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What attracted Anders Breivik to Freemasonry?

The Masons in Britain are, apparently, open to anyone who believes in a God and donate huge sums to charity. So what did Breivik see in it?

By on Monday, 1 August 2011

Breivik posing in his Masonic costume (PA photo)

Breivik posing in his Masonic costume (PA photo)

Among the bizarre photographs that the Norwegian mass killer, Anders Breivik, displayed of himself on the internet, posing in different uniforms, was one in which he was wearing the characteristic Masonic apron. It appears that sometime during his twisted career he had become a Freemason. Was this because it made him feel important, he liked the idea of a secret society, or because Masonic views about Muslim immigration accorded with his own racist views?

These questions came into my mind as I was accompanying my very elderly mother to an event on Saturday that she loves (but which I find irresistibly dull): the Oxfordshire County Show. To sneak a book along with me, to read as she watched prize cattle parading past, would have been a social solecism of the highest order in my mother’s eyes. There was momentary relief when I was ordered to go and find her a glass of wine from somewhere. It meant I could do a quick trawl of the stalls. And among the leatherwork, farm equipment and suchlike, I caught sight of a stall advertising the local Masonic lodge.

Slipping in behind the backs of the officials manning it, I grabbed all the literature I could find: free pamphlets with the titles: “All about Freemasons: interested?”, “Freemasons: a partner’s guide”, “Our History” and “Charities”. At least it was printed matter. I duly scanned these offerings surreptitiously while my mother sipped her wine and watched the show jumping.

All I knew about Freemasonry I had gleaned from a book I had read at my convent boarding school – egged on by a school friend who spoke of its fearful rituals and oaths – called Darkness Visible: A Christian Appraisal of Freemasonry, by Walter Hannah, published in 1952. If I remember, these oaths included agreeing to have your tongue torn out and being buried up to your neck in sand at low tide if you gave away Masonic secrets. This might have appealed to a person like Breivik – but what was this stall doing at a quintessential rural English occasion like a country show?

It seems I was quite wrong in my prejudices and assumptions: the pamphlet called “Interested” talked about the clubbiness and conviviality of the Lodge meetings; “Freemasonry is not a secret society”, it declared. OK, there are a few secret signs and passwords used by Masons to identify one another, but these are simply ceremonial. The “Charities” leaflet showed the enormous sums donated by the Freemasons to the victims of hurricanes and tsunamis, local hospices and other worthy causes.

The Partners’ Guide (a very PC phrase) showed pictures of wives and children and again reassured readers that it was not a secret society with secret rituals, but open to men of all religions “who share a concern for human values and moral standards” and who “strive to live by the fundamental principles of integrity, good will and charity.” It also declares that “While every Freemason must hold a personal belief in a God as a Supreme Being, there is no separate theology. Any man who believes in a God, from whatever Faith, will be comfortable with all that Freemasonry is, does and teaches.”

The last pamphlet, “Our History”, puzzled me slightly. I had thought the Masons were sure they could trace back their lineage to King Solomon’s temple and a chap called Hiram Abiff, apparently King Solomon’s chief architect; here I read that “it is generally accepted to be connected with the Stone Masons who built the great medieval cathedrals and castles”. So deeply Catholic origins, then? There seems to have then been a gap until the 18th century when it flourished mightily in Protestant England. Yes, there are funny handshakes but these are only used at Lodge meetings.

It’s amazing how interesting an agricultural show becomes with literature like this on hand. But I still have questions. Why was someone like Breivik attracted to Freemasonry when “it admits all men regardless of race, creed, colour, faith or nationality”? Why are Catholics forbidden to join? What happened to the horrible oaths used in the degree ceremonies and why were they allowed in the first place? What links can there possibly be between the devout Catholic masons and craftsmen of, eg Chartres or Durham cathedral and modern Freemasonry? Oh – and why does the Masonic Hall in Brecon not have any windows on the ground floor?

  • http://twitter.com/JFILARDO JOSÉ ANTONIO FILARDO

    Dear Francis,
    As a different kind of freemason – of the French breed – I am an atheist. (Yes, the French branch admits non-believers.
    And like the French that accepts atheists based on free-will, the Norwegian branch has its own prejudices, among them the acceptance of Christians-only.  Breivik certainly was attracted by the legends of links between crusades and freemasons. These alleged links are pure fiction.
    As you certainly know from your History studies, in 1714 there was a huge crisis between catholics and protestants around the succession of the throne.  And the Riot Act was enacted.
    In this context of political and religious fricction, in 1717, the Crown, through the Duke of Wharton and some protestants decided to create a kind of gentlemen’s club and Livery Company to assemble gentlemen who did not belong to any specific trade, protected by secrecy (to avoid the consequences in the light of the Riot Act that punished more than 12 people assembled).
    Cleverly, they ruled that no political or religious discussions were allowed in this new institution, and through it the Crown gained control over the debate.

    In 1738, the Pope smelled the danger that this institution represented for the Catholic Church and ruled to excommunicate those Catholics who dared to join Freemasonry. And since one of the dogmas of the Catholicism is the unfailability of the Pope, this rule cannot be cancelled.

    In fact, the only links that Freemasonry has with the ancient cathedrals builders is the structure and tools, and customs, on which Wharton and the Crown’s agents based the new Gentlemen’s Club.

    And the lack of windows is intended to protect the meeting from incidental eavesdropping.

  • Chriton Seward

    Why are Catholics forbidden to join?
    They’re not; i know the current Pope don’t like us very much, but there are a few practicing catholics in my lodge.

  • RJ

    You are mistaken in thinking that such a rule would constitute an exercise of infallibility, which pertains to official teaching of the truths of the faith.

    However, I believe that Freemasonry is incompatible with the Catholic faith. Here is a brief explanation:

    The Catholic Truth Society also publishes a booklet explaining: “The Catholic Church teaches that adherence to Freemasonry is incompatible with being a faithful Christian.”

    It is for this reason that Catholics cannot join: it would be inconsistent with their Faith.

  • RJ

    Further to the above, here is the decision of the Congregation for the Doctrine of the Faith, reaffirming the ban:

  • RJ

    I think  those practising Catholics need to read this:

  • Hildebrand

    Not “what”, but “who”. Satan.

  • Flashheart

    Freemasonry does not have a problem with the Catholic church. It is the Catholic church that has a problem with Freemasonry. I am a recovering Catholic and a Freemason. Modern Freemasons do not take any oaths of the kind you describe. They did way back in the past, when similar treatment awaited you if you betrayed the church or state. And Satan has no involvement either. 6 million good men worshipping satan? I think not.

  • http://www.facebook.com/people/Ken-Purdie/1162381995 Ken Purdie

    I , on the other hand, think so. Even though some of them may be unaware.

  • http://twitter.com/JFILARDO JOSÉ ANTONIO FILARDO

    I concede that there is incompatibility with the Catholic faith. The Church pretends that the only way to achieve Salvation is through the catholic church, whereas we dispute this. That is why we clash.

    The strange thing about the matter is that Freemasonry (the French branch, at least) is not concerned with the religion of its members and does not preach against any particular faith.What we fight is the exploration of people’s faith to support the rich structure of the Church.

  • http://profiles.google.com/liamronan49 Liam Ronan

    Dear Francis, 


    As late as 1986
    the Congregation for the Doctrine of Faith insisted (and still does) that
    Freemasonry is irreconcilable with the Catholic Faith and that Catholics may
    not become Masons. 

    I quote from a 12 February 2002 written retraction
    (to contrary advice earlier given) by Father Thomas C.
    Anslow, CM, then Vicar for Canonical Services of the Archdiocese

    of Los Angeles.


    May a Roman Catholic Join a Masonic lodge?…

    In early 1985 the Congregation (for the Doctrine of Faith) mentioned
    above published an explanation of its position as given in the November 1983
    statement. The explanation can be found in the English edition of the Vatican’s
    official newspaper, L
    ‘Osservatore Romano (11
    March 1985, page 2) under the title “Irreconcilability between Christian
    faith and Freemasonry: Reflections a year after declaration of Congregation for
    the Doctrine of the Faith.”

    The key point in the argument is that the system of symbols common to
    Freemasons around the world (centering on the Architect of the Universe and
    given added weight by the rule of secrecy) tends to foster a
    “supraconfessional humanitarian” way of conceiving the divine that
    neutralizes or replaces the faith dimension of our relationship with God. Even
    though given lodges may abstain
    from endorsing any particular position, including one that considers religious
    faith to be a matter of indifference (i.e., nothing more than a matter of
    personal preference), the contemporary world’s social atmosphere of moral and
    religious relativism creates a climate in which a merely humanitarian symbol
    system works to undermine the religious faith by which we receive God’s

    It was for this
    reason that the Congregation declared that local church authorities are not
    competent to give a judgment on the nature of Masonic associations, and has
    reserved to itself the right to make any such pronouncements. Because of the
    serious danger posed to individual Catholics by the subtle but real
    influence of symbols described above, the Congregation declared that it would
    be objectively a grave sin for a Catholic to join a Masonic lodge. The prohibition from
    receiving Holy Communion is meant to highlight the gravity of the situation…”

  • Flashheart10

    Why do you think so?

  • http://profiles.google.com/liamronan49 Liam Ronan

    Here, Francis,  is the URL for the CDF’s pronouncement on the irreconcilability between Freemasonry and Catholicism.  Sorry, but you can’t join! http://www.vatican.va/roman_curia/congregations/cfaith/documents/rc_con_cfaith_doc_19850223_declaration-masonic_articolo_en.html

  • RJ

    I think the Church’s reputed wealth is a myth.

    However, I believe I have read somewhere that the Catholic Church is the world’s largest health care provider.

  • Confused of Chi

    ..or even watch this http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=TRHLQInqUW8.  Can’t be a Faithful  Practising Catholic AND a Freemason ——-FULL STOP

  • RJ

    Very helpful link. Thank you.

  • Anonymous

    Just a technical question re the photo. 

    It is attributed to PA Photos here, but was – as far as I know – released into the public domain via Facebook, before Breivik’s profile was removed / closed to the public.How did PA Photos gain rights to it?

  • Anonymous

    So, why do you seem so desperate to recruit Catholics into Freemasonry if you concede that “there is an incompatibility” between both?

    The Church does not “pretend”, as you say – she merely proclaims the message of Christ, who is truth itself. Since Christ founded the Church to be his presence in the world, and since those who listen to his bishops hear him and those who reject his bishops reject him (cf Lk 10:16), and since Jesus Christ said that he is “the Way, the Truth and the Life” (cf Jn 14:6) and that no one would come to the Father through him (the Saviour of the world), then it makes perfect sense to teach that “extra ecclesiam nulla salus” (cf St Cyprian of Carthage).

    Your contradictions are very revealing. First you say that Masons don’t “preach against any particular faith”, but then go on to preach (like some so-called “Reforming” protestant or puritan) against “the exploration [sic] of people’s faith to support the rich structure of the Church”!

    Since it began trying to convert Catholics to it’s Gnostic (for Freemasonry is Gnostic in that it acts like a mystery cult or has supposed secret wisdoms, etc) and Syncretist errors, and especially since it made false claims for itself (i.e. having originated from within Catholic religious orders) and promoted an aggressive anti-Christian secularism, it has been taught by the Church that no Catholic can be a Freemason. Although the 1983 Code of Canon Law made no specific reference to Freemasonry, it still remains that Catholics who become Freemasons (or members of other secret – gnostic – ritualistic sects) cannot receieve Holy Communion, and are therefore de facto excommunicated.

  • Leo Taxil

    These opinions are very interesting. None right or wrong.  I am a Christian, a Freemason and attend Lodge with many Catholics.  I would ask the objective readers to read the entire Leo Taxil story and understand the plight of two organizations back in the day, one of which did not want to compete with the other so it “outlawed” its members from joining the other.  Also, there is FM in the Catholic church as it is called KC.  Catholics who were Masons were told to choose or be excommunicated.  So they chose the Catholic church forming a Freemason-like org…KC.  Difference is, FMs are prohibited from discussing religion and politics and KC makes religion a part of its org.  Yet another opinion in the maelstrom.

  • Mme Chantal

    Look up the circumstances of the founding on the Knights of Columbus by Father Michael McGivney in Connecticut in 1881.  It’s hardly a copy-cat organisation of masonic wannabes.  But I did enjoy reading about the real Leo Taxil on Wikipedia. 

  • Petrus

    Father Robert Bradley SJ writes:

    Beginning in 1738 with Clement XII’s encyclical In Eminenti (just twenty-one years after the establishment of the Grand Lodge of England, the event usually recognized as the commencement of the modern Masonic movement) and running through ten successive pontificates, the Church’s case against Freemasonry finds its culminating statement in 1884 in Leo XIII’s encyclical Humanum Genus. Masonic deceitfulness regarding its real objectives in society — and its consequent policy of secrecy regarding the authorities of Church and State, and including even the rank-and-file of its own membership — has always been noted by the popes, and most tellingly by Leo XIII. 5 And in the century since then and in our own country this conspiratorial policy has been amply documented.6 However useful this knowledge of Masonic strategy is for our understanding of the authentic nature of the movement, it is quite secondary. It is wholly subordinate to that which defines the movement itself: the content in function of which conspiracy is but “method,” the end determining and justifying the means. That content — that end — is what we must now examine, if we are to find the fundamental and explicit reason for the Church’s condemnation of Freemasonry. This fundamental reason can be briefly stated. The following summary passage from Leo XIII’s Humanum Genus suffices. . . .that which is their ultimate purpose forces itself into view — namely, the utter overthrow of that whole religious and political order of the world which the Christian teaching has produced, and the substitution of a new state of things in accordance with their ideas, of which foundations and laws shall be drawn from mere “Naturalism.” . . . Now, the fundamental doctrine of the Naturalists, which they sufficiently make known by their very name, is that human nature and human reason ought in all things to be mistress and guide. Laying this down, they care little for duties to God, or pervert them by erroneous and vague opinions. For they deny that anything has been taught by God; they allow no dogma of religion or truth which cannot be understood by the human intelligence, nor any teacher who ought to be believed by reason of his authority. And since it is the special and exclusive duty of the Catholic Church fully to set forth in words truths divinely received, to teach, besides other divine helps to salvation, the authority of its office, and to defend the same with perfect purity, it is against the Church that the rage and attack of the enemies are principally directed.7 Catholicism and Freemasonry are therefore essentially opposed. If either were to terminate its opposition to the other, it would by that very fact become something essentially different from what it previously was; it would in effect cease to exist as itself. For Catholicism is essentially a revealed religion; it is essentially supernatural, both in its destiny and in its resources. Beyond all natural fulfillment, it tends toward an eternity of ineffable union with God in Himself; and beyond all natural resources, it begins that union here and now in the sacramental life of the Church. Masonry, on the other hand, is essentially a religion of “reason.” With an insistence and a consistency matching Catholicism’s self-definition, Masonry promises perfection in the natural order as its only destiny — as indeed the highest destiny there is. And it provides for this perfectibility with its resources: the accumulated sum of purely human values, subsumed under the logo of “reason.” Literally a logo, the Masonic compass and square are the symbol of a Rationalism that claims to be identified with all that is “natural.” The consequent syncretism, blending all the strands of human experience — from the cabalistic mysteries of an immmemorial Orient to the technological manipulations of a post-modern West — is the basis for Masonry’s claim to be not just a religion but the religion: the “natural” Religion of Man. That is why its claim to date from the beginning of history — its calendar numbers the “Years oof Light” (from the first day of Creation) or the “Years of the World” — is no mere jest on its part. And that is why its opposition to the Catholic Church antedates the Catholic Church’s opposition to it. For it cannot abide the Church’s claim to be the One True Church, and the consequent refusal by the Church to be relegated to the status of a “sect” which Masonry would have it be. Since the Church’s claim to be the One True Church is ultimately founded and validated on the reality of the One True God, the opposing Masonic claim must ultimately derive from a perception of God that diametrically opposes the Church’s faith. And so it does. Although Pope Leo does not explicitly speak of this essential opposition between Catholicism and masonry in terms of the First commandment of God — “I am the Lord thy God, thou shalt not have strange gods before me” — surely the most radical and simplest way of situating this opposition is to say just this. The Masonic “God” is an idol. What the Masons really worship is Man — or the Spirit who has deceived man from the beginning: the masked Spirit of Evil. This is the one primal reason why the Catholic Church has condemned, and will always condemn, Freemasonry. It is clearly sufficient to stand by itself as the only reason — and in a most fundamental sense, as Leo XIII seems to imply, that is the only reason in fact. ”

  • D. Corrigan

    It is a matter of public record that Pius IX and John XXIII were freemasons. It might be very wise for a enquiring person to examine the role of Pius IX and his conflict with the Papal states. Also that Pius IX had expected to be elected Supreme Grand Master of The Orient of Italy. He was not elected, and Victor Emmanuel, King of Italy, became the Grand Master of the Orient of Italy.” There was one hell of a row because Pius IX believed that the Pope was superior in status to the diminutive monarch Victor Emmanuel. Pope Pius IX. was excommunicated from the Order, and great conflict ensued. As stated, all this information is a matter of public record.
    It is also important to associate John XXIII with “Novus Ordo Seclorum”, the Great Seal of the United States, and why the new order mass is called “Novus Ordo”. Speaking of freemasonry, has it occurred to anybody that Propaganda Due (P2) and the American State Department decide what goes on in the Vatican. The Catholic Church may not be as far removed from freemasonry as it would wish. I am a freemason, and in my lodge there were two catholic priests. Most of the freemasons were harmless and are butchers, bakers, and candlestick makers. I have never heard one anti-catholic word spoken When Pope John Paul II died there was a minute silence in the lodge, because he was of the brotherhood. (P2) and the American State Department decide what goes on in the Vatican. The Catholic Church may not be as far removed from freemasonry as it would wish. I am a freemason, and in my lodge there were two catholic priests. Most of the freemasons were harmless and are butchers, bakers, and candlestick makers. I have never heard one anti-catholic word spoken When Pope John Paul II died there was a minute silence in the lodge, because he was of the brotherhood.Great Seal of the United States, and why the new order mass is called “Novus Ordo”. Speaking of freemasonry, has it occurred to anybody that Propaganda Due (P2) and the American State Department decide what goes on in the Vatican. The Catholic Church may not be as far removed from freemasonry as it would wish. I am a freemason, and in my lodge there were two catholic priests. Most of the freemasons were harmless and are butchers, bakers, and candlestick makers. I have never heard one anti-catholic word spoken When Pope John Paul II died there was a minute silence in the lodge, because he was of the brotherhood. (P2) and the American State Department decide what goes on in the Vatican. The Catholic Church may not be as far removed from freemasonry as it would wish. I am a freemason, and in my lodge there were two catholic priests. Most of the freemasons were harmless and are butchers, bakers, and candlestick makers. I have never heard one anti-catholic word spoken When Pope John Paul II died there was a minute silence in the lodge, because he was of the brotherhood.

  • Concerned Catholic

    What is a recovering Catholic? I have heard this term used before and I have no clue what it means.  Once you’re a Catholic, you’re always a Catholic.  Being Catholic is not a disease that you have to recover from.  You are Catholic by the grace of God.  All Catholics should consider themselves extremely lucky because they have access to the Sacraments and are instructed in the fullness of truth.  

    It is unfortunate if you have had bad experiences with certain members of the Church.  However, please do not throw the baby out with the bath water.  You should visit Catholic Answers and work through the issues you have with Holy Mother Church.

    Lastly, Freemasonry is a quasi-religious group which is historically very anti-Catholic.  You should avoid this group and return to the Sacramental life of the Church.

  • RJ

    I have never heard these claims about the Popes before. Where are they documented?

  • D. Corrigan

    The bibliography is lengthy from a large variety of sources. It is not new that Pius IX believed that he was to be the new Catholic Monarch.

    It is also in the public domain that Pius XII believed that as a consequence of The Lateran Treaty (negotiated by his family) that he was to be The Holy Roman Emperor with the aid of Mussolini and Hitler. The plan went wrong because they were Catholic psychopaths. Any student with a modicum of research experience can find that all this information is reliable documented.


  • D. Corrigan

    it is clear that photo of Breivik was taken after his third degree as a Master Mason. At that level he will not have been entrusted with any significant information that would harm anyone. It is a sad thing that just as the Catholic Church attracts some ‘bad eggs’ like in Ireland, freemasonery does the same problem with people like Breivik. To be fair, freemasons soon sort out ‘rotten apples’, whereas the Catholic Church promotes them to be bishops and above.

    In Ireland the Freemasons competed with The Knights of Columbanus for positions of influence in local government, education, public transport and virtually everything else. That is life, that is business.

  • http://pulse.yahoo.com/_DJRON32QGDA76A4P74NE5LLMVA Bill O

    Catholics are not forbidden to join Masonry by Masons. One poster foists the Congregation for the Doctrine of Faith. Too bad this individual does not understand his own religion’s law. Canon is what Catholics should adhere to as law. The Doctrine of Faith is an opinion, not law. Although it is well know that the opinion was written by then Cardinal Ratzinger and he does not hold a favorable opinion of Freemasonry.
    “Can. 1374. A person who joins an association which plots against the Church is to be punished with a just penalty; one who promotes or takes office in such an association is to be punished with an interdict.”
    Freemasonry certainly does not plot against the church.

  • http://pulse.yahoo.com/_DJRON32QGDA76A4P74NE5LLMVA Bill O

    Freemasonry is NOT a religion so Satan has notthing to do with it. No worship in a Masonic Lodge period!

  • http://pulse.yahoo.com/_DJRON32QGDA76A4P74NE5LLMVA Bill O

    And ignore the Canon Law? The Canon law is what every Catholic must obey. Nowhere in it does it mention that Freemasonry is forbidden for Catholics. 

  • http://pulse.yahoo.com/_DJRON32QGDA76A4P74NE5LLMVA Bill O

    Anyone who posts UBoob videos as proof or evidense should have their head examined, must less be believed.

  • Honeybadger

    The Roman Catholic Church is a close second only to the United Nations in providing health care worldwide.

  • David

    canon law is not like state law. You cant break canon law like you can state law. Canon Law  gives the norms of the church, Catholics must follow their informed conscience.. even if it detracts from canon law because this is the  specific case is what you face judgement on in front of the Lord… not on the norms of the Church.  
    I cant imagine the case however where an informed conscience would trump canon law with regard to joining the Masons but it is possible. 

  • Eric

    Amazed at the lack of understanding of Catholicism or Freemasonry in this forum.
    Could it possibly be that there are Catholics that exist in Freemasonry and Freemasons that exist in Catholic Churches worldwide? Of course there are.  I contend that the two are far more compatible that anyone chooses to acknowldge.
    I know this to be true because I am one that is both.  YES, I am a devout Catholic and a committed Freemason.  I give readily to both in my time and assets.  I believe both contribute to the betterment of society. 
    How do I reconcile this in my heart?  Its easy.  I look at the Bible, and the Catechism.  Despite papal edicts and bulls, Freemasonry does not conspire against the Church and therefore is reconciled in my heart.  Freemasony offers no salvation and no redemption so it is not a religion.  Its sole purpose is to make men better.
    Thats my belief and thats the way my God looks at it as well. 

  • Esha_hotbeauty

    brother, freemasons if reveal their masonic secrets then they would have to pay for their oaths that they took. Freemasons are already governing the world. its a secret society that tells the rest of the people good and decent things about it so that people join it. every lodge that ive seen has no windows, thats because they do black magic. through black magic you can have power, beauty, controllling all in your hands. but these things that you get by masonry is satanic. there are satanic rituals etc.
    My best friend is a freemason and my relatives are freemasons, my dead father was a freemason. so i know all about it. The first rule of freemasonry is once you get in, theres no turning back you have to take weird oaths that no matter what happens you dont let the secret out or you are dead, and not just dead, but a very hard death they will give you. they make you lie down and create some spells and you feel painful but i dont believe in magical words but every masonic person ive known says this. 2ND RULE: the second rule of masonry is that the world should get stripped of all the religions and so that the majority of population turns to be masons. and yeah they kill the very true-believers that are like rock. And please, the main thing about freemasonry is they dont believe in deity. they believe in ‘yabulla’ they calll it that. and its the name of the satan.
    And one thing more, why is the ‘one eye’ associated with masonry? what do we call it? we call it the anti-christ. and christians believe in jesus christ. so they’re totally against it. they are the opposite pole.
    What masonry promises is worldly power, money, beauty and et cetera. and its true you do get it through believin in satanism, because satan gives you temporary beautiful things by believing in him. but we all know this world is temporary, and we will wake up in the next. but masons believe in this world only. they believe that as they die, they wake up and would rule the world like a pharoah.
    They do have a history, but why would they tell when they have taken oaths? The history starts from the beginning of history, great pyramid was built by pharoah. they call it the gate to all the dimensions. to them its the door way to the coming of antichrist ‘Dujjal’. theres a very very old book that they consider their religious book but it has a very huge name, i forgot it. We know the great pyramid is on the equator, right above it is the sun. and back in egypt in the old times, they used to worship sun. even on the back of the dollar note the upper part is missing, which means the last stage is to be fullfilled. the dollar note says something in hebrew i guess, that the we promise the project to be fullfilled. whats the project? to strip the world from all of the religions.
    When in the begining of their rise, they were protested by the British government, and their lodges were searched for stuff. there were gathered many things. a hitler statue, many signs that determined the dimensions various, they claim they can even contact species from other dimensions. so when the things were collected from their secret lodges by then, there was this picture drawn of a pyramid divided into various columns or partitions. on the bottom lower part it said the newbies like witches, above it was the ones that were good with spellls, in the middle one was written dictators or newly successors in the world that had approach to all sorts of things, on the very top was pharoah or the king or the ruler. the top one had rating 55degrees, to masons that is the top most and a very extreme level. the one who comes to possess the top division of the pyramid was known to be the best of all masons and the one that antichrist would love and give him like share with him the power and they are said to have the best live after they wake up from the death and rule the underworld, just like osiris, the pharoah that was killed by his brother and egyptians would turn pharoahs into mummies and fill their graves with jewels and treasures so that when they wake up they’ll have all when they are kings in the next world, which is ruling underworld. and now who possess that 55 degree place? its tony blair, bush (by another secret society skulls and bones but the beliefs are the same), obama as well. bush became president even though he was the dumbest guy at highschool, he was a lifeless loser. but he had joined the society and the society men helped him up to that place to be the president of the super power country of the world, and who counted the votes when he became a president? his brother. why wouldnt u win sucha voting game? and after winning he hired all bonesmen for other jobs in his office. and what did he do in his time? he ruined the world. firstly he tried to condemn muslims which he did. how? 9/11 . there exists no osama bin laden. his real name is tim osman, hes still alive, and why would he die? when hes a CIA AGENT. hes even been to white house several times. tim osman is an American with an Arabic family name, and as we all know Arabs look at Pakistanis and Afghanis like dogs. so when he was paid human earth dollars, he shot a few videos in Afghan holding American and Israeli weapons. after his so called death, did we get any sign of him being dead? oh yeah except the fake video of some old man watching tv changing channels and a still camera at the back. so was his women or sons shooting the video? and then the damned country pakistan said they had his wives in their hold and were investigating them? where did they run away then?
    freemasons are the ones that have sent out subliminal messages everywhere. madonna’s video ‘frozen’ in which shes covered in a black dress, they tried to show it as the ‘satan’ and later it turns into crows, what turns into black crows people? Lucifer. and Christina Aguilera’s video there is that same figure wearing all black dress where the face is hardly seen walking like fast moving ghosts, thats Lucifer they’re trying to show. and yes the figure in black does look cool, I have been loving it and drawing it as well as the one-eye girls because im a victim like you people too. my brain is innocent too. my subconcious like yours starts working on what we see or the memories or pictures stored there right before the concious is aware and starts the decision making. this thing is even done in advertising. there are sooo many people who buy certain products but when theyre told about this truth, they cant realize whether their subconcious told them to buy or whether they really wanted to buy that shit.
    this gayism and all is what used to happen back in egypt. cleopatra married her brother and not just this everyone used to marry their siblings. brothers would marry sisters, and history is repeating itself.
    the masons make people hate God by putting in their minds that if you’re a lesbian or gay, God has created you in the wrong state. But the deal of believing in deity is to Thank God, because if you take the satanic evil thoughts aside, you will realize things are just so good and that you are beautiful and this world was created for us to bear, because this world is temporary, we are promised heavens. not earthly treasures.we all will die someday, but we will face God one day, do you think God will let satan enjoy there? No, hell was created for satan, and his followers.
     the same pyramids built in modern cities, the pharoah statues, the white-wigs sort of things that people now wear in courts are old egyptian and so much more, like the queen used to wear that same crown of jewels that pharoah used to wear. and with the same colored seven jewels that were under pharoahs throne seven colored jewels.
    All these secret societies like Freemasons, Kabbalah, Skulls and bones and skulls secret societies believe that the time when Moses raised the ocean up and passed by the ocean while when he and his companions (The good israelis that now reside somewhere else not in isreal killing innocent and helpless money-less poor palestines) passed by, the Pharoah when passing by from there, the ocean showered down and pharoah and his companions drowned. so these secret societies believe that it was not God that made the ocean rise, but that it was Moses himself and he like the rest of the humankind possessed spiritual power and he said some words (spell) and the ocean rised up so high. so the message they wanna give is that we all human beings possess powers and we find out that power by reading Hebrew language things, like books of theirs like ‘Zohar’ and ’52 names of God’ as far as i know which is all witchcraft. so they’re trying to promote witchcraft stuff, called BLack Magic. You can even see the documentary called ‘New World Order’, its over the same topic, that hows Masons, illuminati etc want their world to be, and its gonna happen, its a promised project and look around you its happening. they’re promise will be fullfilled, like their promise to anti-christ (the one-eyed evil) …lady gaga showing one eye all the frigging time, madonna having various such videos having one eye on her forehead and walking on Bible words in Arabic, those MTV awards where Madonna and christina and britney kisses, you should google it, its all a made up illuminati whatever stage play, rihanna’s song Umbrella its all about the sun that it will rise forever and they’ll have each other forever its about the sun and pyramid, but if u concentrate, linkin park’s song iridecent its all full of freemasonry that antichrists hand passing on the freemasonic-uniform people and that snake on the shoulder its all masonic you’ll know it if you know it.
    The norweign dude is a Nazi, so are the masons and skulls and bonesmen. the skulls and bonesmen have that hitler statue in their room in Yales University campus. And what they believe is that as Hitler was not found dead or alive so they believe him to have disappeared in the other dimension because they think he was a mason too, and same with cleopatra, she had died with no cause of death found, they think of her to have disappeared into the other dimension into her own world to rule and a land of paradise.
    But i hope all you brothers are guided to the right path.In the end my father died, because he told the freemasonry secret to us like me, his daughter and my brother and my mom. my brother is stupid he told his friends just for fun. so one day my father went to the british london main freemasonry lodge and never returned, we were not even allowed inside the lodge, because we’re catholic and we believe in christ and they believe in anti-christ but they would never tell thats the deal but my father was loyal to them and was carrying out the evil messages they told him, he was hired for the best post in the whole wide world, he earned gazillions. he was a member of the lodge since he was a kid, my grandfather was a member since he was a kid, and our great gandfather too and the generations go on. my brother has been missing since i was like fifteen or something. we had left home and went into hiding in Ireland and got a home there, none of our relatives knew about this as they’re masons all of them. so one day we both went to school and my brother went missing. now im a grown up girl and i live with my mother, i have lots of fears, i wake up after every half hour while sleeping. i still see my father and my brother alive in my dreams because mentally i can never accept some things.
    My religion tells me to respect all religions and i do. I respect masons. Still I pray for all of you to be guided towards the right path .

  • D. Corrigan

    I feel very sad because you clearly you have experienced traumatic times. Your story has been sincere and informative. I have no doubt whatsoever that what you say is true, from your perspective, but I have seen or heard any of the experiences you mention. I have been to many lodges in The UK and Ireland, and a few in the US, and in all my life, I have never witnessed anything untoward in terms of occult practices or evils rituals, because the practices in freemasonry are innocuous. As for Masonic secrets, I do not know why they are called secrets anymore, because all the secrets from entered apprentice to 33° degree are in the public domain and can be discovered without too much effort. There is nothing in Canon Law that forbids Catholics to be freemasons, if so the Sacred College of Cardinals and many other world clergy would be out of a job.

  • http://profiles.google.com/liamronan49 Liam Ronan

    Dear Bilious Bill, Just please read what the Congregation for the Doctrine of Faith has to say about the incompatibility of Freemasonry and Christianity. Membership is forbidden to Catholics, full stop. Here is the CDF document. Read it and accept it or wallow in your self-imposed ignorance: http://www.vatican.va/roman_curia/congregations/cfaith/documents/rc_con_cfaith_doc_19850223_declaration-masonic_articolo_en.html

  • http://profiles.google.com/liamronan49 Liam Ronan

    “Evidense”, Bill? 

  • D. Corrigan

    Catholics are amazing in terms of hypocrisy . You are a Catholic and yet you refer to someone else as Bilious (not very charitable or very Christian). When I was a boy, our bishop made it a mortal sin for Catholics to play or watch Association football, Rugby and Cricket because they were protestant. Most people just ignored him and enjoyed themselves. According to the Irish papers today, Cardinal Sean Brady has sent out an edict to Gaelic football and Association football clubs insisting that the timing of their matches must not clash with the times of mass. Again, most Catholics will ignore this edict that cannot be enforced. The same principle applies the Vatican’s teaching on freemasonry. To my knowledge many Catholics are freemasons and they have ignored the Vatican. What can the Catholic Church do about it? Nothing at all.

  • Asmodeus

    Father McGivney was a freemason.  He was particularly active in the York Rite.

  • Flashheart10

    They’ll pull the necessary strings to prevent you getting into heaven. Or that’s what they believe, in their self-appointed self-importance. Apparently the Bishop of Rome can make it up as he goes along, being Gods representative on earth – not sure where in the Bible any such authority is given though.

  • Flashheart

    Once a Catholic always a Catholic?? It appears that we have a difference of opinion on the forum then since I am a Freemason. I have taken it to be mutually agreed that one can’t be both, which suits me since after many years in the Catholic faith I am quite happy to be out of it. Freemasonry wasn’t chosen as a replacement since it ISN’T quasi-religious, as you mistakenly say. Religious discussion is BANNED at lodge meetings and, beyond a professed belief in a Supreme Being, there are no specific religious references.

    A recovering Catholic is one who has left the faith and on the road to free thought, casting off the cruel state of guilt that original sin casts upon every member and learning to be a good person because it makes sense, not because of an omnipotent parent figure who acts as a crutch to so many. Sacremental life of the church? Good luck with all of that.

  • Freemason

    Wow. If you could be any more wrong about Masonry I would be surprised. Tell me Jose… what makes you a supposed expert on the workings of freemasonry. Because I hate to tell you but all your facts are extremely FALSE.

  • D. Corrigan

    The doctrine of Papal Infallibility was proclaimed by Pius IX on July 18, 1870. He did this for mainly two reasons. Firstly, he insisted that Catholics had to accept the apparition of The Immaculate Conception at Lourdes and he made it an article of faith because many people thought it was illogical, just as many do today. Secondly, because he was engaged in deep conflict with the Vatican States and King Victor Emmanuel, he made it a sin for Catholics to go against his wishes, and he insisted that he had to be obeyed. The doctrine of Papal Infallibility has only been used once regarding the Assumption of our Lady into Heaven by Pius XII in 1950. Prior to then there was no actual papal infallibility because most people assumed the pope to be right and simply obeyed. As the consequence of global education and rationality took effect, and people began to reason objectively and logically they became less inclined to accept Catholic dogma. Today, Catholic infallibility is worthless as a doctrine, and only the fearful and foolish tend to follow it. Pope Leo XIII in his Humanum Genus (1884) explicitly declared that joining Freemasonry entailed automatic excommunication. This was done mainly to distance the Vatican from the ambitions and shenanigans of Pius IX who was a freemason, and had intended to have himself Declared The Catholic Monarch (The Catholic King) using the machinery of world freemasonry. However King Victor Emmanuel scuppered his plans. Pius XII tried a similar stunt in the 1930’s with the help of the Lateran Treaty and Mussolini and by making a concordant with Hitler to have himself declared The Holy Roman Emperor. It all went wrong. It is for those reasons that John XXIII enshrined the “Novus Ordo Seclorum” ideology, so that no Pope could ever set himself up as a king, ever again. All of this information is in the public domain, and what I have written can be verified by objective rational thinkers.

  • http://twitter.com/Monnowman Monnow Man

    To answer your questions:

    (Disclosure – I’m a mason and the following reflects my understanding of regular English freemasonry, but I’m not a spokesman for it)

    1. You’ll have to ask Breivik why he was attracted. Who can really understand the motives of a homicidal maniac?

    2. Regular freemasonry doesn’t exclude catholics. This is one of many myths about freemasonry, whose culture of religious tolerance means men of all monotheistic faiths can meet as equals. As an aside, freemasonry in Norway is unusual in that it admits only Christians.

    3. The penalities in the “horrible oaths” are (in English masonry) no longer uttered by candidates. The attention of the candidate is drawn to the ancient penalties of the obligations which candidates *were once* required to make in order to convey the seriousness of the promises to behave morally and honourably.

    4. The links with mediaeval masons aren’t definitive. Masonic historians don’t make any secret of the fact that there are gaps in the history of freemasonry and masons treat stories of heritage back to biblical times pragmatically as the myths that they are, designed by enthusiastic advocates of he craft to add glamour and respectability to the nascent institution.

    5. The masonic hall you mention probably doesn’t have windows because the lodge rooms where ceremonial happens need to be kept private. The privacy allows a safe space in which the ceremonies, which teach self-knowledge and moral lessons can be experienced without fear of judgement by the candidate. There is also the simple principle that if the ceremonies (the words for which are available for anyone to buy) are public, the impact of the ritual is lessened, like a spoiler to the plot of a film.

  • D. Corrigan

    I agree with you.  I am a catholic and a freemason, so are many, many thousands of other Catholics.
    Catholics are miffed with Freemasons because of the stupidity of Piux IX. The reasons for secrets was to prevent medieval plagiarism in stone cutting knowledge and building skills. It was not too much different that today’s laws of plagiarism, or The Officials Secrets Act. Sometimes secrecy is justified. And that is it.

  • Gregory Hayes

    Hey Esha… are you related to Breivik?

  • Sszorin

    You write that …”(Freemasonry’s) sole purpose is to make men better,” and here lies the problem, one little most important detail. And the Devil is in this detail. What means BETTER ?. What exactly is this “being BETTER” ?  Every man, every club, every society and religion have a specific notion of what a better human being is. And most of them are exclusive. Freemasons ( those in the top ranks of the freemasonic pyramid, far removed from the  gullible little footsoldiers in lower ranks ) also have their own notion of a “better” man. They point out to that key moment after the Creation when our deceived ( enlightened, say Freemasons ) first parents Adam and Eve with their limited knowledge of themselves and of the cosmos around them “ate” from the Tree of Life, naively seeking God-like state of being. They set themselves on a path of the complete autonomy from the Word of God, the path of the anarchic and thus destructive freedom. Why should they had accepted the order of the creation ?, say Freemasons, they did not asked to be created . Man can create his own reality, make his own order of creation and rule over it. Man can become better by relying on his own reason and judgment, preferring his own will, strenghthened by his pride, he does not have to be a pitiful, cowed creature bowed before God ( Freemasons call Him  “a god”- “demiurge”/evil one) ; he can become a God himself. That is what Freemasons mean when they say Man can become better. The results were not long in coming. The road was short from the first to the mass murder. Liberated humankind lost the Paradise and gained first freemasonic hellkingdom. Jesus tells us through one of his parables that not every one hears and accepts Word of God. There is the call of the Adversary. The world was created on a whim of cruel and evil deity-demiurge. This world of matter is a giant  jail that imprisons us god-spirits/Spirits. Here i tell you the Great Secret of Freemasonry,( Freemasons used to murder people because of it ) the Secret that is not much of a secret anymore because some high ranking Freemasons quietly defected from the Lodge, or pretend that they are still in the Lodge, and told the Catholic church about it. Even Freemasonry published it semi-openly; he who wants to find it will find it. The Church and many people knew it all along. The Secret is this : 1. Satan is the true manifestation of (according to Freemasons) God and not Jesus. Jesus is “a messenger” of an “evil god”. Satan carries  the torch of freedom, brings the light of knowledge to break the chains of bondage and slavery of this world.  [This "Light of Knowledge" is acquired through the initiation and sharing of satanic wisdom within Satan's body- Freemasonry. Unlike the Catholic church where the truth of the gospel is freely given and there are no secrets of faith to be kept hidden from the masses and parts of the catechism to be lied about, Freemasonry reveals its Wisdom of Satan only to the initiated and even then only through gradual, and with the observance of  reliability, pyramid steps-like process. Degrees. Those recruited-fooled and semi-dumb get stuck in the lower degrees,  those that are smarter and with enough satanic rage in them against Jesus Christ and His church progress in steps to higher degrees of "Knowledge"]. 2. Rabbinical Judaism is the original agent of Satan’s liberation of mankind and is to be loved and protected. After the destruction of the Second Temple rabbis rejected the old notions of God; for the second time He allowed the destruction of the Temple, for the second time he did not protect his chosen people. Their image of God changed. The pagan occult influences entered the chambers of Judaism. If God was not powerful enough or even willing to protect and sustain the chosen people, then there may be some other power in the universe to do so. They read first chapters of Genesis under the experience of the recent, catastrophic for them, events. If God cannot save them, they will have to find the strength to save and rely on themselves alone. They will have to play the role of God  themselves. The key to entering into this role were the words of Satan. Eat from the Tree of knowledge,your eyes will open, you will be like God. Knowledge opens and liberates the mind. Buddhist ideas of self deification and of  remote and weak deity/deities “emanating” from the cosmos, and of the material world as evil rentered Judaism and this time with an impact. All that was needed to reject the old world and the old beliefs and profess that Satan through Buddha was right, that the created world, and thus its creator is evil and that we are gods imprisoned in the matter of human bodies, and “God/Creator” is then a cruel jailer, all that was needed was an act of will. If Eve could do it, why not them ? Who was the first to say “We (Jews) are God” ? Is there a freemasonic lore, kept in the high degrees of the Craft, that preserves this rabbi’s name ? Crossing the threshold into self deification and recognition that Satan is the liberator was dangerous. The masses were not “enlightened’ by words of Satan. “The Knowledge” was to be only for those initiated into its mysteries, for the elite. It was also not wise and dangerous to tell “the Secret” and in its entirety to the freshly “initiated”. Their reliability was observed over the course of time and then they were rewarded with parts of it. Degrees of acceptance and of observance were thus created. Degrees of Freemasonry. If Satan is good and God is evil, then it follows that you work for the opposite of what Catholic church teaches. Life has no value and purpose on this Earth. Go against marriage and family because it ensures continuation of imprisonment of gods-spirits in bodies/matter. Try to stop procreation, support abortion, contraceptives. Support “marriage” of men to men and of women to women, no life will come out of them. If God made life, then try to depopulate the planet. Murder as many as possible (a hundred and tens of millions – communism and other ideologies cooked in the kitchen of Freemasonry), then suppress the knowledge of it. Do not love your neighbor. Go back to “an eye for an eye”. Make and allow banks to “skin people alive” through swindle and usury. Kill for profit. Christ said “I am the truth”. Through mass media claim there is no truth. Spread lies incessantly and with great zeal. Destroy Catholic church, destroy catholic schools. Protect rabbinical judaism. That is how it is today. Recognize it ?  You cannot sit on two horses at the same time or serve two masters. It is either Catholic church or Freemasonry. Come to your senses.

  • Fergus Rossmore

    If you are not a freemason then you cannot possibly know anything from first hand. What you have written has come from a text that you have failed to reference (gross discourtesy). The claims you make about senior freemasons is untrue, and you would be astounded to learn the names of Catholic people who freemasons. I am a practicing Catholic and a freemason. Clearly, from you have written you believe in an Esoteric World and The Astral Plain, and The Soul-Lotus etc. I would never challenge you about your beliefs, or would I be disrespectful about your Etheric concepts.It is habitual to read blogs whereby the writers have little knowledge about anything outside the Catholic Catechism, and they spout dogma, rhetoric and invective to those who disagree with them. Popes Pius IX, John XXIII, Paul VI and John Paul II were senior freemasons. The information is in the public domain if you care to look for yourself.

  • KSigMason

    The Norwegian killer is a sick individual and a bad apple that seeped into the Fraternity.  The entire orchard isn’t bad because of a few bad apples.  You just have to sort those ones out.

    The rituals and legend of Freemasonry is allegorical, not to be taken literal.  The deep history of Freemasonry is shrouded in mystery as there are hardly any records, but rather a few manuscripts here and there.

  • Rattrapante

    It is interesting to note that the discussion following an article about the relationship between the acts of Anders Behring Breivik and Freemasonry almost immediately disintegrates into a rehashing of a decades (if not centuries) old debate about the relationship between Freemasonry and the Catholic Church. Almost 80 people died in the Oslo attacks. Maybe it is worth it staying on topic for once? https://www.box.net/shared/fkylfuloqfbip01qt82g

  • Trev Y

    Let me correct a couple of items in your article that are incorrect. Firstly Masons have no views on Muslim Immigration and Catholics are not forbidden to join just the opposite in fact…as you quoted in your article  “Any man who believes in a God, from whatever Faith, will be comfortable with all that Freemasonry is, does and teaches.”