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Morning Catholic must-reads: 25/06/13

A daily guide to what’s happening in the Catholic Church

By on Tuesday, 25 June 2013

Pope Francis attends a meeting with Jewish leaders yesterday (AP)

Pope Francis attends a meeting with Jewish leaders yesterday (AP)

Many Jewish people remain concerned about the prospect of Pius XII’s canonisation, Lawrence Schiffman, chairman of the International Jewish Committee for Interreligious Consultations, told the Pope yesterday.

A hermit staying at a Franciscan monastery in Syria has died after reportedly being struck by a stray bullet.

Burmese Archbishop Charles Bo has said he hopes the Church can act as a bridge between warring Buddhists and Muslims.

Yesterday Pope Francis received the leader of the Qom ethnic group, who are in dispute with the Argentine president Cristina Kirchner (video).

Sandro Magister, John Allen and Laurence England weigh up what the Pope’s absence at last Saturday’s concert in his honour really means.

Mark Shea reveals “the most popular moral heresy in the world“.

And Melinda Selmys argues that James Joyce anticipated Pope Francis in his critique of the “spiritual narcissism” of the Church.

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  • NatOns

    ‘A Jewish leader expressed concern to Pope Francis on Monday over attempts to make a saint of World War Two-era Pope Pius XII, who has been accused of turning a blind eye to the Holocaust.’

    There are no attempts to make a saint of the Venerable Pius XII, he was a saint and is now a Saint, in life and in the canon of the Catholic Church. Shimmying around this fact of our Faith does no good whatever in addressing the political concerns of the those Jews and Catholics who still seek to perpetuate the calumnies against Pius XII (if not all in the Church of those days). Note, I say political not spiritual concerns; a man’s political actions may well give rise to concerns yet that does not mean he is not holy to God; that Pius XII could have made even greater political efforts than he did to oppose the Nazi madness goes without say – every political force .. including the leaders of the Zionist movement .. could have do ‘more’ – but that Pius XII actually did act to save the lives of Jewish people as Jews under his own aegis and through the remit given to others in his name is beyond the merest shadow of a politically-minded doubt .. and to save the life of but one Jew is to be righteous among the gentiles to all spiritually-awake Jews.

  • Sara_TMS_again

    Thanks for the links to the three pieces on the Pope’s absence from the concert.

    None of them make the point, though, that the Pope’s release of the thanks he was going to give at the concert makes it clear that he had clearly intended to be there. He was not making a statement: something must have come up that can’t be reported.

  • scary goat

    Wow…”the most popular moral heresy in the world” is amazingly good. I suggest everyone reads it. It makes one feel a little uncomfortable… a good way.