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Morning Catholic must-reads: 15/01/13

A daily guide to what’s happening in the Catholic Church

By on Tuesday, 15 January 2013

The European Court of Human Rights in Strasbourg (AP)

The European Court of Human Rights in Strasbourg (AP)

The European Court of Human Rights has issued a landmark ruling on four cases of alleged discrimination brought by British Christians (full text).

Protestant youths threw petrol bombs at a church in a Catholic area of Belfast last night.

The Pope urged the Vatican police force to greet all visitors to the Vatican with “courtesy and kindness” during an audience yesterday (video).

Prince Albert II of Monaco and his wife, Princess Charlene, a convert to Catholicism, had a private audience with Pope Benedict yesterday (video).

Robert Royal is surprised by the strength of opposition to same-sex marriage in France.

Pia de Solenni wonders if there was a hidden agenda behind the Time cover story claiming that “abortion rights activists have been losing ever since Roe v Wade”.

And Michael O’Loughlin is impressed by a one-man play about clerical abuse supported by the Paulist Fathers.

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  • Alan

    We should rejoice at Ms. Eweida’s victory.  And if the UK had withdrawn from the European Human Rights Convention, as some anti-Europeans would like, she would not have won. 

  • AndreaGregorio

    The article on France is astonishing – for its attempt to exaggerate the scale of opposition!  Demonstraters said 800,000 – 1Million people marched.  The police said 180,000 – and it is the police that have the aerial equipment to calculate the approximate number!  This actual number is staggeringly LOW and accounts for about 0.35% of France’s general population – yes, ZERO POINT 35….  Since thr crowds were mobilised by the Church and by some small Muslim groups, the miniscule number is itself skewed even further by that factor.  Gay Marriage is going to happen in France as in the UK - Get Over It!  

  • Nat_ons

    It will happen, yes, I do not doubt it. As did abortion, at first from indulgent kindness – then as a legal right – now on demand (with or without a doctor’s rubber stamp). So too with the drip-drip-drip undoing of the Christian (and customary) understanding of marriage (as something more than a legal document binding on partners); after all, the world (and its significant other) now requires it. 

    That the world will demand worldly things can be of no great surprise. And that the Catholic Church must oppose that sort of worldly whim also must not surprise; it alone had opposed divorce, as destructive to social life, it alone opposed destruction of the handicapped or unwanted, as offensive to human dignity, it alone opposes assisted self-destruction, as contrary to medical ethics. It has (for the most part) lost the struggle against the legalised choreographic partner changes that divorce entails; it won, in part only, a stay of execution on the infirm, the retarded or the discarded .. in Nazi Germany at least; it may well lose the struggle to maintain the sacred aspect to marriage between one man and one woman (under Christian Sacrament), just as it is likely to lose the struggle against a legalised right to assisted suicide .. yet that it must continue to oppose such ideologies as the world craves (in liberty to do as it pleases) is not itself a passing whim, it is integral to its very life – in witness to Christ.

  • Daniel Hayes

    Its not anti-European to want to have decisions affecting one’s country made by one’s countrymen.

  • ExAng

    I cannot believe that a heard recently a ‘senior’ Church of England spokesperson say that the Church must fit in with the views of the world, or present day society. I thought the Lord had told us that we should fight against the World, the flesh and the devil?

  • adamson

     for every one on the march there will be ten more at home