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What the Vatican must do to end its scandalous daily leaks

The world should be told which priests or bishops leaked those secret documents

By on Thursday, 16 February 2012

Pope Benedict XVI greets members of the Roman Curia (CNS photo)

Pope Benedict XVI greets members of the Roman Curia (CNS photo)

Does the Vatican want to hit the nail on the head? If so, it should reveal the names of all the Catholics who have leaked secret documents.

First we read the secret papers of the “Viganò affair” that ended up in the hands of Gianluigi Nuzzi (author of the anti-Vatican book Vaticano S.p.A.). Then we were presented with those related to anti-money laundering efforts, published by the anti-clerical newspaper Il Fatto Quotidiano. And finally we find in the same newspaper a delirious note in which one cardinal tells another that the Pope is going to die in a year.

A question arises: who gave the documents to these anti-clerical journalists? That is the real point. Let us rack our brains: who could do it? Probably priests, even more probably bishops, who work for the Vatican. Who else could have access to secret documents that are held in the Secretary of State, one of the most important offices in the Vatican?

And what was the aim of these so-called “Vatileaks”? The internal battles of prelates have been brought out into the open.

But one more question follows: do these priests or bishops who are driven by ambition realise how damaging their row is for the entire Church? Somebody inside the Vatican has thrown Daniel into the lion’s den.

This is a good occasion for the Church to show the world that it is not a pharisaic organisation that cleans the “outside of cup and dish and leave[s] the inside full of extortion and intemperance”. We don’t want to use the method discredited by the sex abuse scandals any more.

As a Catholic, I have a request: that the Vatican tell me, and the entire Church, who leaked these secret documents. And after that, the perpetrators must be punished. They must, at the very least, be sacked, whoever they are.

  • Jonathan West

    Surely the primary damage to the church is that the disgraceful events described in the leaked documents happened in the first place.

    If the events had never taken place, then there would have been nothing to leak.

    So why are you trying to shoot the messenger?

  • Thomas Poovathinkal






    Thomas Poovathinkal


  • Paolo Gambi

    Dear Jonathan, I don’t think these people leaked documents just to inform people of something. I think they did it in order to damage their internal enemies. so I don’t want to shoot the messenger, but the sowers of discords. But I agree: if some events have taken place we have the right to be informed. But in a more proper way.

  • Paolo Gambi

    Dear Thomas, I agree: non prevalebunt. But if we let too many Judas grow, we just make a mess.

  • Anna

    I am not so sure that what the letters reveal is nearly as scandalous as the behavior of those who did the leaking. Their ambitious, deceptive and malicious actions do grave damage to the faithful and the church at large.
    While the material in the letters isn’t very pretty, when examined closely, they are more salacious than substantive.

    I agree with the premise of the article. Their names should be revealed and serious, legal  consequences should be imposed!

  • Lefty048

     if they just told the truth oh wait my mistake we are talking about people in the vatican.  if they just told the truth maybe we could believe them at least sometimes.  let the light in.

  • Believer

    Well, it can hardly be the cardinals who are leaking; since at their installation they take a solemn vow to conceal all those things which might damage the image of he church. It is Christ we are called to defend; not the church

  • EFWDeal

    “A question arises: who gave the documents to these anti-clerical journalists?”Not all critics are anti-clerical

  • Lefty048

     so that’s why they didn’t call the police when they found the pedophiles in their midsts.    they took a solemn vow to the church and to the hell with the children.   how do you as a follower of jesus christ defend that.

  • Believer

    As a follower of Jesus Christ I totally condemn it, and any church which deliberately sets out to lie, and pervert the truth. Both John, in Revelation, and the evangelist Paul, in defence of Christ tore into any church which departed from Truth. 
     I had already left the Catholic church after the Bishop Casey and Fr Michael Cleary revelations, but when Richard Sipe made his surprise revelation, it was the last straw for me, and dispelled any lingering respect I had.

  • Jonathan West

    If the matter has been being covered up, what would be the “proper way” and if (as i rather suspect) somebody was improperly preventing disclosure in the “proper way”, then you are for all practical purposes arguing that the cover up should have continued indefinitely.

    Which is the greater crime: to commit a crime, or to damage the reputation of the church by bringing the crime to public attention?

  • Azul Condor

    “Damage to the Church” is not happening only now, and it is being done by people wiht the intent to damage Her.  This fact is attested to by the encyclicals of the Popes, from Pius IX, through Leo XIII and to those of the others after him.  Vatican II is the crack in the dam that eventually gave way to the licentious ravaging of Church doctrines and Tradition.  The Alta Vendita is gloating over this event in a church that it once feared.  The excommunicated Canon Rocca’s prophesy has been fulfilled.  Bella Dodd’s public confession is confirmed.  The “destroyers” inside the Church do not rest in their destructive ways, some believing they march under the banner of the apostolic keys, doing  it in the name of so-called renewal, reformation, hermeutic of continuity, and other hypocritical and senseless jargon.  Others, acts as puppets controlled by  Her enemies.  I will not be surprised to learn soon that a good number of Cardinals and Bishops do not believe in God.
    But I believe that the only way to reverse this worsenning situation is to go back to Tradition. How?  Let’s start with the obedience to the request of the Blessed Mother to Consecrate Russia to Her Immaculate Heart.  

  • Paolo Gambi

    Just s few words on this: we have seen much worse periods, but if you leave Catholic Church for somebody else’s sin, what did the Apostle have to do seeing Jude?

  • Believer

    I don’t ever remember the Cardinals of the Church having been exposed as liars and deceivers, and perhaps worse, as a consequence of their having taken a vow to conceal anything which would damage the Church. Go to the Irish independent, a defender of Catholicism, if we are to judge by the comments left up and those removed; and read the comments appended to the letters which, with almost daily regularity,reveal Church difficulties. 

  • Parasum

    That Vatican has leaked like a sieve for centuries – this nonsense is worse only because it is much more easily publicised. All that will stop it is a change in the culture that allows it. But that means a change of heart. IOW, we can expect more of the same :(

    Buck House doesn’t leak like this. Nor does the C of E, or others. Why does the Vatican have to ?  :( If it were content with being a Church & and didn’t try doubling as a state, would this ghastliness happen as much ?

  • Parasum


  • PaulK

    Much ado about nothing – who cares about silly gossip? The Vatican should be more open and quicker to respond about the serious issues such as paedophile priests – that’s what damaging the church and disgusting Catholics – look at what is happening in Ireland? How many decades of concealment and denial was that? Can we separate the chaff from the wheat, please?

  • sjenner

    The Catholic Church’s culture of secrecy and non-accountability are the issue. The pervasive, international child abuse scandal demonstrated powerfully how the Church operates. Gambi and many of those posting below attack the Church’s critics. But their efforts would be better served in causing those who manage billions and take in hundreds of millions from the faithful for charitable works to be transparent and accountable–which right now they’re not. The hierarchy doesn’t have a lock on virtue, and in recent years, have been shown as disappointingly fallible as any other banker or politician. Shed the light of day. Draw aside the heavy velvet curtains. And stop attacking the whistle blowers.