A daily guide to what's happening in the Catholic Church

Pastors must be careful not to become mere functionaries, Pope Francis told the Italian bishops yesterday (full video).

The Pope has confirmed Cardinal Agostino Vallini as Vicar of Rome.

The US government’s drone policies “seem to violate the law of war, international human rights law and moral norms“, the US bishops’ conference has said.

The Christian Brothers in North America have settled a $16.5m (£11m, €13m) lawsuit with more than 400 abuse victims.

A Nigerian bishop was forced to hold his installation ceremony outside his diocese this week following tribal tensions.

Filip Mazurczak profiles Don Pino Puglisi, who will become the first “martyr of the mafia” to be beatified on May 25.

And David Zahl reflects on the theology of American Catholic satirist Stephen Colbert.

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