A daily guide to what's happening in the Catholic Church

The cardinals are not expected to set the date of the conclave today because they are still awaiting the arrival of Cardinal John Tong Hon of Hong Kong.

The Sistine Chapel has opened its doors to tourists this morning for the last time before the conclave.

Bishop Charles Scicluna, former Vatican promoter of justice, has said that the struggle against clerical abuse is “a battle we cannot lose“.

David Perlich profiles the “grand electors” who will gather support for the next pope at this month’s conclave.

William Doino Jr argues that “what critics of Joseph Ratzinger miss is how profoundly his work has affected the personal lives of Catholics across the globe“.

Philosopher Peter Kreeft shares the “three most profound ideas” he has ever had.

And children at an American school have held a mock conclave, resulting in the election of Pope Sebastian I.

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