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Lord Nicholas Windsor has braved the Establishment – ie, his own family – by speaking out on abortion

The Queen’s cousin has set a fine example to fellow royals and fellow Catholics

By on Monday, 17 October 2011

At around the same time as I was blogging about guardian angels last week, Lord Nicholas Windsor, son of the Duke of Kent, who is a first cousin of the Queen and has the title of a royal dukedom, had published an article in the Daily Telegraph entitled: “The world doesn’t have a right to abortion.” My blog seems very frivolous in comparison to this article. After all, if you raise the subject of angels at a non-believing dinner party, the topic will be thought of as “quaint” and you might be considered a bit dotty.

However, if you raise the subject of abortion at the same dinner party you will bring the polite chat to a total standstill; you will have committed a grave breach of the unwritten social code and the ensuing silence will be full of anger, hostility, guilt, confusion and embarrassment. Angels are an “easy” topic; abortion isn’t and Lord Nicholas is braver than I am. His opening paragraph goes, “If I were to imagine the voice of a rather sensible relative, or just a concerned bystander, addressing me on the subject of abortion, the words I hear them using go something like the following: “Why on earth get yourself mixed up in/wade into a matter like this?” (Aside) “And isn’t it rather distasteful?”

Lord Nicholas is too diplomatic and charitable to name those of his relatives who would be scandalised by his breach of good manners, but coming as he does from the heart of the British Establishment, it is not hard to guess that the Royal Family regards him as “not quite PLU” (People Like Us). Indeed he isn’t. The first member of the Royal Family to become a Catholic since Charles II (who converted on his deathbed), he gave up his right of succession to the throne on his conversion. Except for those directly in line, this “right” is entirely notional. Nonetheless it matters to some people in court circles: the Princess Royal’s daughter-in-law, the wife of her son, Peter, renounced her own Catholic faith on marrying him so that his own “right of succession” would remain secure. That was a great pity. Setting an example in public life matters more than we think, and Lord Nicholas has set a fine example both to fellow royals and fellow Catholics.

His article in the Telegraph reminds one how almost everyone used to regard the question of abortion:

Abortion is perceived as a solution to a problem called unwanted pregnancy… But it’s not a just solution for all concerned. It leaves out of the picture the consequences for “the entity”, about whose nature we’ve disagreed so passionately in the last decades. Was it always like that? Didn’t we used to know in our heads and feel in our guts that if one had conceived, then that meant one was pregnant, which meant in turn that one was going to wait patiently, if uncomfortably, for nine months and then go on “to have” a baby – to really give birth to one and hold it in one’s hands. All being well, that’s what happened. It used to be that basic a consideration.

Bravo, Lord Nicholas, for braving the Establishment, ie your own family, Her Majesty and your other relatives, with such plain speaking and common sense.

On this same topic, a friend asked me a few days ago to watch a 30-minute pro-life film called the “180 Movie” (from From America and made from an evangelical Christian standpoint (though the interviewer, Ray Comfort, described himself as Jewish), it was purporting to demonstrate that by means of a simple street interview you could change a person’s views from “pro-abortion” or “don’t know” to pro-life. The technique was to approach random young people and grill them on their view of Adolf Hitler and the Nazi policy of mass murder; when you had got them to agree that Hitler’s policies did involve deliberate mass murder, you then switched the subject to abortion and by the same logic, got them to agree that this was mass murder, too. Alongside the interviews there were graphic photos of the death camps, in case the viewer was also undecided in his/her views.

The film, with its brash interviewing technique, made me uneasy. This is not because I don’t agree that Hitler was a mass murderer or that abortion is not a huge “silent holocaust” (in the States, in the 35 years since since Roe v Wade, the death toll has been 53,310,843 babies, if I took down the figures correctly). It is because I felt the interviewees were almost being emotionally bludgeoned into agreeing with the interviewer. People used to question the conversions in the long term at evangelist Billy Graham’s crusades in the 1950s and 60s, super-charged with emotion as his rallies were. I don’t doubt the sincerity of Graham or that of the interviewer in 180 Movie, but your mind as well as your heart has to be engaged in this debate – or as Lord Nicholas puts it, your “head” as well as your “guts”.

  • ms Catholic state

    Hurrah for Lord Windsor……may he go from strenght to strenght.

    I saw the 180movie some time ago…..and I was very impressed.  I thought it was very moving….and it did change minds.  I am not sure of its overall success rate….but it was very touching to see those whose minds were changed.

  • shane

    Criticising the legalized genocide of millions of people does not require courage at all — it’s just common sense. Thousands of people far less privileged than this ‘Lord’ are out there actively helping pregnant women in distress and praying in front of abortion clinics. They are the true heroes. Not some just rich royal who writes an article in a newspaper about it.

  • Mikehoward13

    Walk on the road from where you are.  Lord Nicholas is walking his road with courage and commitment

  • Anonymous

    Actually, his title is Lord Nicholas since he is a younger son.  Bravo to him for speaking out.

  • Joyfully

    Well, I do hate to be repetitive, but this 3 minute trailer is worth a look-see on the subject:
    I posted it 10 minutes ago on the story about the little Chinese toddler…

    Hurrah of Lord Nicholas, btw.

  • Anonymous

    I suppose secular humanists will be up in arms about the intervention of a Royal in the highly-charged debate that surrounds the abortion debate and members of the Royal circle might be a little queasy at this due to constitutional protocol and all that.  But I salute the Duke of Windsor’s son for speaking out so unambiguously and bluntly regarding how the glorious event that an expectant mum brings to fruition after 9-10 months, can be treated as a disease to be eliminated by societies which cover up such  abominable acts with dissembling, self-serving propaganda and legislation.

  • Anonymous

    “People used to question the conversions in the long term at evangelist Billy Graham’s crusades in the 1950s and 60s, super-charged with emotion as his rallies were.”
    ## Well, that was just before the Beatles became “bigger than Jesus”. The adoration of all those new idols does not suggest any depth of Christian faith. The same applies to the CC in the same period. Probably most Christians have a shallow faith. (That does not justify calling them CINOs, as many do, BTW – because there’s always something big enough to fell those who accuse others of being CINOs. If people are not finally confirmed in grace, they can always go to the bad, no matter how saintly they may be.)
    “Alongside the interviews there were graphic photos of the death camps, in case the viewer was also undecided in his/her views.”
    ## How manipulative :(

  • FLYmom

    Lord Windsor is to be commended for speaking out when so many remain silent.  Who speaks for the unborn?  Apparently Lord Windsor does. I wish more would.   I have also seen the 180 movie.  It can be viewed on YouTube and has almost 1 million views in 3 weeks’ time.  While you may think the interviewer “blugeoned” the interviewees into changing their minds, I think he actually just took their own words and used them against them.  It makes sense to me.  If you say you believe life is precious, but are willing to terminate life at whim you are at odds with yourself.  I think every one should check out the movie for themselves and and decide.  It is a powerful picture.  (They also have a Facebook page with 21,000 likes.)  Thanks for your article.

  • Anonymous

    Indeed how brave of him to “swim against the tide” in this country. Would that there were more like him.

  • Acleron

    Not up in arms, just highly amused you think that this guy’s opinion is worth any more than a woman making the decision to have a baby or an abortion.

    But please give some evidence that anyone has been dissembling, apart of course from Nadine Dorries, her’s are well known.

  • Little Black Censored

    I can’t quite see how Lord Nicholas is “braving” his own family by speaking out on the subject. Do you know, for instance, what the Queen thinks about it (or about anything else, for that matter)? Being a junior relation he is more free to speak than some who cannot not be “political”.

  • James Smith

    Great comments from Lord Windsor. I actually liked 180 Movie ( because if nothing else it got people to THINK about the issue! The comparisons with the Holocaust were spot on, IMO.

  • James Smith

    Hmm. My link didn’t seem to work… Here’s a more direct url to the YouTube video:

  • Judgediam

    Having seen the 180 film I also disagree with the comment about bludgeoning the interviewee and it only being an emotional argument,  This issue is extremely emotionally charged however you look at it, and what the film did was expose a logical inconsistency in the thinking processes of those who support abortion and yet claim to value human life.  Whenever someone confronts others with the reality of the Gospel and the basic morality inherent within it you will have a range of results; some will reject it outright, some will accept their situation and repent turning to Christ as their savior, and others will only move closer to the truth only to accept it or reject it at a later date. These results are due to the individual’s personal choice, and the record in the Gospels and Acts shows much the same results, some rejected Christ outright, some accepted the salvation he offers, and some accepted in only in part, rejecting it later or twisting it to make it more comfortable to their lifestyle.

  • Jonathan

    I was visiting Mr.Comfort while he was working on the 180 Documentary (which has reached close to 1,000,000 views on Youtube in 23 days!).  I saw him interviewing people and even had the chance to speak to a couple of them after the interview.  Abortion is a hot topic, but all the people that I spoke to that day were very thankful for the conversation.  Their eyes were opened, they said, because they never put two and two together (referring to abortion and the holocaust).   

  • Lhenders

    God Bless Lord Windsor for taking a stand.  It’s good to know there are still people who have the courage to speak up against the atrocity of abortion!

  • Guest

    People stand up for animals that can’t speak for themselves. they create adoption centers, they have clinics, they have animal rights activists and they go as far as fighting congress to save an animal. If you say out loud in the street “it’s just an animal” you can be sure people will attack you for saying that. So consider a baby in the womb. they too can’t speak for themselves they too are becoming endangered like animals do. people kill helpless babies now more than they kill helpless animals but rarely do you see anyone fighting for them. For us who can speak for ourselves we can stand up for ourselves but what about the fetus or the developing child who can’t even say I don’t want to die. 

  • Steve

    Bravo to both Lord Windsor and Ray Comfort.  I watched the 180 movie several times; I saw no brash interviewing or emotional bludgeoning in these interviews.  What I saw were interviewees being de-indoctrinated using basic logic from the brash, bludgeoning indoctrination of the far left before and after Roe v Wade.

  • Vikimmy

    180 is a wonderful movie – more people should watch it!

  • AmaLadybug

    Way to go for speaking out as a leader regarding abortion.  
    I too have watched the 180movie and have heard testimonies of how peoples minds were changed and lives have been saved because of it.  It saddens me so much that there have been 53 million people who never had the opportunity to know their parents and family.  All the artists, musicians, scientists, and intellectuals who will never be able to influence our society.

  • Katie

    Perhaps if people would engage their emotions about the unborn more often they would feel less inclined to commit murder. I applaud those who speak out and have the courage to engage others in conversation about this topic. We have been silent too long. Way to go Lord Windsor and 180Movie!!!

  • Lornie caplan

    Im glad that Lord Windsor wrote his blog.
    I disagree with the author of this iece; it didnt strike me that the interviewees
    were at all “Bludgeoned” into agreement.
    It is an excellent movie.

  • voice for an unborn baby

    I saw the 180 movie and shared it with hundreds of people.  I have a Christian friend (has Jesus has her personal Lord and Savior) who thought it was okay to have an abortion if a woman was raped.  After seeing this movie, she was convicted and changed her mind.  I felt the interviewer open these peoples eyes by using their own words.  How can someone value life and kill an unborn babies?  Nobody fought against Hitler and he took lives, we need to be the voice of the unborn babies and value life.  

  • Nik Frederick-Janvier

    If any bludgeoning is being done…it’s being done to innocent children.  I like the video.  It doesn’t mess around!  Abortion is murder, but God is kind.  He will forgive if you repent and put your trust in Him.

  • Trkent

    I love the 180movie TOO! It is a Powerful video for the Truth of the Gospel and the sanctity of human life!

  • Solo7hi

    I have been a Comfort fan for years now and many don’t like his brash interviewing style.  I only care that it is effective and I have found that it is.  I often don’t agree with his closings or end game assessment.  In this instance I don’t agree that now the solution is just to vote pro-life candidates but the core of this documentary is effective and justified.

  • theroadmaster

    So you are highly amused at the personal decision of a woman to get rid of the growing human life within her for “social”(a baby will be inconvenient now) or for possible threat to mental-health reasons(anxieties which can be relieved by expert counselling). I think that your humor is misplaced here and that is putting it politely. So you are advocating the trumping of the rights of the weak by the strong?
      I will give you some examples of the dissembling words that I have alluded to, e.g”reproductive rights”(code word for having the right to get rid of the developing human life in the womb), “pro-choice”(not really giving any alternative choice to the pregnant mother,except the putting to death of her unborn child), “termination”(a cold euphemism that gives the impression that the surgical intervention to kill the child is nothing more than an natural, abrupt ending without consequences).  Once people in an Orwellian, sleight-of-hand way, use language to mean what THEY want it to mean and not make the realities behind their words, then we are into the territory of propaganda and deceit.

  • Karen

    Thank you, Lord Windsor, for speaking the truth. I am glad the 180 Movie has made it across the ocean. May God use it there as He is using it here!

  • Guest

    God Bless Lord Windsor and the 180 movie!

  • Jason Gallagher

    Bravo, Lord Nelson for speaking so honestly about abortion.. The 180 Documentary,, was a great documentary that brought the heart of the abortion issue to the streets to interview everday people and get their thoughts on abortion. There was no coersion, emotional tactics or bludgeoning used. People were free to share their own views and many did just that. It is a must see for anyone, regardless of where they currently stand on the issue of abortion.

  • Charles Martel

    God bless Lord Windsor! An aristocracy that does not show fearless leadership is not worthy of the name. Ad Multos Annos!

  • Joygerm

    Hurray for Lord Windsor!  We need more like him to stand up and say it like it is!

  • Cdavis9699

    I watched the 180 Movie and I don’t think it is as much emotion as Logic.  Yes there is emotion and it is a powerful thing, but when you see the logic in the argument you can’t help but feel the emotion.  Speaking of emotion in conversion google “Hells Best Kept Secret” by Ray Comfort also.  It opens your eye on that topic also. 

  • Mindymager

    Having watched the 180 movie I feel that it is an emotional topic however you look at it. It should be. If you were to stand and watch a murder take place in front of you, then you would be emotionally responsible to do something about it. The point of this movie is to expose the wrong of abortion which is done in secret. It is done in secret because they don’t want people to be emotionally pulled to action against it. We should be emotionally moved to act in love to help the unborn AND the women. I love this film, 180 movie! May God be glorified!

  • John

    A most sincere thank you to Lord Nicholas Windsor!  How blessed we are to experience the humble dignity of this wonderful precious man as he stands against the culture of death offering his loving commitment and courage for the helpless unborn!

  • Djcomp88

    “emotionally bludgeoned” Oh how tough and uncomfortable that must be.
    What about the physically bludgeoned babies? How uncomfortable is it for
    them? How do you think they feel emotionally? Just because this is an
    highly emotive subject doesn’t mean it is any less rational. It is an
    inept if not a void discussion as to whether one is superior to the
    other. If a life were saved due an emotional plea, would that be an
    injustice? I don’t think so. What does rationale devoid of emotion
    provide us? A debate, and this is not a debate. It is the difference
    between right and wrong, life and death. You may as well try and
    seperate the soul from the body! What then will you be left with? A
    bundle of cells? God doesn’t call us to ‘debate’ His teachings, He calls
    us to obey His teachings. We know what is right and what is wrong. How
    do we know? The Word made Flesh!

    Brother, make no mistake, when we stand before our maker, ignorance will
    not be a good enough excuse. No doubt some may recieve an emotional
    bludgeoning on Judgement day, better they receive it now before it’s to

    So yes you are right in saying engage “your head as well your guts”, but
    in doing so don’t belittle the emotional impact of the facts for want
    of a ‘debate’.

  • Acleron

    First, my language was quite clear, it’s you who amuse me by thinking that this guy’s opinion is worth anything. Do stop trying to lie about what I say.

    Ah, you use dissembling in that way, I suppose your examples do slip into it’s definition. But then you go on to describe a process that is actually in the vast majority of cases a removal of a few cells which you describe as ‘not really giving any alternative choice to the pregnant mother,except the putting to death of her unborn child’. Well, if you are going to use the term dissembling, then your statement is as good an example as any. It is certainly propaganda. But something else interests me about this, why does your god allow spontaneous abortion, or in your words, why does your god allow such a large number of innocent human unborn children to be killed?

  • theroadmaster

    I apologize if I misunderstood the nature of your comments concerning one guy’s opinion vis-a-vis someone else’s as no act of dissembling was mean’t on my part.  The statement ” a removal of a few cells” strips away the humanity from the human life that is about to be ended in a cruel and barbaric fashion.  
    You raise the question of spontaneous abortion which is induced when a baby  loses his or her life due to e.g chromosome issues or immune system difficulties while still in the womb.  Such deaths are heartbreaking for the parents concerned but they are not caused by human intervention but rather by environmental or genetic hazards during the pregnancy.  A situation analogous to this, might be deaths caused by a mountain avalanche and those caused by armed terrorists.  The first is related to dangerous conditions caused by weather on a mountainside which are environmental while the second scenario involves the murderous intentions of a group of people.  You ask the question why does God allow such things as spontaneous abortions to happen?  It is a difficult, emotional conundrum to deal with and I will not give any pat answers to that.  The idea of “spontaneous” abortions sounds oxymoronic as the term abortion is associated mainly with the deliberate ending of a unborn child’s life by surgical intervention rather than something which happens due to factors in the environment.  I suppose that God allows nature to take it’s course whether that be genetic anomalies or a poor lifestyle lived by the mother which can effect the outcome of pregnancies.  One could extend this question to why does God allow earthquakes, tsunamis which have been known to kill thousands of people in major single occurrences?  These are hard and searching questions but Faith plays a huge part in getting people through these difficult times.  No-one can see beyond the veil of this life but we depend on God’s Providence to turn bad into Good.

  • Acleron

     Well, we have already established that your definition of when cells become human and mine are different. But say at 10 weeks when 3/4 of abortions have taken place the embryo is 4 gm in weight. Compared to a full term pregnancy or a human that is a few cells indeed. 
     You accept that spontaneous abortion is a fact of life because of the various factors that affect it but object to a reasoned intervention. I can see no common ground between us.

  • Convictionwoman

    A human life being ended and it being wrong, murder, is not an opinion it is a fact…

  • Convictionwoman

    Excellent Lord Windsor, excellent!  The 180 movie is extremely good and untangles the gross jargon that has been taught as fact for many years now!  Human life is precious, period.  Praise the name of Jesus!

  • theroadmaster

    At least we can agree to disagree with a civilized acknowledgment of differences of opinion without any rancor.  That is how all debate should be conducted.

  • Lynn

    May God bless Lord Windsor for his compassionate stand.  I pray that more powerful people will take courage from his example and speak for the unborn.  I watched the movie 180 and didn’t see what you saw at all.  I watched a skilled counselor helping people to become emotionally and intellectually healed.  Their thoughts were splintered–at odds–before hand and finally integrated after their interview.  The interviewer used logic, not bludgeoning, to provide profound healing!  I can’t imagine that those people are anything but grateful to finally be at ease within their own mind and spirit. 

  • Djcomp88

    My apologies, Sister!

  • Anonymous

    So your criterion for humanity consists of number of cells and weight?

  • Anonymous

    Point of style: he’s NOT “Lord Windsor”, which would be the title or the courtesy title of a peer and is in fact the courtesy title of the earl of Plymouth’s heir  - if you must use a shortened version of his name, use “Lord Nicholas”.

  • Thomas

    Please get his title right “Mr” Francis Phillips. It is Lord Nicholas not Lord Windsor!

  • Convictionwoman

    The whole solution is not voting pro-life but it is a jumping off point for people wanting to make a difference…

  • Convictionwoman

    All of these things work together though…it’s like the body of Christ we all have a job in the kingdom to do…it’s like saying the janitor at the hospital is of no importance because he’s just a janitor but the truth is actually that the janitor’s job is huge!  The janitor is key to keeping infection at bay!  Don’t ever diminish what one person does compared to another…