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Morning Catholic must-reads: 19/10/12

A daily guide to what’s happening in the Catholic Church

By on Friday, 19 October 2012

Cardinal Dolan, Barack Obama and Mitt Romney at last night's dinner (AP)

Cardinal Dolan, Barack Obama and Mitt Romney at last night's dinner (AP)

Cardinal Timothy Dolan sat between US president Barack Obama and rival Mitt Romney at the Al Smith Dinner last night (video).

John Haldane, the Scottish philosopher and adviser to the Pontifical Council for Culture, has called for the admission of married men to the priesthood in the Latin Church.

Cardinal Peter Turkson has defended his decision to screen a controversial YouTube film about Muslim demographics at the synod of bishops on the new evangelisation.

A major film about the Boston Globe’s exposure of the US clerical abuse scandal could be released next year.

Colleen Carroll Campbell explains why Pope Benedict is giving pride of place to women saints at this month’s celebrations in Rome.

Alessandro Speciale marvels at a new Vatican exhibition of papal vehicles.

And John Allen says that, even though the synod of the bishops “isn’t exactly a laugh riot”, an Indonesian bishop managed to provoke “heartfelt laughter” during his speech.

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  • Nat_ons

    ‘Writing in The Tablet this week John Haldane, Professor of philosophy at the University of St Andrews, states: “The time is overdue to admit married men to (shortened) formation and ordination.”‘
    If the Church followed every pet whim advocated by the Tablet as a timely idea (‘relevant’ to the needs of ‘our time’), well, there’d already be sharply dressed women priests or lay women and men in faux ‘ethnic’ drapery performing multi-gender-open-ended marriages in Stalinist living room style function suites, preaching on the health benefits of contraception, abortion and minimalist family size etc.

    A once married man may apply for full and proper formation, and – if apt – for ordination in the priesthood of the Latin Rite(s) even now .. as they always have; but not while they are currently married, any more than a single man might add promise of marriage to his already given promise of service to the Kingdom.

    This is indeed simply an act of discipline, and it can change – as it has, case by case, for specific reasons – yet discipline in the church catholic is not for philosophers to direct (and Lord forbid that day should ever fall on us).

  • la catholic state

    Thank you Cardinal Turkson.  The Church is going to have to face up to the rapid growth of Islam in the Western World.  Many people are worried…..and not just Catholics.

    Of course our secular politicians know exactly what is happening and where we are headed…..they just keep quiet.