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Morning Catholic must-reads: 01/12/11

A daily guide to what’s happening in the Catholic Church

By on Thursday, 1 December 2011

The Crystal Cathedral in Garden Grove, California (AP Photo/Jae C Hong)

The Crystal Cathedral in Garden Grove, California (AP Photo/Jae C Hong)

The Vatican has approved a Catholic diocese’s decision to buy the landmark Crystal Cathedral, the Orange County Register reports.

The Brazilian National Bishops’ Conference has urged the faithful to avoid religious groups that refer to themselves misleadingly as “Catholic”.

An American bishop has asked his flock not to hold hands during the Our Father at Mass (PDF of decree).

The Vatican has unveiled the Pope’s prayer intentions for December.

A family is suing gravediggers at a Catholic cemetery near Pittsburgh after they reportedly “jumped up and down on the coffin of an elderly woman to force it into a tight hole”.

Christopher White argues that World Aids Day “has become a kind of World Condom Day”.

John Allen weighs up Massimo Franco’s thesis that the Holy See’s diplomatic influence is declining dramatically.

Omar Gutierrez wonders if Catholics are obliged to oppose nuclear weapons.

And George Weigel recommends the best “real books” for Christmas.

  • http://pulse.yahoo.com/_UD6HYR2A35ZHCJVBPFJXSDM2AM v.o.r

    Suing gravediggers? Weird. When we buried a child, part of me wanted to remain until the gravediggers were done. Another part said “just go home – you might not like to watch them do their job.”

    While that particular grave should have been dug larger, understand also that they must compact the earth on top of the casket/vault so it does not settle into a pit later.