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Morning Catholic must-reads: 15/04/13

A daily guide to what’s happening in the Catholic Church

By on Monday, 15 April 2013

Pope Francis at St Paul Outside the Walls yesterday (AP)

Pope Francis at St Paul Outside the Walls yesterday (AP)

Inconsistency on the part of clergy and lay people “is undermining the Church’s credibility“, Pope Francis said at Mass at St Paul Outside the Walls on Sunday (full text, video).

The Pope called for prayers for the “many Christians who suffer persecution” at the Regina Caeli yesterday (full text, video).

The world’s tallest statue of Blessed Pope John Paul II was unveiled in Częstochowa, southern Poland, on Saturday.

Rocco Palmo, Andrea Tornielli, Fr John Zuhlsdorf, John Thavis and John Allen reflect on the announcement that a group of eight cardinals will advise Pope Francis on Church governance.

Stacy Meichtry and Alessandra Galloni explore how Cardinal Jorge Mario Bergoglio went from outsider to Pope in just 15 days.

The Economist reveals why Francis is being described by some as “a Ukrainian pope“.

And an Italian publisher has released a Pope Francis sticker album, with 400 images to collect (video).

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  • ALEX

    At last a Pope who tells churches to pray for the suffering brethren. These people suffer for us, and we should use the time they give us to gain more Wisdom.

  • Mary360

    I wonder why people think Benedict was into having us “hunker down” as Stacy Meichtry and Alessanra Galloni state in their assessment of Bergoglio. First, he trusted us to go out and spread the good news and encouraged us to so in many homilies. Second, he traveled a lot for a man of his ages with his health. He could have stayed at home. He obviously went out and he went to places where he was unwelcome. Third, he reinvigorated the “New Evangelization”. Was Bergoglio being anti-Ratzinger in his comments or was he tired of hearing the other Cardinals be side tracked in their speeches. Did he just get up and remind them of what the essential is? I’m so tired of this pitting the two against one another.

  • NYer

    At last? I am sorry, but when I hear those words being spoken these day, I find that it is usually from someone who hasn’t been paying attention.