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Morning Catholic must-reads: 03/12/12

A daily guide to what’s happening in the Catholic Church

By on Monday, 3 December 2012

Pope Benedict is framed by a carousel horse at yesterday's Angelus (AP)

Pope Benedict is framed by a carousel horse at yesterday's Angelus (AP)

The Virgin Mary perfectly embodies the spirit of Advent,” Benedict XVI said in his Angelus address yesterday.

The Pope also welcomed the beatification of Devasahayam Pillai, an 18th-century convert from Hinduism, in Kottar, India, yesterday.

Pope Benedict has issued an apostolic letter, De Caritate Ministranda, providing “an organic legislative framework for the better overall ordering” of the Church’s charitable activities.

The former rector of America’s largest Episcopal church and pastor of George H W Bush has become a Catholic, joining the Personal Ordinariate of the Chair of St Peter.

Archbishop Charles Chaput of Philadelphia argues that “Catholic life needs to be reignited“.

Joe Luedtke wonders if the Pope should create an “Archdiocese of the Internet“.

And a song called “Love Cannot Be Silenced”, by Sister Kathy Sherman, has become “an anthem” for supporters of the Leadership Conference of Women Religious (LCWR) (full song).

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  • Margaret

    I have just read the article about Sister Kathy Sherman. Let me proclaim straight ahead: more and more people are indescribably FED UP!!! by even listening to as much of one single tone of similar “music”, PURE NONSENSE, written by amateurs, proclaiming themselves “composers”. So, what are we going to call Mozart, Bach, Beethoven and Handel, then, if Sister Kathy et al are “composers?!
    Also, one has to marvel at their ability of self promotion-without any talent-as at the apparent nad total lack of insight as to their abilities-rather, in this case, an absence of musical abilities. Hammering away on a guitar, to the tunes of extremely silly and banal texts, is all right at a private party or in your own apartment, but stop imposing this silliness on the rest of us! We are longing for TRULY BEAUTIFUL AND SACRED MUSIC.
    Furthermore, as I was searching for Christmas carols, classical ones, on the You Tube, I happened by chance to catch sight of a video from “´THE VATICAN, CHRISTMAS 2002″. It sounds very promising, doesn’t it? I love the pope, the Vatican and the Church. To my enormous disbelief, a young (Italian?) pop star was there performing something incredibly BANAL, and not even with a minimum of talent in her voice. Unbelievable! Surely, there are individuals- young women and men- with trained and beautiful voices.WHY HAD THEY NOT BEEN ASKED TO SING on an occasion like this? It is impossible not to understand this as a clear message: ALL OF YOU, WITH A GREAT TALENT, WHO HAVE SPENT YEARS AND LOTS OF MONEY to achieve a high standard- STAY AWAY, YOU ARE NOT WELCOME! That is, as parishioners, but definitely not as artists. I COULD HAVE WEPT, seeing this unworthy spectacle.
    God bless pope Benedict, who has great knowledge of classical music and who has reintroduced and encouraged classical music in the Church.
    I just HOPE that the same kind of embarrassing spectacle won’t be repeated during the coming WYD in Brazil.When will responsible catholics cease to encouraging simple and bad music, totally unworthy of the Church, especially on very important occasions? We are constantly told, and rightly so, that cattholics are not to follow the world; why, then, should we follow the extremely bad and worldly lack of taste in music?
    Actually, young people are fascinated by Gregorian chant. It is the middle aged generation who constantly repeat the same old thing, as a mantra, that “the young want to listen to pop music in the church”. Well, some of them might, but LOTS OF THEM don’t! Just ask any of the monasteries where gregorian chant is sung; even anti catholic media reported, several years ago, on the absolutely wonderful response and interest-especially from the young. One monastery attracted SEVERAL THOUSANDS of young people, after they had heard the monks chanting on a CD. Adult catholics, don’t hide your motives, whether conscious or unconscious, behind a surface of a caring attitude toward the young.
    Pray for beautiful and uplifting music in the wonderful and great catholic church.