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Romney ‘ought to win by every measure there is’

But Obama probably will because of his ‘ideological stance’

By on Tuesday, 6 November 2012

Romney 2012

Today is a rather auspicious one in American political life. It is the day Americans will vote for Republican contender Mitt Romney, or to retain the present incumbent, Barack Obama. Much ink has been spilled and broadcasts made as to who is most likely to win or who, morally speaking, should do so. The race is still so close that it is anybody’s guess – though when I listened to the World Service during last night, the polls seemed to be slightly “trending”, as the commentators put it, towards Obama. Personally, as I have written before, I would prefer Romney as President. Many Americans would like him to win because “it’s the economy, stupid.” My gut instinct is that a proven and successful state governor and businessman might have better ideas on how to confront constructively the economic crisis in the US than the current president.

But it’s not the economy which most exercises me, as a conservative with a small “c”. It is the moral stance, the perspective on traditional values that exerts the greater pull. Leaving aside Romney’s strange religion – and he has also rather astutely managed to leave it on one side during the election campaign – he stands more for fundamental pro-life, pro-marriage and pro-family values than does his rival. What has been disappointing about his campaign is that he left it so late – almost until the first public debate with the President – to show his intelligent, reasonable, personable side rather than the unattractive personality he allowed the media to invent for him: that of a deeply boring and very ambitious rich man, out of touch with ordinary Americans and with a privileged person’s sense of entitlement.

According to Michael Voris today on ChurchMilitant.TV, Romney “ought to win by every measure there is”, but Obama might yet win a second term because enough people will support him for his “ideological stances” rather than for his performance on the economy i.e. the modern, liberal American mindset will approve of his endorsement for changing the definition of marriage and his support for universal contraceptive and abortion “rights” and ignore everything else. Voris thinks in his pugnacious fashion that if Obama wins it may be “God’s judgement on a wicked and perverse generation” rather than “our judgement as to who is the best man to occupy the White House.”

Then there is the view of the US Catholic bishops who, according to, have pointed out that in the last four years America has seen “the largest expansion of abortion rights since Roe v. Wade” and which has “increased funding to Planned Parenthood, the nation’s largest abortion vendor, by at least 30%.” They cite the words of Cardinal Raymond Burke in 2010: “You may in some circumstances…choose the candidate who will most limit this grave evil [of abortion] in our country, but you could never justify voting for a candidate who not only does not want to limit abortion but believes it should be available to everyone.”

What about American Catholics themselves, a bloc large enough to influence a close election? According to Archbishop Charles Chaput of Philadelphia, Catholics have traditionally been Democrats – yet have failed to change their allegiance “when the position of the Democratic Party on abortion has got worse over time.” It seems that Catholics within the Party haven’t shown a willingness to abandon their ancient loyalties when their Party has abandoned its own ancient principles. On the contrary, many American Catholics are just as liberal in their ideological stance as any other voter for the Democrats.

Sheila Liaugminas’ blog today reminds us that the Democratic National Convention in August changed the Clinton reference to the desire for abortion to be “safe, legal and rare” to merely “safe and legal”; a significant shift. She quotes the writer and biographer of John Paul II, George Weigel, who comments, “Voting is… a noble privilege because it asks each of us to bring our best judgement to bear on matters of grave consequence.” She concludes “God help us make the right decision.” Amen to that.

  • Deodatus

    Of course the right to life of the unborn child is paramount – but, even if a Republican Administration could, or really wanted to enshrine this in American law, the other agendas of Republicanism are frighteningly life-denying, ranging from stances on the death penalty, gun control, attitudes toward care of the ‘undeserving’ poor and vulnerable, denial of universal health care – the list could go on and is extensive.  As a Catholic, I must support and campaign for the right to life of the unborn – but not under the tainted Republican banner or any akin to it.

  • Hermit

    In the polling booth Catholics should ask themselves: if Christ were in my place here and now how would he vote? 

    If you know that after voting you are going to die and be judged by Christ, how would you cast your vote? 

  • Alexander VI

    If Romney really believes  in Mormonism he is an idiot. If he does not he is a liar.

  • Chetwode

    It concerns me that Romney, who supports Richard Mourdock’s view that because “forceable” rape confers life, it is the will of God, can even be considered for public office.

  • Genevieve.W

    Quoting a sermon by a Catholic priest, Fr. Sammie Maletta, I heard a few days ago on Youtube:

    “To support a candidate that supports abortion because he claims to be for the poor is like fixing a leaky faucet in your house while the whole place is burning down!”
     -Fr. Sammie Maletta-That is to say, just think, WHICH is the crucial issue here? The poor can be helped but NGOs, the Church.. volunteers.. anyone.. but MURDER? I think it is not justifiable for a CATHOLIC who LIVES in CHRIST to cast a vote that will mock the sacredness of life itself.. that is, by MURDERING millions of innocents.. 

    Think of what’s at stake.. what would Jesus want us to do? If you trust in Him, He will look after the poor… but please, protect His children..

  • Ch

    I can’t see why mormon myths are any less credible than any other faith beliefs. None of them are plausible.

  • Ghengis

    Of course Catholics are liberal; if for 40 years they hear nothing but the same social justice Marxist influenced sermons and then they observe the democratic party using the same rhetoric, then they will assume they are both one and the same message. The root of the problem is that if liberal poverty programs worked than they should have actually worked by now, after 50 years of us in the U.S. having a welfare state. Poverty has gotten worse because as the family breaks apart, poverty will get worse and no social justice rhetoric will fix the root of the problem.

  • Parepidemos

    I echo what Deodatus said.

  • Kevin

    Any belief that the universe comes from something is more credible than the belief that it comes from nothing.

  • Kevin

    The death penalty is consistent with Catholic moral teaching and gun ownership is consistent with self-defence. I do not know what you mean by a Republican attitude towards care of the vulnerable, though I do remember that liberals wanted Terri Schiavo dead.

    As for “universal health care”, voting against the Department of Santa Claus does not mean you oppose Father Christmas. It simply means you believe that the presents are more likely to be delivered if parents have good jobs than if bureaucrats have good salaries.

    Society is about more than government. Less government should mean more genuine love of neighbour – a return from the anti-Christian welfare state to the welfare church.

    The characterisation of the Republicans as unelectable is ridiculous and shameless rhetoric from the party of abortion, euthanasia and persecution of political opponents. Equally shameless is the corresponding characterisation of the Democrat leadership as compassionate.

  • Kevin

    He obviously meant the child is willed by God, not the rape – unless God is supposed to want the child dead.

  • Lewispbuckingham

     Unless you believe that nothing is really something, in which case you are truly  screwed.

  • JabbaPapa

    Rape is a lesser crime than murder.

    It’s astonishing how often people will forget this simple fact …

  • Guest

    I hope the Americans can see through him.

  • JabbaPapa

    The death penalty is consistent with Catholic moral teaching

    1) Thou shalt not kill.

    2) The Christ quite *deliberately* and *forcefully* preached against the death penalty ; I don’t see how you can claim that the opposite of His teachings might be “consistent” with Catholic teachings.

    3) The Christ Himself was subjected to execution after having received the death penalty — any and all who support this Evil are simply making themselves complicit with those who tortured and murdered our Lord

    and gun ownership is consistent with self-defence

    What a load of crap

  • Jeannine

    It is obvious you do not understand why the United States of America came into existence, nor do you have a clue what is the United States Constitution & how it unites groups of people from all walks of life, religions, & ethnicities to pursue life, liberty, & happiness as they see fit.

    Until then, you will never understand the American psyche nor American politics.

  • NewMeena

    That’s a really big howler Kev.

    Don’t you know that God is not a thing? (So can’t be a “someTHING”)

    PS: Who made God? (Yes, I know – nobody did. He must have come from a nothingness much bigger, i.e. much less nothing, than the nothingness that created the universe).

  • NewMeena

    “Rape is a lesser crime than murder.”

    Is it really?

    You don’t seem to have heard of the women who “kill themselves” as a result of rape.

    Of course the RCC apparently teaches that rape is better than murder, or even using contraceptives, because procreation may result from rape. 

    I think this is sick!

  • drj81

    It’s often difficult to rate the lesser of two evils but what comes to mind is taking a close look at what governements of either party have actually done regardless of any rhetoric. Tony Blair’s government for instance tried to ban certain types of hunting  but still went to war in Iraq. Did they tell the whole truth about this?
     Because abortion is so freely available and encouraged it has lead to more and more being carried-out. It’s a phenomenon that brings about more of itself and results in so much human misery and massive loss of life.

  • NewMeena

    “What a load of crap”    Isn’t it just, JP?

    “Thou salt not kill” BUT you can have a “just war” – and Catholics often have.

  • Jon Brownridge

     Jabba – I agree with you 100%. The Pro-life stand extends far beyond the rights of the unborn.

  • GratefulCatholic

    And JP, the correct translation is “thou shall not murder” – a big difference. And Jesus was no peacenik hippy: Mat. 10:34, Lk. 22;36.

  • David Lindsay

    The Evangelical Right, which has banged on for years that Obama was a Muslim, has just died. On no theological ground whatever, the Billy Graham Evangelistic Association removed the Mormons (whose beliefs are further from mainstream Christianity that Islam is) from the list of cults on its website, because, well, the Republican Party had nominated a Mormon for President, so they must be all right, mustn’t they? American Evangelical Protestantism is about to be started again by a rising generation which recognises quite how decadent that is.

    I couldn’t care less, as we say over here, which of these two pro-abortion, anti-social justice, pro-war candidates wins, although I expect that the man who failed to close Guantánamo Bay will do so.

    I care about the election or re-election of Bob Casey (Pennsylvania), Joe Manchin (West Virginia), Joe Donnelly (Indiana), Scott Howell (Utah) and Mark Clayton Tennessee) to the Senate, and of Mark Critz (PA-12), Mike McIntyre (NC-7), Brendan Mullen (IN-02), David Crooks (IN-08), Gary McDowell (MI-01, Bart Stupak’s old seat), Eric Stewart (TN-4), Nick Rahall (WV-03), Dan Lipinski (IL-03), Collin Peterson (MN-07), Hayden Rogers (NC-11), Charlie Wilson (OH-06), Chris Henrichsen (WY-01), John Ewing (NE-01), Steve Pestka (MI-03), and above all, the next President of the United States, Marcy Kaptur (OH-09) to the House of Representatives.

    All except Kaptur (for some reason – for my money, she’s the best of the lot) are the ones endorsed by Democrats for Life of America. Kaptur is just amazing: a pro-life battler and a Progressive Caucus member, who declined to endorse either Obama or Clinton in 2008 because neither was offering anything to her electors whose jobs had been destroyed by the “free” trade agreements that, like Stupak, she has become prominent in seeking to repeal.

    A pro-life woman seeking the Democratic nomination has happened before. But never on a full platform of policies. And certainly never from the economically populist, anti-war Left. 70 she may be in 2016, but bring her on.

  • Rizzo The Bear

    You know jack-squat about the RC Church and its teachings.

    Either learn about it properly and have a more INFORMED opinion… or else forever hold your piece… on this or any Catholic message board.

  • Lewispbuckingham

     Too true ! God is not a “thing” and if God was, God wouldn’t be God. “Things” have contingent existence, but God is the self_existent existent – so is “no thing” but not “nothing” God is unimaginably more than “a thing”, and certainly not less than “a thing” as we usually mean by “nothing”.

  • Ghengis

     Obama won today because social media and television make more impact than churches, bibles, or common sense. Either conservatives learn to compete in the media, academia, and social media or they will continue to lose like they did today. Btw, Thou Shall not Murder is the Correct Translation; you may kill in self defense and there is legimate reason for the death penalty-to cut down on repeat offenders.

  • mdcomm

    America has failed.  We did not do well today.  The decline of America will continue.

  • paulpriest

     Yes – a death penalty IS consistent – in grave moral dilemma circumstances in order to prevent an objective evil one may as a last resort have recourse to taking the life of a direct lethal unjust aggressor. One is entitled to defend both oneself or the at-direct-risk innocent.

    BUT Capital Punishment – execution of the safely incarcerated – is NOT a death penalty – it’s judicial murder.
    Death penalty refers to casualties within a just war, or police shooting dead a suicide bomber before they detonate or any circumstances where the saving of immediate at-risk life is the intention. The ONLY JUST recourse to a Death Penalty is in Self-defence against an unjust direct immediate life-threatening force.

    Death is not a valid form of punishment.
    Judicial murder is a laetae sententiae excommunicable offence.

    Since the Catechism of Trent the very nature of accepting one’s own execution WAS NOT as punishment – it was a self-sacrifice to expiate for one’s sins and to guarantee the safety of the collective within adherence to civic statutes and to reconcile oneself with God and the community.

    Jabba says the rest…

  • Guest

    Well be thankful to God that Romney did not win? 

  • Patrickhowes

    Well done.You are learning at last!

  • Joesem

    Well, he lost. That’s sad. Another four years with no new stupid bloody wars. The super rich may be required to pay some tax, and what pisses me off most, the poor might get minimum health care. What’s next? 

  • Joesem

    Obama wins Catholic vote with confidence, 50-48 per cent, a wider margin then the general population. Even among weekly churchgoers, 41 per cent vote for Obama. 

  • Petertheroman

    How is killing another human compatable with being a Christian? did not Christ rebuke peter when he drew his sword? Did he not give up his life on the cross? 

  • Petertheroman

    You shall not kill period. You do nothave owner ship over man God does. Christ went to the cross, yet he had the whole army of heaven todefend him. Just because those who go before us justify murder doesnt mean we should. This world will never be better if we stand in contempt of Gods love for his creation. I would never defend my self since in him i am already dead and yet i live.

  • Petertheroman

    You cannot say you love God and kill. Thats why the world is so lost, because people have forgotton christs own words and instead they are puffed up with pride in their own words and reason to justify their actions. Murder is murder you cannot chose what is right in someones death. You have not left Gods mercy to change a human heart, you assume that person will never change. You violate Gods will in murdering someone. St paul says the gratest gift is love. Would you then say you love someone when you kill them. I think not. Justify it all you want. Love thy neighbour, but yeah its ok to kill him. I think not! I would die by anyones hand be it Gods will. People are lost in their reasoning and forgotten to listen.

  • Chetwode1

    The very idea that our loving Father would will the life of a child through violation and brutality towards another of his children is morally repugnant and against Catholic moral teaching 

  • Chetwode1

    The Catechism offers a clear moral teaching: “Rape is the forcible violation of the sexual intimacy of another person. It does injury to justice and charity. Rape deeply wounds the respect, freedom, and physical and moral integrity to which every person has a right. It causes grave damage that can mark the victim for life. It is always an intrinsically evil act. Graver still is the rape of children committed by parents (incest) or those responsible for the education of the children entrusted to them.” (no. 2356)

  • chasjay

    The bishops want to gain the whole political world, but may lose their souls in the process. They are relying on civil law to buttress their own moral teachings. Shouldn’t they teach and preach? Laws will not stop the conduct it tries to control. We have thousands of murders and millions of incidents of violence annually. Even bishops could not follow legal requirements about sexual abuse of children by clergy. It is a matter of the heart, of love, not sucker-punching, threatening and bullying voters. I voted yesterday. When my bishop did not appear to fill out my ballot, I did it myself. 

  • Richard

    “Is it really?”
    Yes of course it is – that’s why we give harsher punishments to murderers than rapists. Its a pretty universal view. Can you think of a country where rape carries a higher penalty in law than murder?

  • JabbaPapa

    You don’t seem to have heard of the women who “kill themselves” as a result of rape.

    Haven’t I ?

    oh no sorry — actually, I have.

    Rape is a lesser crime than murder.

  • JabbaPapa

    The operative word is “despite”.

    oh, and you’re spouting rubbish BTW

  • JabbaPapa


  • JabbaPapa

    No it isn’t — the correct translation is “thou shalt not KILL”.

    Deal with it

    The Christ was killed by death penalty — the death penalty is intrinsically evil.

  • GratefulCatholic

    JP, I could elucidate but I won’t - with respect, you are quite wrong: study the scholarship of both Hebrew and New Testaments on this matter, the Magesterium and Catechism of our Catholic Church, Thomas Quinas and Hugo Grotius. All Catholics have the right to proportional self defence, even lethal force. Civil Authorities likewise, our Church says, may, following due process, administer the death penalty.   

  • JabbaPapa

    One can be grateful he didn’t — alas, Obama won, which outcome is also quite terrible…

  • Parasum

    “On no theological ground whatever, the Billy Graham Evangelistic Association removed the Mormons (whose beliefs are further from mainstream Christianity that Islam is) from the list of cults on its website, because, well, the Republican Party had nominated a Mormon for President, so they must be all right, mustn’t they?”
    ## Apart from the fact that Mormonism is polytheistic, and thoroughly unorthodox in many other doctrines, it is thoroughly Christian in belief. Islam is closer to Christianity in doctrine than Mormonism is, for Mormonism is more like the worship of the ancient Greek gods, but with a 19th-century US veneer. A sexually-active Elohim coming done from the star Kolob and inserting his genitalia into the BVM is more like Zeus than like the God of the Bible. The God of Christian faith is a Spirit – unlike the Mormon “Elohim”, He does not go around engaging in one-night stands with girls betrothed to men.  

    Kudos to the BGEA.    

  • Parasum

    repeated post thanks to Disqus. 0 to see here.

  • Sweetjae

    Right on! You forgot to mention the stupid wars and its destruction that Republicans might bring on the table!

  • Sweetjae

    I second that motion.

  • Sweetjae

    Correct! The State or any man has the right to self-defense, lethal if necessary. What the Republicans are doing is, bringing stupid wars and trying to justify it as self-defense.