A daily guide to what's happening in the Catholic Church

The truth is the truth, there is no compromise“, Benedict XVI said at his general audience this morning (full text, video).

Italian police have recovered a stolen vial containing the blood of Blessed John Paul II.

Indian authorities have given a priest and a nun bail after they were accused of killing more than 250 crane chicks in the northern Uttarakhand state.

Jennifer Fulwiler predicts that the internet will inspire mass conversions to Christianity.

The Catholic New York Times political columnist Ross Douthat discusses the challenge of “remembering that my first loyalty is to my faith and not to partisanship”.

Actor Mauricio Kuri tells Tim Drake what it was like to play the young Mexican Blessed José Sánchez del Río.

And Fr Seán Finnegan pays tribute to Fr Hugh Thwaites, the English Jesuit who insisted that “most priests go to hell”.

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