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China’s new leader presides over a monstrous tyranny. But you won’t hear Cameron mention that

May God bless the real Republic of China – Taiwan

By on Monday, 19 November 2012

New members of the ruling Politburo Committee, including China's leader Xi Jinping, centre (Photo: AP)

New members of the ruling Politburo Committee, including China's leader Xi Jinping, centre (Photo: AP)

The American presidential election did drag on, didn’t it? I followed it, more or less, all the way from Iowa and New Hampshire, a year’s hard campaigning, longer than most modern wars, and all for a result that in the end was never really in doubt except for a few precious moments after that first debate.

So, you have got to hand it to the Chinese for getting the important matter of choosing a leader, for the next 10 years too, out of the way so quickly and efficiently. No primaries for Mr Xi, no debates, no trudging round swing states, no addressing crowds of ordinary people, no hanging around in diners and pretending to be a regular Joe. Oh no. Mr Xi, he different. Very different.

Mr Xi emerged, fully formed, from his chrysalis, to an immediate standing ovation. Who chose him, and how was he chosen? Both of these questions are matters for expert Sinologists, but I think it is fair to speculate that the group who did the choosing is probably smaller than the College of Cardinals and less representative.

We live in a democratic age, and yet no one seems to be in the least cross that the leader of the world’s most populous country has no democratic mandate whatever. More people voted for the least significant parish councillor in Great Britain than voted for Xi. But when Mr Cameron (as he surely will) goes to China he will continue the tradition of sucking up to the Chinese leadership first pioneered by Edward Heath. But Mr Xi ought to command no respect. He ought to be an international pariah. He presides over a monstrous tyranny that, among other things, forces women to have abortions, and persecutes Christians. But that will cut no real ice with our Government, sadly.

One thing that does cut ice in popular terms is the continuing Chinese oppression of Tibet. And rightly so. When the Chinese leadership pays a return visit, I hope that the Friends of Tibet will be out in force, demonstrating in a way that they could never do in China itself or indeed in Tibet. Let us remember that China is the world’s largest colonial power, holding Tibet against its will. This is something that you do not hear the British Government talking about much.

If the British Government does not have much time for the Dalai Lama, a man who commands far more popular support than any Chinese leader, it has no time at all for one Chinese leader who has actually been elected by Chinese people in a free and fair election (unlike Xi). I mean, of course, President Ma of the Republic of China (Taiwan), who in 2008 was elected with seven and a half million votes, which represented 58 per cent of the total. Ma’s mandate is rather more impressive than Xi’s, yet as far as Britain is concerned, Ma does not exist, and should anyone attempt to acknowledge Ma, Xi and his people will be very cross. In fact, the diplomats of the People’s Republic of China make considerable efforts to persuade everyone of the non-existence of Taiwan, a successful, prosperous and democratic Chinese state – one where Christians are free to practise their faith.

So, forgive me if I do not rejoice at what many term (without apparent irony) the “anointing” of Xi. When I think of the President of China, I think of Ma. At the risk of sounding like someone who is unutterably attached to lost causes, I say God bless and prosper the people of the real Republic of China, Taiwan. And may God deliver the people of Tibet from tyranny!

  • EndTimes101

    Good grief Father, do my eyes deceive me?! A real red meat subject and your prepared to take a little bite. Your a new man! What next, an expos on what the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation really do with their Billions? That would be my suggestion anyhow…….

    Amazing example that the power of prayer (and a good rebuke) can move mountains (and hearts) after all!
    Keep up the good work please :-)

  • mollysdad

    The tragedy of China is a combination of the fact that it is truly an empire of evil in every way you say, Father, with the fact that it is a civilisation – “empire” and “nation” are words too small for it – of such resilience, evolutionary superiority and hence survivability that it will overtake the West as it recedes into the twilight of barbarism, driven by its leaders’ obsession with promoting gay marriage and mass fatherlessness.

  • maxmarley

    Mr Xi on the one hand and on the other hand, Lang Lang. Both are inscrutable Chinese. 
    One a tyrant and the other who worked his way up from childhood peasantry in a remote part of this vast country to become a leading exponent of the piano in the western Classical tradition.
    I know nothing of the tyrant but what little I know of the pianist astonishes me.

  • NewMeena

    “Oh no. Mr Xi, he different.” (This first remark reminds me of Benny Hill’s Chinese character.)
    “sucking up to the Chinese leadership”
    “But Mr Xi ought to command no respect”…..etc

    The Rev. Father seems to have descended from his more usual lofty prose, and will probably please many “red meat” hunters (as in the case of EndTimes101) with this new shot-gun style and “new man” image.

    But, unlike Father Alexandra L-S, politicians need to acknowledge, and relate to, the real world.
    “…the real Republic of China, Taiwan” – pure fantasy.

  • mollysdad

    No, not pure fantasy. The government in Taipei is the only legitimate government of China, and will remain so until the Bolshevik insurgents on the mainland complete its overthrow, or until one or the other declares independence.

  • NewMeena

    Apologies: I meant Father AlexandER L-S.


  • Alexander Lucie-Smith

    Taiwan is a true republic – it has the rule of law. The People’s Republic is a latrocinium, and thus not a republic at all.

  • GratefulCatholic

    Britain, France and the USA voted Gaddafi on to the UN Security Council in October 2007, that now is quietly overlooked too.

  • Acleron

    Strange but rather heartening to hear praise for democracy. Presumably we can expect the laity to elect the next pope.

  • Benedict Carter

    China still has its GULAG. But who is its Solzhenitsyn or Shalamov? 

    Dictators with western business suits. Do not be taken in.  

  • GratefulCatholic

    1 Samuel 8: 7-22, always cools my rare moments of passion for politics.
    Regards, GC 

  • Parasum

    It is however a fact that the PR of C is a tyranny. And if previous form is any guide, no Western leader is going to mention this.

  • Kevin

    Well written, but I am not sure how Cameron’s politics elevate him above the Chinese government.

    As regards religion, to adapt a line from Yes, Minister: “Suppression of the Church is the instrument of totalitarian dictatorship, we don’t talk of that sort of thing in a free country. We simply take a democratic decision not to allow anyone to practise Christian charity”.

  • James Redman

    Tyranny may be found in any form of government-it doesn’t discriminate-as we are beginning to see with the ‘tyranny’ of the ‘liberal secular elite’ in this country with their rejection of Divine Law.
    Democracy ain’t all its cracked up to be.
    “Nec audiendi qui solent dicere, Vox populi, vox Dei, quum tumultuositas vulgi semper insaniae proxima sit” St Alcuin to Charlemagne Holy Roman Emperor.

  • AugustineThomas

    You’re all cowards just like us.

    The West used to stand for something.

    Now it’s a mass of welfare case drug addicts who will elect anyone who promises more free goodies.

    At least the Chinese are acting like men and not grovelling at the feet of other powers like Britain and the United States.

    Anyway you’ll all be dead or Muslim soon any way and then at least we won’t have to watch you lying and deceiving each other into oblivion any longer..

  • AugustineThomas

    Let’s hope not. If the Church starts acting like Britain it will find itself on an irreversible death spiral as well..

  • AugustineThomas

    “Our country is falling apart and we’ll be overrun by Muslims in a decade, but we’re really nice and accepting of each other and that’s what will count after our country is gone!”

  • Anglian

    And then helped ensure that he died a summary death like a caught rat–something which they could have prevented had they been so minded.

  • Columban

    Oh and Tony Blair’s opposition to the death penalty melted away when the U.S. started using it (for it was them) in Iraq on Saddam and his cronies. Compared to that the mealymouthedness over China seems relatively slight to me.

  • GratefulCatholic

    I agree and a good reason to put no faith in fickle politicians. I hear this morning (in NZ) that Cameron has recognised the ragbag mob in Syria as the “Legitimate” government. Many of these have been killing British troops in Iraq and Afghanistan. Now one can argue against those two wars, but being there it is pretty stupid (or evil) to also support and arm your adversary in another theatre. 

  • Sweetjae

    Very true, according to my Math, maybe in 30 years. Indigenous white population of Europe is dying slowly and nobody seems to noticed it. Rampant abortion, euthnasia, gay-marriage, co-habitation without the responsiblily of having children are on high demand. These and others dont contribute to the propagation of species which is the total opposite of the Muslim population, exponentialy growing.

    Christ warned when people abandoned God, look at Turkey.

  • Columban

    Alcuin is a most impressive figure and almost certainly very holy. But when was he canonised? I agree he ought to be.

  • Columban

    I could not agree more. British policy towards the war in Syria, is stupid, immoral, and short-sighted, But that does not seem to bother Cameron or Hague. It as if they take their orders from  Saudi Arabia…

  • mollysdad

    A latrocinium? That’s a Roman military toilet, isn’t it?

  • GratefulCatholic

    I have just finished Churchill’s “Aftermath” and he makes the point that the British Conservative Party and the senior military class in Britain had(have) been actively pro- Mohamedan and pro- Turk since the days of Gladstone. They (and the French &USA) frustrated every attempt by Lloyd George to keep the Turk out of Europe post WW1. You know, I think Englands’ woes have their roots in the Tudour religious experiments – as ye sow, so shall ye reap. I thank God every day that I am now a Catholic AND Loyal Englishman, just wonderful.
    My Regards, GC