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Morning Catholic must-reads: 05/02/13

A daily guide to what’s happening in the Catholic Church

By on Tuesday, 5 February 2013

Benedict XVI with the then Serbian president Boris Tadic at the Vatican in 2009 (AP)

Benedict XVI with the then Serbian president Boris Tadic at the Vatican in 2009 (AP)

A papal visit to Serbia marking the 1,700th anniversary of the Edict of Milan “is not possible”, the Apostolic Nuncio to Serbia, Archbishop Orlando Antonini, has said.

The Pontifical Council for the Family announced yesterday that it will release a “Charter of Rights of the Family” this year.

A Catholic hospital in America said yesterday that it had been “morally wrong” to argue that the unborn child is not a person in response to a wrongful death lawsuit.

The Irish government will publish a report on the state’s involvement in the Church-run Magdalene laundries today.

Benedict XVI has called a consistory to consider three canonisation Causes: those of an Italian tailor, a Colombian religious and a Mexican Sister.

Austen Ivereigh and Tina Beattie discuss whether Catholics should support the same-sex marriage Bill British MPs will vote on this evening.

And Richard Gaillardetz considers whether “magisterial activism” – an outpouring of curial and papal documents – is “a necessary ecclesial response to our postmodern information age“.

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  • scary goat

    When is someone going to do something about Tina Beattie?  

  • teigitur

    Tina Beattie. Now what sort of a Catholic is that lady? No sort I would venture. Bent on destroying the Church. THE EASIEST WAY, FROM THE INSIDE.

  • scary goat

     Yes.  The problem with this sort of thing is that “ordinary” Catholics who haven’t been well catechised may think that this is an acceptable “alternative view” that may somehow become negotiable because it is aired by a “Catholic Theologian”. I doubt if she is deliberately trying to destroy the Church, but airing her misguided opinions in public is subversive.  Someone needs to tell her to zip it.

  • OldMeena

    But she is a teacher of mainly Catholic university graduates and undergraduates, a prolific writer of books, holder of many prestigious offices and speaker at many meetings and conferences.
    I doubt that she believes in many (probably almost all) of the things the Catholic-in-the-street, or the old fundamentalist, believes – but this is almost inevitable.

    But I would agree that she does write some monstrous nonsense, for example about the “tyranny of reason”.
    On the other hand perhaps she doesn’t believe in the supernatural or life after death or the divinity of Jesus – so it’s not all negative. Her explanation for the existence of evil in the world is weird.

  • Elizajgr

    Has his Holiness issued any statement or acknowledgment of the women who served in the Magdalene Laundries? Or is he absolved because he wrote a pastoral letter of apology for crimes committed by clergy in 2010?

  • Elizajgr

    When is someone going to do something about the Catholic Church?