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Morning Catholic must-reads: 22/12/11

A daily guide to what’s happening in the Catholic Church

By on Thursday, 22 December 2011

Latin Patriarch Fouad Twal of Jerusalem (AP)

Latin Patriarch Fouad Twal of Jerusalem (AP)

The Latin Patriarch of Jerusalem has urged Middle Eastern leaders to “protect the minorities who are an integral part of the population in the region” in his Christmas message.

Vatican officials have expressed surprise at the Society of St Pius X’s response to the Holy See’s Doctrinal Preamble, reports Andrea Tornielli.

Bishop Raymond Lahey has told a court in Canada that he is “truly sorry” for possessing and importing child pornography.

The Vatican hosted a Latin competition between pupils from Austria and Liechtenstein yesterday.

Archbishop Vincent Nichols of Westminster urges readers of the Sun newspaper to perform “random acts of kindness” at Christmas.

Donald Snyder reports that a wave of anti-clericalism is sweeping across Poland.

Technology pioneered by NASA is helping to preserve precious manuscripts in the Vatican Library.

Barbara Bradley Hagerty of NPR investigates Newt Gingrich’s conversion to Catholicism.

Dylan Parry wonders if Catholics have the right to deface blasphemous posters.

And eChurch Blog is appalled that the Vatican has failed to claim the pornographic website domain

  • Brian A. Cook

    Let’s take a close look at the article on the anti-clerical party.  Please note that the said party actually publicly defends Jews and that many conservative Catholics attack Jews.  When you condemn secularism wholesale, don’t you end up condeming EVERYTHING that liberals stand for, including protection of Jews?

  • Brian A. Cook

    The point I was getting at is two-fold. 

    Secularists are not demons and conservative Catholics are not angels.

    Mother Church has a lot of work to do in order to minister to humanity.

  • Seraphic

    Oh dear. What a very ignorant and biased article in the NCR. Yes, three million Polish Jews were killed during the Second World War, and so were three million Polish Christians. Despite a heroic underground resistance, Poland was entirely controlled by German Nazi overlords throughout the Second World War. 

    Then the communists took over, and they formed a pretty robust challenge to the Catholic church themselves. Their anti-clericalism included the beating & drowning death of Father Jerszy Popieluszko in 1984, which was not back in ancient days, but let me see, less than 30 years ago. What a very short memory some of us have. And as the UK let down Poland twice (i.e. doing nothing to prevent Germany from steamrolling over it in 1939 and then handing it over to Stalin at Yalta in 1945 ), it would be nice if we actually paid attention to the realities of contemporary Polish history.  

  • Brian A. Cook

    Unfortunately, there’s still that matter of right-wing, traditionalist, nationalist Catholics who vilify Jews as conspiring enemies of the Church.  Is that not the elephant in the room of the Church in Poland?