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Dom Mintoff, a dominant figure in Malta for 30 years, did great harm to his country

A friend to Mao, Gaddafi and the Khmer Rouge, he was no harmless eccentric, and knew when to send in his thugs

By on Wednesday, 22 August 2012

Dom Mintoff in 1972 (Photo: AP)

Dom Mintoff in 1972 (Photo: AP)

Dom Mintoff, the former Prime Minister of Malta, has died at the age of 96. He had been retired from active politics for almost a quarter of a century, so it is not surprising that the reaction outside Malta has been rather muted. The Telegraph has an obituary, as has the Guardian, neither of which are as interesting as they might have been.

Mintoff was a dominant figure in Malta from the 50s to the 80s, Prime Minister from 1955-1958 and from 1971-1984. Throughout this time his main opponent was Dr George Borg Olivier. The Maltese press in those days had a strict understanding that they would not publish anything about the private lives of either man. Dr Borg Olivier lived a blameless life, but some of his family would have provided ample scope for the tabloid press, if there had been one in Malta at that time. As for Dom Mintoff, his private life was kept private too, though there was lots of gossip, much of it well founded. His wife was a lady called Moyra, whom everyone liked: she had been born Moyra De Vere Bentinck, which sounds very grand. Some people said she was a distant relation of the Dukes of Portland, others not; still others that her mother had been Dom’s landlady somewhere down the Cowley Road, when he was a Rhodes scholar at Oxford.

In the old days you might see Moyra occasionally in various restaurants. I can remember her being pointed out to me once, and someone saying: “Of course, it is Saturday. This is the day when Dom lets her have the car.”

Moyra was a devoted member of the RSPCA, which was largely run by English ladies in those days. There was a convention that when she was present no one ever referred to her husband, the notoriously anti-British Dom.

But Dom had not always been anti-British. After he had finished at Oxford, he came back to post-War Malta, which had been badly damaged by the Luftwaffe. The British government had sent out two architects, Messrs Harrison and Hubbard, who were charged with the task of supervising reconstruction. They soon left the island and handed over the building projects to their assistant, Dom. It is largely Harrison and Hubbard’s and Dom’s fault that so much of what could have been saved, was not, and so much that was modern and ugly and ill-suited to Malta was built. Malta still has some priceless architectural heritage, but much was lost thanks to the vandalism of these three. It is a tragedy that the destroyed buildings – such as the Auberges de France and Auvergne, and Barry’s Opera House – were not rebuilt, as they could easily have been. Another tragedy is represented by the various government housing schemes built by the pair and Dom: Malta had and still has some lovely domestic architecture, but Dom pioneered the modern and hugely inferior.

If I were to give one reason for my dislike of Dom Mintoff, it would be this: his part in the catastrophic destruction of the Maltese environment, which, even if it had been planned, could not have been more triumphantly successful. Many visitors today find Malta ugly; in fact it is one of the most beautiful and fascinating places on earth, if you know where to look. But Dom made his fortune making swathes of it ugly.

His hatred of Britain was the hatred of a spurned lover, thanks to the failure of his integration project; and his hatred of the Church may have had something to do with that as well, as it was Archbishop Gonzi who effectively torpedoed integration. Oddly for one who championed integration, he later led the campaign against Malta joining the EU. But he never really had any principles. A scourge of the Maltese private schools, he sent his own daughters to Cheltenham Ladies’ College.

But if he hated Britain, there were other countries and leaders he loved. He fawned over Mao Tse-tung and Colonel Gaddafi; he sent the Khmer Rouge a telegram of congratulations on the “liberation” of Phnom Penh. The former were generous with their aid.

The Nationalist government of Dr Borg Olivier had planted Aleppo pines in Malta, as had the British before them. Dom declared that this was all wrong, and insisted that schoolchildren (I was one of them) plant acacia trees; they only live for 15 years, and my government-issue seed never grew at all. The Aleppo pines of the Nationalist flourish still, as do the tamarisks planted by the Israelis (whose embassy Dom shut down, and whose aid he scorned), as do the ficus trees planted by the evil colonialist British.

So much of Dom was political posturing; not even horticulture was safe.

But Dom was no harmless eccentric. Neither was he a democrat. He would send his thugs into action when a little muscle could yield results. His thugs burned down the Times of Malta building, a newspaper that not even the Luftwaffe was able to put out of business. His thugs beat up striking students at the university. His thugs attacked the Archbishop’s Curia (that made the front page of the Catholic Herald); and his thugs attacked the house of the Leader of the Opposition, Dr Eddie Fenech Adami, and assaulted his wife.

But it is all a long time ago, and most people would like to forgive and forget, I am sure. In many ways Dom Mintoff represents a typical post-colonial leader – of that type now only Comrade Robert Mugabe is left. Dom came from a devout family, his brother was a priest, and I shall pray for his soul. I note that the Archbishop of Malta is conducting his funeral in the co-Cathedral (one of the most lovely churches on earth).

His former enemies have spoken kindly about him, including Dr Fenech Adami. May he rest in peace.

  • C_live

    Mintoff was not prime minister in 1947.

  • C_live

    Actually, it was Mintoff who stole from private shareholders. Perhaps you’d care to define corrupt bank? 

  • C_live

    Absolutely. Now try asking a theologian where Mintoff fits into the Holy Trinity.

  • M.

    Steven Farrugia, trying to cover up the truth about politicians with lies about the people who dare expose them may be alright in your book, but is alien to those coming from a completely different culture, even if from within the same little island you live on.

  • David

    Ah Carmel Agius,

    That’s the problem isn’t it, the truth can indeed be destructive.  Write my full name, thank you but I know full well the violent nature of Mintoffjani, I lived through it, so thanks, but no thanks!

  • David

    Well, respect for that evil dwarf?  No, I have none whatsoever!

    May he rot in hell!

  • Steven Farruga

    I was not , am not and ,most certainly will never try
    hide the truth. I do not need to do that. If you really now the truth you should
    perfectly know what Mr.Mintoff diid to our country and it`s people. Dragged it
    out of the mud , and poverty , started an education system that kept no one out
    of it be rich or poor , opened up the university to the workers class. I hope
    that that does not offend. Gave free health system to ALL the country poor and
    rich. Introduced all , ALL social services that we have presently , ok maybe
    some have been polished a bit , but the basses where ther. He thought us to
    love our country. If you know a bit of political history you should know what
    Mr Neriku Mizzi said about him , when he was still a young member of parliament
    in the 50`s. ” His love for the country is something so genuine so powerful
    and this country will someday embrace him and love him” So if you do not know
    the REAL facts don’t try to quote them , if you are fed information from one
    side of people that only have hatred for this person , then my advice to you is
    , be carful what you read. I was going to ask you how much you know about our
    culture , but by the looks of it you hardly know anything , only what you are

  • Bjorn Borg

    Lucie-Smith, you disgust me.  Seems that you did not get the facts right or you have a hidden agenda.  There are huge gaps and misinformation in your story.

    I expect that you should correct the story if you are a truly catholic person.

  • Algan

    Fr ALS I think it is time that you close this thread of your blog as it is no longer serving to enlighten but rather the opposite.It perhaps has made you reflect better on the true feeling and love the majority of  Maltese feel for this man. It also informed you better that this man died a Christian death with the rosary in his hand and his good deeds concelebrated by a Mass in St. John’s cathedral by the whole Catholic hierarchy led by the two  bishops of our islands.  Prof Oliver Friggieri , our leading Catholic intellectual in his eulogy to this man stressed the deep christian beliefs and roots of Dom Mintoff even if expressed in an unorthodox way. Our President Dr. Abela a shining example of a committed Christian expressed the great christian love Dom had for his people. As for me in brotherly love I certainly regret as I am sure others do any hard words we directed at your person. I am concerned however that there are a few who harbour hatred for this man and in Christian spirit I trust that a few appropriate kind and charitable words from you will soften their heart. Perhaps a reassessment of the man in a following article in the Catholic Herald might help many to see your original article in the right spirit of criticism with no bad intentions or malice.
    So Adieu on my part on his thread although I hope for deeper discussions in future thrads 

  • Giuseppe Cumbo

    You are a priest so I think you know what Jesus said,”Who is without sin throw the first stone.”You know that with this article you are spreading hatred? Here in Malta everyone knows what Mintoff did.Of course he wasn’t perfect he did mistakes but he did more good than harm. You should have mentioned the good he did too. You are saying that he was friend with gaddafhi.So what? He was not against the catholic church all he did was he opened the people’s eyes that to go to heaven you don’t have to leave all your belongings to the church like they used to teach the peopl
    As a priest and as a human being you shouldn’t have published this article. He is a dead man let him rest in peace.

  • Carmel Agius

     The way you judge you will be judged – Jesus Christ

  • Stephen

    Mintoff  followed the example of Christ our Lord , I think as a priest you know them I REPEAT I  THINK. in a few words  Helping the poor . Those people who followed Mintoff in the funeral knows more then this priest living in a world of HATRED that Mintoff messages were always addressed to help these people. the people shouting for DOM do not need any more proof.WE  keep on loving him.

  • Info

    Is this ‘priest’ serious?



  • nv

    Why don t you tell us who beg u to write this ? Is a Maltese slut Maybe? Or u you make part of any Maltese Mafia, and u ll  hide yourself in the name of the father.  
    Yes the Maltese gave the answer yesterday who was Mintoff for Malta. Mintoff ‘s name is behind bye bye to British empire from Malta, welfare,health, new industries in Malta ……..   You dislike Mintoff cause makes Malta look ugly u re jokin ! Do you know that Malta looks like that thanks to the missiles we recived from Germany and Italy thanks Britain used us as military base…… FUCK THEM ALL. He tired to rebuild us that why we LOVE HIM HE GAVE US DIGNITY A CITIZEN PRIDE TO BE MALTSES…, ,Do u think is right that another country takes dignity of another country and do possesing ?? do u think that i m great ful that british empire gave us that fuckin george cross????  After that we were in a war that it wasnt ours. Maltese died for britian at least gaddafi gave us money and oil nobody was harmed. no i didnt liked gaddafi i was against him if i read about libya. but about gaddafi and Malta i cant say the same,,

  • Jeremy James Camilleri

    If Mintoff committed as many errors as you mistakenly point out, there is one thing that I shall forever be eternally grateful towards him for. That is off course his assuring us, the Maltese,  that the Catholic Church would no longer be in a position to do its utmost to ensure that Malta remained a feudal state.

    Of course that was why he was so vehemently attacked by the clergy. That battle alones means that your analysis can never be objective. You are a messenger for a corrupt organisation that had its wings clipped by a visionary.

  • Historicus

    After 25years of PN administration, the National bank ‘saga is still at court, and the Nationalist government does not want an out of court ‘settlement’ something a fistful of bank shareholders have been asking for!
     The English ‘ Malta Central bank’n’ governor at that time said, that the ‘National bank was practically bankrupt….’ and the buck stops there! 
     You see in Malta crony capitalism- nepotism,friends of friends, no meritocracy…was the order of the day! 
    They even asked you during the pre-70s era, your father’s occupation; that’s why, the local bourgeois class-of which I am part- is considered the most retro -grade and mediocre class in the whole of Europe! 
    They never managed to open up one single factory, one single entity to make serious money, or to employ hundreds of local people; they mainly dealt in selling’ gushion’ to the poor ; something. Mrs C parent’s know all about!

  • Steven Farruga

    Fr. Smith please reffere to these words :

    Archbishop Paul
    Cremona said that two of the qualities that distinguished Dom Mintoff
    throughout his life was his dedication to lift people out of poverty and
    improve working conditions and get the best possible deal for Malta in his
    negotiations with much bigger countries. “. He said that Mintoff has two
    virtues that distinguish him as a politician. The love for his fellow citizens
    and the love for his country. He said that Mintoff fought for better conditions
    of the workers and the poor. He negotiated with larger countries to improve our
    country`s condition for the benefit of the people.

     Blessed are the poor in spirit: for theirs is the kingdom of heaven

    Blessed are the meek: for they shall possess the land.

    Blessed are they who mourn: for they shall be comforted.

    Blessed are they that hunger and thirst after justice: for they shall have their fill.

    Blessed are the merciful: for they shall obtain mercy.

    Blessed are the clean of heart: for they shall see God.

    Blessed are the peacemakers: for they shall be called the children of God.

    Blessed are they that suffer persecution for justice’ sake, for theirs is the kingdom of heaven .

    This was followed by ;
     I was hungry, and you gave Me something to eat.                                                     
     I was thirsty, and you gave Me something to drink;                                                               
     I was a stranger, and you invited Me in;                                                                       
     I was naked, and you clothed Me;    
     I was sick, and you visited Me;
    I was in prison, and you came to Me

    These where the words of Archbishop Paul Cremaona describing Mr Mintoff. Would you regard this , comming from the archbishop himself , to be lies??
    during Saturday `s State funeral.

  • Steven Farruga

    I would like to address not Fr.Smith ( he is irrelevant) but those who are responsible for this site.
    Most of us in Malta at the moment are going trough a difficult period in time , Most of the Maltese people lost a father figure , who , being a human being had his faults. One can never say he was perfect , I was brought up and taught that only One is perfect , and that is God almighty.
    What I can never expect from a Catholic form of media , a faith that I endorse and love , would allow a person Like this so called Catholic Priest , could come up with so much hatred , halve truths and allegations. Don`t you think that at the moment the church is going trough difficult times and problems enough? Why cause a storm with a country that has already suffered a lot from the local church ? Some scars have not yet healed , and to read an article like this at this time would not certainly help.
    Fr. Smith , if you really want to know the truth about Mr.Mintoff I would referee to His Excellency The Archbishop of Malta Paul Cremona`s speech during the mass held today at St Johns` Cathedral .Nothing else , and if you want to you can visit Times on Sunday , and you can read the whole speech there , certainly he is someone that you can rely on.
    As to the management of this site we strongly be expecting an apology for this rubbish that this so called priest has published.

  • C.

    Mintoff didn’t start up Malta’s education system. A cursory look at public school buildings would tell you they predate his years in power.

    University was opened to the working class, was it? But dangerous faculties – you know, the ones that open minds – were closed down. In Mintoff’s book, it wouldn’t do for the proletariat to get above its station and actually know things that might lead them to challenge his autocracy.

    And please, enough of the rewriting of history. Mintoff’s supposed good works, such as they were, did not merit the great and lasting harm he has done. 

  • C.

    It’s blasphemy, but don’t expect those who admire Mintoff to know or care that he wasn’t the second person of the Holy Trinity – or even the first.

  • C.

    Of course. But the outcome may be entirely different.

  • C.

    Christ’s followers are called Christians. Those who love their neighbour are not all Christian. Some are, say, Muslim. Others are not religious at all. All Catholics are Christian. Not all Christians are Catholic.

    Is that clear now?

  • C.

    Yes. One that was not led by Mintoff but by his rival, a man called Paul Boffa whom Mintoff sought to overthrow by sundry vile acts, including accusing him of having sex with his daughter.

  • C.

    Integration, Fr Joe Meli, is the polar opposite of independence. I assume you knew that but it is necessary to point it out for the benefit of those who don’t. 
    The best known and most often cited period of Mintoff’s years in power was not the 1950s, when he fought for Malta’s integration with Great Britain, but the 1970s when Malta had been independent for almost a decade. Malta formally became independent in 1964, years before Mintoff became prime minister of independent (and not GB integrated) Malta in 1971.You cannot prosperity – true or otherwise – when individual rights are routinely violated by the very instituions that are meant to uphold them and by the removal of mechanisms and institutions that are meant to protect them or provide a means of redress.As a man of the cloth you are no doubt aware that the recognition of individual rights is rooted in Christ’s teachings. Mintoff’s recording in protecting the rights of the individual is abysmal, to say the least. He is better known for violating individual rights. Many of those violations are properly documented and the records are freely available to anyone with an internet connection, which includes anyone reading this comment. 

  • C.

    It’s immaterial where Fr Lucie-Smith lived. It was impossible to ignore Mintoff’s existence wherever one was, hence Fr Lucie-Smith’s familiarity with Mintoff and his ghastly ways.

  • C.

    You have completely excluded the real son of God from your version of the Holy Trinity and replaced him with a mere mortal. Are you not aware of the blasphemy of your remark?

  • Strike
  • noel apap

    if you want say something ebout mintoff tell it us in face, and if you want a new fight like that you sade, i am  readdy for it.

  • jzarb

    I must say i am so ashamed of the unethical and crude language that is used in these blogs and they certainly are not a reflection of the thoughts expressed by the Maltese people. The era that came to a close yesterday should now be objectively analyzed by academics and political analysts to show that the progress and process of political history throughout the last century from 1921 (the year of self government to today was not dominated by just one person but a list of very committed people such as : Paul Boffa, Nerik Mizzi, Gorg Borg Olivier, Dom Mintoff, Guido Demarco, Censu Tabone, Eddie Fenech Adami and Today – Lawrence Gonzi …all primeminsters and key cabinet members who have left their mark in local society. I believe we should not judge Mintoff now he has gone on from this mortal life…God will certainly have his way of seeing the good and bad in everyone!…what we must NOT do is to almost “Sanctify” someone who  is just one of many others who have led to these islands keeping their reputation of the “Gem of the Mediterranean” (a profile they have kept for close to 80 years); there is, today a clear definition of democracy, Catholicism (although the recent discussions on divorce and IVF among other such shameful subjects have reduced the idea of christian values!!!) and an excellent quality of life that puts the islands miles ahead of other EU states in this environment of economic and social crisi …all this down to excellent national strategies and policies by governments over the past 25 years……

  • guest

    mintoff was not a saint and he was not the devil. he began well and he did a lot of good things but he became almost a dictator who thought that he was always right and he hurt anyone who dared to disagree with him. he is one of the most controversial people in malta who was loved or hated by he. i worry when i hear some people adoring him and saying that anything he did was good since this shows the brainwashing at its best since no one can be perfect and mintoff was far from perfect. however respect the opinion of those who criticize mintoff as well because many people suffered because of him as well.

  • John Doe

    If association with foreign heads of state is the yardstick to define a statesman, is it then safe to logically infer that you “Reverend” Fr may likewise be defined and judged through the despicable actions of the numerous fellow pedophile Catholic priests? 

    Likewise, you may be judged by the equally despicable actions of the former Archbishop of Malta who so happens to be the great uncle of the current Prime Minister. (You conveniently forgot all about that didn’t you, you smart weasel?  Otherwise you’d have been constrained to mention the multitude of faults and obscenities within the local Catholic church of which you are a member and by whose faith you profess. 

    Not that by familial ties I want to infer that the present Prime Minister is culpable for his great uncle’s unpardonable and unchristian actions.  Far from it, but its worth reminding nonetheless. 

    Alas, bring forth a further false prophet. 

  • Cza

    Fr Lucie Smith

    As a maltese citizen and Nationalist supporter, I am offended with the way you wrote on someone who has passed away and according to my teaching only GOD shall judge a person.  I did a lot of work with Church authorities in Malta and surprising enough they are the people who surprise you as they always argue not to pay 18% VAT and other tax costs related to industry I work in.  Remember that in Malta we have also history of people within the church who committed abuse on children, abuse on vunerable people just before they went to meet the Lord and also killed people under the name of the Lord. 

    So give us a better lesson on such things and let our Lord do the remaining.  That is why the Church is in this mess !!!.

    C Zahra

  • Ver0180

    …..and you’re a priest ? Or did I get that wrong? The church should stop moaning about the lack of followers and correct you lot, full of venom for the people around you. Judge and you will be judged

  • Michele038

    honestly you are thick, you are beyond saving, your argument is flawed you cannot be catholic  and not follow the churchs teaching, you sir/madam are a moron, i would delve deeper into my explanation but 1 i do not have the time and 2 i doubt you have the mental ability to understand it.

  • mike

    bahahahahah well said!!

  • Lorna Mifsud

    Most of the comments on this article show exactly the mentality which Mintoff fostered: crush opposition, dissidents should be silenced. 

    Fr. Lucie Smith’s article was one of the most truthful written about Mintoff. I reiterate what I said earlier. We lived through hell under Mintoff. Thousands of us did. Thousands others, who were not dissidents, those who witnessed injustice and abuse but stayed mum for fear of retribution, those did not suffer injustice and discrimination. Of course, they were still deprived of basic goods which were available to our European neighbours. Of course, they were still forced to watch just one television station (that State television station), to listen to just state radio and to just read newspapers which were approved by the State. Indeed, the opposition newspaper was still available. However, woe befall anybody caught buying it. Indeed, many stationers did not even sell it. My father used to hide the newspaper under his coat. I remember it as though it was yesterday. I remember hundreds of men, armed, closing in on our local church just because the Archbishop was visiting the Church for the celebration of Confirmation of the youngsters of our parish. I cannot take those horrible scenes out of my mind – we lived just across the street from the church.  These “gentlemen” were banging on the church main door calling the archbishop nasty and disgusting names in a bid to provoke him. Of course, he remained barricaded within the Church until the riot subsided. However, Mintoff was a tyrant. A dictator. And no amount of state funerals and eulogies can change that.

    So many commentators to this article cannot and will never accept this. They are brainwashed. They are no different to North Koreans who believe that their Great Leaders are the be-all and end-all of creation. Our own version of brainwashed masses believe that Mintoff gave them a decent life. Instead, Mintoff gave people individual fish but did not teach them to fish. He gave them (some of them anyway) social assistance, but did nothing to lift them out of the situation which had lead them to depend on social assistance in the first place. 

    Mintoff wanted to create some sort of festivity in Malta. So he created Freedom Day which is nothing more than the expiration of the emphyteusis which the Naval Forces had over their military bases in Malta. Of course, he could not stomach that his predecessor, Borg Olivier, had obtained independence for Malta, and he had not obtained anything. So, he brainwashed his followers into believing that Freedom Day is THE day to celebrate in Malta and it is the only thing which made us what we are now. 

    I find it upsetting that so many people are brainwashed. And I know my comments will attracts insults and cries that I am exaggerating. But, then again, the hallmark of a die-hard Mintoffian (as Mintoff’s disciples are called) is the Mintoffian’s rejection of the truth. As the Italians say, la verita’ offende: truth hurts. However, this is the plain truth.

    One last thing: this is not my real name. It is my pen-name, as it were. And I do not intend to use my real name. I’ve grown up with lingering fear in my heart due to the retribution we suffered as a family, for years on end. That fear lingers on. The reason, now that Mintoff is dead, is not Mintoff personally, but his legacy, which is propagated by means of his successors at the Labour Party (and prospective government), lives on and we know that there will be retributive measures inflicted on those who dared criticise their great leaders. As a woman having two children,I cannot afford that. 

  • jzarb

    *It seems that this contributor does not measure by the same yardstick! he is the one “Judging” others when all others are doing is speaking about their experiences…all these experiences happened in our lifetime , Ver0180, and we all experienced the brutality of the 70′s and 80′s…. 

  • Sandra McCoy

    Hell is big enough to welcome you one day for your hatred. Shame on you for wearing that white collar

  • Historicus

    Oh, sorry, I must have got it wrong, but you are wired like Daphne; an employee of Gonzi PN!

  • Francis Scifo

    You need a holiday to relax..Christ Said this to be the number one rule and to enter into the gates of haven ” love your neighbour as your yourself, give to others as you want others to give to you…who practice this are  the true followers of Christ.
    People made Christains, Muslims and so on…
    You dont beleive in the word of Christ?
    Mintoff did all that…
    Sorry I am wasting my time with you ..I have lots to do..
    Goodbye sweet dreams

  • Katheryne

    I thank you for telling it as it really is about the personality of Mintoff. To me, he was nothing but a small‑scale dictator who did much more harm to small island Malta than he did it any good. I am convinced that had he been born in a bigger country, he would have reached the scale as Hitler, his dear friend Gaddafi, his other close friend Kim il Sung and their ilk. Thank you once again Fr Lucie-Smith.

  • Dpacef

    Is this a catholic priest writing? Shame on him lies, hatred and no facts. No mention of MINTOFF practicing what the Good Lord preached, unlike what has been written by this “priest”. I could go on and on but I have no time to waste with such people

  • Rotcivoiram

    about raymond Caruana, you didn’t mentioned that the right facts as published Raymond caruana was a victim, that evidence where manipulated as they turned him the other way round. PN officials said that who used the weapon (known as SMG used in WWII, and same type of weapon found at tal PIETA PN HQ) wasn’t his intention to harm and till now its a mystery for some about what happened

  • Bjeoffrey

    what the hell are you statin man? you should feel ashamed of what you say, i am maltese and i do live in malta.. 1 it is not an ugly place 2 it was capable of sending the british army back home without any fights or rebellious actions 3 he gave us social services for FREE 4 he was the one who enhanced education .. what else? …plase if you dont know history, dont say nothing .

  • Piet Lak

    Li ma kontx tiehdu f’ghoxx dik il-liba ommok hekk titkellem fuq l-ikbar Politiku li qatt rat Malta. Ara vera liba qarsa int Father Alexander.  Ghax ma tmurx tkompli tinhexa ja pufta ordnat. F’ghoxx kemm ghandek hajjin u mejtin  u f’ghoxx il-knisja kattolika li inti tirraprezenta. Ja Liba kollok.

  • Jospul

    Li ma kontx tiehdu f’ghoxx dik il-liba ommok hekk titkellem fuq l-ikbar Politiku li qatt rat Malta. Ara vera liba qarsa int Father Alexander. Ghax ma tmurx tkompli tinhexa ja pufta ordnat. F’ghoxx kemm ghandek hajjin u mejtin u f’ghoxx il-knisja kattolika li inti tirraprezenta. Ja Liba kollok.

  • Liba

    Li ma kontx tiehdu f’ghoxx dik il-liba ommok hekk titkellem fuq l-ikbar Politiku li qatt rat Malta. Ara vera liba qarsa int Father Alexander. Ghax ma tmurx tkompli tinhexa ja pufta ordnat. F’ghoxx kemm ghandek hajjin u mejtin u f’ghoxx il-knisja kattolika li inti tirraprezenta. Ja Liba kollok.

  • Asfdf Riha

    Li ma kontx tiehdu f’ghoxx dik il-liba ommok hekk titkellem fuq l-ikbar Politiku li qatt rat Malta. Ara vera liba qarsa int Father Alexander. Ghax ma tmurx tkompli tinhexa ja pufta ordnat. F’ghoxx kemm ghandek hajjin u mejtin u f’ghoxx il-knisja kattolika li inti tirraprezenta. Ja Liba kollok.

  • Libao

    F’ghoxx ommok ja liba Katheryne.Messek tisthi ja qahba.