in public, that Catholic Truth was damaging the Church in Scotland!  WOW!  I thought you would have jumped at the chance.  But, alas, you prefer to hide behind your username.  Typical.

    Anyway, the information regarding Mr Beckham is available in the public domain.  I have no intention of being distracted by you. 

  • EditorCT

    Odd that you  didn’t take LocutusOP up on this – he/she was first to allege “seemingly”  serial adultery but waited two days until Petrus mentioned the fact.   Interesting.

    And I note below that Petrus has reminded you of his invitation to thee and me to publicly debate.  Whatdyasay?

    I say “bring it on”… Now, don’t you go disappearing again, Cathedralman, else folks will think you’re a tad cowardly. Come on. Let’s debate.  Remember, you claimed Catholic Truth was damaging the Church in Scotland?  There’s a motion waiting to be debated if ever there was one. 

    Bring it on!

    Finally, it is curious, to say the least, that Francis Phillips cannot mention the SSPX without her very bitter anti-Tradition bias showing, but she can heap praise on these two worldlings, for the “virtue” of having two point 4 children more than the recommended dosage.  Incredible. 

    As Petrus says, traditional Catholic parents don’t need the likes of the Beckhams for role models – they know the Faith and they accept the children God sends them, in true virtue.  At least two of the families where I go to Mass, already with a number of small children to their respective names, told me this week  that they have new babies on the way.  Deo gratias!

  • Torquemada

    Does anyone in Scotland really think that their Catholic faith will be nourished by reading the articles posted here? I congratulate Miss Phillips on taking a breather from her ongoing smear campaign against tradition and traditionalists, but really, to hold up a serial adulterer as a Catholic role model is a new low. Reminds me of an article published in the Catholic Telegraph (Cincinnati, USA) some time ago extolling the virtues of a psychic named John Edward – because he said the Rosary! Well by all means, let us grasp at straws, since we no longer have the faith to guide us.

    The least you could have done, Miss Phillips, is to refer your readers to the Population Research Institute, a secular organization (note: not Catholic) which has debunked any and all claims promulgated by the New World Order about overpopulation. While you were at it, you might have even mentioned the intimate connection between the global warming fanatics and the population control fanatics. But no, much better to merely skim the surface in pseudo-tabloid fashion. You must have quite a low opinion of your readership.

  • Petrus

    Another vanishing act by Lord Lucan!

  • EditorCT

    Yes, Petrus, I’m wondering if… could it be that.. surely not… I can’t help wondering if…

    Cathedralman knows fine well that I’d win any debate between us? She said with her customary humility.

  • CathedralMan


    I was looking for some evidence. Surely you do not rely on the tabloid press for your information before selfrighteously destroying someone’s character?

    What information is in the ‘public domain’?

    I see your pharasaical character is still intact.

  • CathedralMan


    I have no intention of debating with, or even being in the same room s, your good self. I watch what company I keep.

    History has shown thjat extremists are impervious to logic and reason, as I have untiringly shown in the past. I have no desire to meet with you and your slavering toadies. Even your erstwhile champion and right-hand man, Athanasius, deserted you, saying that you had an ‘unfortunate’ personality, or words to that effect. Unfortunately, you have been left with the unco-guid, pious, selfrighteous Petrus to keep your ego inflated.

    I have been on holiday for a few days, incidentally, so that is why I did not reply to your posts. You can stop the accusation sof my ‘disappearing’. Some of us have a fulfilling life to lead, and don’t have to fill our sad existence with trying to destroy others’ happiness. I think the Germans call it Schadenfreude.

  • Joan

    That is a very interesting post, Cathedralman because I distinctly remember you saying you WERE under the same roof as editor at a Catholic Truth conference. 

  • CathedralMan


    I meant that I had no intention of being ion the same room as her in the future. Stop clutching at straws.

  • Joan

    Women have been coming out of the woodwork to say they had affairs with David Beckham. Most of us get our information on the celebs from the newspapers. Where to you get your information? 

  • Joan

     I think it’s you  who are clutching at straws.

  • Petrus

    Porky pies, CathedralMan!  You were not at the Catholic Truth Conference. 

    So did you go on holiday a few weeks ago when you vanished??  The problem with your type of Catholicism is that it is “fell good” Catholicism Lite.  As long as people are happy then why should we rock the boat.  Hmmm…I wonder if Popes Pius IX and X thought like that?  Oh wait, no, they didn’t.  They produced the Syllabus of Errors and Pascendi!  Would you rather they had not bothered incase they destroyed someone’s happiness?

  • Petrus

    I tell you what, CathedralMan, you have perfected the art of attacking personalities in order to distract from the topic being discussed.  Not exactly a compliment, but everyone has to be good at something!

    So let’s get back on topic…do you think the Beckhams are good role models for Catholic families?  If so, why?  If not, who would you suggest as role models?

  • Petrus

    Please explain how any posts on this thread show a “pharasaical ” character.  The context here is what constitutes a role model for Catholic families and how the Beckhams are unsuitable for this.   I have only been married once, I was married in the Church, I follow the Church’s teaching on family life and I’ve always been faithful to my wife, so please show how I am being pharasaical …

  • CathedralMan


    Pay attention! I did not say that they were good role models. But neither did I repeat gossip about David Beckham’s ‘serial adultery’, as you did. Your ‘I was married in the Church’ speech could not be a more true echo of Biblical Pharasaism if it tried.

    Stop blowing your own moral trumpet, and answer my question. What evidence do you have of David Beckham’s serial adultery? Do you believe all you hear from Rupert Murdoch?

  • CathedralMan


    How do you know what kind of Catholicism I have? Gratuitous destruction of people’s character is sinful, the last time I looked. That is what you are about. What puts you in a position to judge the Beckham family, or any other family for that matter? Pathetic.

  • Joan

    You really do have an intense dislike of Petrus, don’t you.  I thought it was just editorCT but no, you hate Petrus as well. I can’t see how saying he is a married man with children faithful to his wife is being a pharisee.

    Can you answer my question please.  I’ve read that Beckham has had a string of affairs. I read it in the newspapers.  Where would you have to read it before you’d believe it?  Actually, since Rupert Murdoch’s lot have been listening to personal phone calls, I think they are probably a very reliable source of information!

  • Petrus

    I think what I said was quite clear, CMan, so I have no intention of carrying on this charade.  Joan is absolutely right – it’s a personal vendetta you have against anyone connected with Catholic Truth.  I truly wonder why that i…  It’s surely more than an observer taking a dislike to the publication.  If that was the case you would simply stop reading.  But no, you have followed the editor around like a bad penny.  I’d love to know the real reason…

    By the way, I only offered the fact that I was married in the Church in response to your allegation that I was being pharasaical.  So, why don’t you explain what made you claim such a thing….

  • Petrus

    Where have I destroyed someone’s character?  Ok, if it makes you feel better, I’ll ammend my original statement to: It is alleged that David Beckham is a serial adulterer. 

    As for the other things I said about the Beckhams (being worldly etc), one only has to read their books, watch their TV show or read interviews with them/look at pictures of them to see that these are true.  Ok, to make you feel better, will I ammend that part of my post too?  Ok: The Beckhams appear to be worldly.  Is that more suitable?  However, at no point have I ever destroyed the character of David Beckham and his family. 

    It is truly unbelievable that in these crazy times, someone who claims to be Catholic would concern himself with such pedantics.  What is equally unbelievable is for someone who hates Catholic Truth and clearly hates those connected with it to spend so much time hounding them.  But then we know Cathedral Man has no problem with priests who run support groups for active homosexuals, so that explains a lot.

  • Petrus

    Have you read the August edition of Catholic Truth, CMan?  The reason I ask is because the very same Athanasius you claim “abandoned” the editor of CT, has an article published in the August edition. 

    The moral of the story: things are said in the heat of the moment.  Nothing is forever.  You must feel a bit silly now.

  • CathedralMan


    Simple. The Pharisees were renowned for attacking those who did not keep to the letter of the law, while being proud of their own righteousness. Ring any bells?

  • CathedralMan


    Thanks for alerting me to the August newsletter. I note, with amusement, from reading it that you were out of your theological depth on the subject of the forgiveness of sin. It must be a throwback to the Presbyteriansim that you used to embrace so wholeheartedly. You see, if you jump from one faith tradition to another, it can be difficult sometimes remembering to which theological tradition you currently belong.

  • Joan

    I think your reading skills are in need of some sharpening up, CathedralMan. I found the stuff about “does God forget?”in the August newsletter  really brilliant and it showed clearly that Petrus was NOT wrong.  He showed that it is those who  say “God forgets” who show they don’t know the difference between “forgetting” and “remembering not” – it made a lot of sense to me. So, the fact that you think because other people couldn’t see  the difference and it had to be clarified, that somehow Petrus is to blame.

    What  I would like to see in an edition soon, is a Brainless, Clueless, Hapless and Gutless editorial about CathedralMan!  What about  it Editor?

  • Joan

    I meant to say “So the fact that you think because other people couldn’t see the difference and it had to be clarified, that somehow Petrus is to blame, just shows again that you have  a personal vendetta going against Petrus/Catholic Truth that stops you seeing things for what they are.”

    I also meant to  say in another post when you accused Petrus of being a pharisee for speaking up for Catholic family life, I was amazed and  to ask you does that mean the pope is a pharisee?

  • Joan

    Name something that Editor CT is extreme about? You are great at throwing out these allegations but there is never anything concrete. I notice EditorCT always says this, she asks for proof, but since she’s done a disappearing act, let me ask instead for a  concrete example of her  extremism because I can’t see anything extreme about Catholic Truth.