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Morning Catholic must-reads: 26/04/13

A daily guide to what’s happening in the Catholic Church

By on Friday, 26 April 2013

Benedict XVI makes his last public appearance as pope on February 28 (CNS)

Benedict XVI makes his last public appearance as pope on February 28 (CNS)

The Pope Emeritus is likely to return to the Vatican in the next few days, Vatican spokesman Fr Federico Lombardi said yesterday.

Fr Lombardi also said that Pope Francis may issue an encyclical on faith this year based on preparatory work by Benedict XVI.

An extensive security operation will aim to keep the Pope and millions of pilgrims safe during World Youth Day in July, Brazilian authorities have said.

Australia’s Jesuit province has reported a “healthy surge” in vocational inquiries following Pope Francis’s election.

A court has upheld Caritas Germany’s decision to dismiss an employee who formally left the Church during Benedict XVI’s pontificate.

The National Catholic Reporter argues that bishops worldwide should be held accountable for clerical abuse failings.

Fr James Martin SJ asks if Pope Francis has made it acceptable for priests to hug children again.

And Zenit catches up with a priest who taught the future Pope Francis Greek and literature in the 1950s.

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  • teigitur

    I do wish you would stop promoting anything from the National”Catholic”Reoprter, Mr Coppen. It has no place on an authentic Catholic site, as The Catholic herald site mostly is. The NCR is the enemy of God and his Church on earth.

  • Polycarped

    I agree and many others have made the same comment in recent weeks – but never any response from the Herald!

  • We are church

    No, JAMES MARTIN, SJ; the “change” you are talking about was initiated by POPE BENEDICTUS XVI. The most respected historians already came to the conclusion that “pope Benedict XVI will go to history as the first pope who really tried to combat sex abuse in the church.”
    Pope Francis will continue on this path, thanks to what was already done by his predecessor Benedict.
    Also, JAMES MARTIN, SJ: it seems to me that either your memory must be very short, or you are deliberately trying to say sth negative about Benedict XVI in relation to “hugging and kissing children”.
    We saw Benedict hug and kiss children many times!!!! Where were your eyes on all of those occasions? Or did you see, but refused to see, that the enormous kindness, humility and shy manner of Benedict, with adults AND children, was very charming and impressive?
    Come on, JAMES MARTIN, SJ; you seem less interested in whether children are “hugged and kissed”, than demonstrating your aversion towards Benedict.
    There are far too many liberal jesuits around, apparently…

  • Luke Coppen

    Thank you for your question. I link to the National Catholic Reporter because I believe that in order to be truly informed you need to read a variety of news sources. A link doesn’t imply an endorsement.

  • teigitur

    I can think of no reason why any Catholic needs to be “truly informed” about what the NCR thinks.You might as well quote the C of E or the C of S. In fact in some cases they would be better sources of authentic Catholic teaching.