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Morning Catholic must-reads: 18/07/11

A daily guide to what’s happening in the Catholic Church

By on Thursday, 18 August 2011

Young people attend a catechetical session at the Palacio De Deportes yesterday (Mazur/

Young people attend a catechetical session at the Palacio De Deportes yesterday (Mazur/

Hundreds of thousands of young people attended catechetical sessions at World Youth Day in Madrid yesterday.

Eleven people were injured after protesters against World Youth Day clashed with police at the Puerta del Sol in Madrid last night.

Benedict XVI urged the faithful to practise silent prayer at his general audience at Castel Gandolfo yesterday (video).

Dublin archdiocese is on the brink of financial collapse following payouts to abuse victims, an internal report has said.

Africa’s first cardinal will finally be buried in a permanent resting place almost 14 years after his death.

A survey has found that most American Catholics are unaware of imminent changes to the English translation of the Mass.

Bishop Arthur Roche of Leeds says that last week’s riots in England show that the country has “lost its Christianity”.

And Jana Bennett responds to Fr Thomas Weinandy’s critique of contemporary Catholic theology.

  • Stanley J

    chriwwsatioanity has been the curse of the west from its beginnings

    A thousand year dark ages of serfdom and no social or economic progress

    the chrisitan (meaning catholic) crusades against the muslims of north africa and the middle east – 900-1500AD
    Tens of milions were murdered, no wonder they have their own mental cases as hate begets hate ad infinitum

    The anything but holy  Inquisition – endless burnings at the stake by the church of anyone who disagreed with it (heretics),  or being tortured and tossed in boiling oil. It acttually began in 1209 when the pope sent a monk to destroy the 20000 cathars. – the first significant non cathollic xtians, in france.

    the monk is well documented as saying when told only a few hundred were heretics -  “kill them all, let god sort it out”

    The hatred of the Jews for a millenia, which hitler – a still unexcommunicated catholic leveraged to gain power. And 55 million died for the church that babbles about supporting life – its smokescreen for its great crimes.

    And of course a few years ago RATZInger UNexcommunicated Bishop Williamson, who is a holocaust denier. the lessons of his early life growing up in nazi germany are the ones that stick most solidly in his mind.

    Bottom line – the church is the monster of the western world and worse then even extremist islam. If there was a god, the vatican would long ago have been consumed by the hellfires of a Vesuvius II,,  for it and rome arre situated on 7 hills – all of volcanic origin.

    Bottom line for the reader – you have to ask and ask and assk infinitum if by being a catholic,  you are condemning yourself to hell in God’s eyes

    And horray for Spain where, just like France by the church’s own admission (EWTN 8/2011)  only about 13% OF catholics really attend church.

    And my European friends joke that most of them are widows(ers) looking for spouses

    the church is all but dead in W. Europe and canada,  dying in Latin america – my gage is that avbout half of latin amerian countries have CU or marriage for gay people.

    the only place for the church to fine more boys to inseminate is africa, and the Islamic states. Who will do the job to the church that is needed – two maniac groups killing each other is the perfect solution.