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Morning Catholic must-reads: 24/07/12

A daily guide to what’s happening in the Catholic Church

By on Tuesday, 24 July 2012

The late Oswaldo Paya was a leading Catholic layman in Cuba (CNS)

The late Oswaldo Paya was a leading Catholic layman in Cuba (CNS)

Relatives of the Cuban Catholic dissent Oswaldo Payo, who died in a car crash on Sunday, have claimed that his car was driven off the road.

Benedict XVI has appointed Bishop Philip Tartaglia of Paisley as the next Archbishop of Glasgow.

Former British Prime Minister Tony Blair has said that he converted to Catholicism because “I just felt more at home there“.

The Pope named Archbishop Pier Luigi Celata as Vice-Camerlengo of the Holy Roman Church yesterday (video).

Sandro Magister argues that Italians are losing their grip on the Roman Curia.

Philip Jenkins considers how strong the American Catholic Church would be today if the abuse crisis hadn’t happened.

Dylan Parry says that reading about post-Vatican II liturgical reforms has made him wonder whether he should leave the Catholic Church.

And Jeffrey Miller, the Curt Jester, reflects on his first decade of Catholic blogging.

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  • teigitur

    Bishop Tartaglia, gets promotion to Glasgow. I despair , I really do.

  • nytor

    Tartaglia’s attitude to Summorum Pontificum whilst bishop of Paisley was arrogant and not legally correct.

    Bishop Tartaglia claims: If there is to be Mass in the Extraordinary Form in this diocese, it will be according to the regulations of Summorum Pontificum. These regulations will have to be met before I agree to make provision for this kind of Mass. I think that Summorum Pontificum is more demanding than you imagine.

    But there is no need for a bishop to ‘agree to make provision’. Any priest can say the Mass; any Catholic can ask for it. There are no ‘regulations’ in the Motu Proprio; it simply notes that priests saying the Mass should know how to do so.

    Let us hope that his attitude has now changed to the correct one which is outlined in the commentary on his claims above. If not, be prepared to report report report to Rome until it does.

  • teigitur

    He was reported to Rome amost three years ago. PLUS CA CHANGE.

  • Adam

     Wasn’t that Conti, rather than Tartaglia, who was holding that position?

  • teigitur

    Both to an extent, but Tartaglia was worse.