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Morning Catholic must-reads: 06/06/13

A daily guide to what’s happening in the Catholic Church

By on Thursday, 6 June 2013

Cardinal Kurt Koch, president of the Pontifical Council for Promoting Christian Unity

Cardinal Kurt Koch, president of the Pontifical Council for Promoting Christian Unity

Cardinal Kurt Koch, the head of the Pontifical Council for Promoting Christian Unity, will end a two-day visit to Ukraine today aimed at healing divisions between Catholics and Orthodox believers.

A new bill could lead to forced abortions in New York state, Cardinal Timothy Dolan has warned Governor Andrew Cuomo.

Filipino bishops have criticised a decree encouraging missionaries to tote guns in the country’s hotspots.

Parents of an American journalist abducted in Syria have said they are grateful to the Pope for speaking out on behalf of kidnap victims.

Pope Francis has expressed his condolences on the death of Polish Cardinal Stanisław Kazimierz Nagy.

Fr Raymond Schroth SJ argues that the new evangelisation is running out of steam.

And Business Insider says rich countries full of Catholics are the most accepting places in the world for gay people.

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  • NatOns

    “Fr Raymond Schroth SJ argues that the new evangelisation is running out of steam.”

    Well, at the US American National “Catholic” Reporter and its audience that might well be true – its contributors had very little appreciation of the awesome Benedict XVI and hoped, vainly, the truly beloved Francis would restore the Age Of Aquarius feeling of We-Are-Church-independence from the Catholic Church, its divinely allotted leadership, and the infallible teaching authority entrusted to their care: Christ’s own

    It is not true of:

    Nor of:

    Let alone of:

    And so many more …

    God Bless Our Pope!

  • Sara_TMS_again

    Paradoxically, Francis has made us National Catholic Reporter types (or some of us, at least) quite papalist. (Though most lefties are quite papalist if you’ve ever noticed- whether for our against, they can’t stop talking about the Pope.)

    But I suspect Francis will actually do more for the New Evangelisation, by not talking about it but just getting on with it, than the last two Popes put together.

    (To be fair, Benedict was more about pruning than going out to the margins, even if he seemed to prune harder than was strictly necessary at times.)

  • NatOns

    Sara, yes, I agree with you; that NCR supporters have taken to Francis (at the moment, and despite his steadfast rejection of unorthodox views) is without doubt good news, indeed it is the gospel at work (even in the NCR’s reluctant, but growing, appreciation of Benedict XVI’s tireless groundwork for the New Evangelisation and his continuing humble witness).

    However, that the awesome Benedict did not go out to the margins, seeking to draw the excluded back to the heart of the Church, and all without seeking to advance a hermeneutic of rupture is hardly supportable by the evidence. Far from merely pruning the excesses, in truth, he has tended his charge with the uttermost care – and sought to open the household of the Catholic Church in genuine oecumenical love to all and any who would accept Christ’s discipline. Note well how easily they dovetail in their witness as successors to Peter’s self-sacrificial ministry; and how well ‘Beati Paupers Spiritu’ captures the character of our Pope emeritus .. the blessedness of the poor in spirit, whose kingdom is heaven.

    God bless our Pope!