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Catholic parents really need to know what their children are being taught in sex ed classes

Sadly we can’t trust the Government or schools to inculcate good sexual ethics

By on Thursday, 27 June 2013

Parents have a duty to find out what is taught in the classroom (AP)

Parents have a duty to find out what is taught in the classroom (AP)

Earlier this month a proposed amendment to the Children and Families Bill, making sex education compulsory in England and Wales, was defeated in the House of Commons.

Did you hear about this in the mainstream media? It seems that only people with a special interest, whether that’s us, or our opponents, are talking about this.

It is, of course, good news that this amendment was defeated, although the Bill was only defeated by 24 votes, which means we should not rest easy.

Why is this good news? Exactly what is taught in sex ed? The Christian Institute produced this document in 2011, informing parents of what was being recommended in many of our schools. According to the report, materials featuring full-frontal nudity were recommended for seven-year-olds (in Hampshire and Sheffield, among other places); and in some areas books featuring cartoon people having sex on a skateboard were recommended for children as young as five. It would almost be funny if these materials were not recommended in all seriousness. Many, if not most, of these resources will still be on different Local Education Authority (LEA) directives.

It is clear that sex education should not be taught in this way, especially in primary schools. Obviously children should be taught about human reproduction, ideally by parents, once the child can understand that for such an intimate thing as sex a committed relationship between the man and woman should already be established (ideally marriage).

Currently no school has to give sex education, although every primary school has to teach reproduction. Where a school chooses to teach sex ed, each LEA may have resources that governors and heads can choose for their schools, with class teachers able to adapt these to the needs of their class. Parents may withdraw their children if they wish.

At the moment, not every LEA has subscribed to these materials, and not every school delivers sex education – even in secondary the programme is non-statutory. But if you live in an area where materials like these are used, and your children’s school gives sex ed, you should consider withdrawing your children from those classes and encouraging others to do likewise. If you are not sure if your child’s school teaches sex ed, ask your child’s teacher.

As for the argument that we need more sex education at a younger age to tackle Britain’s teenage pregnancy and abortion problem, the problem is surely not that Britain’s teenagers don’t know what a condom is: the problem is more likely to have arisen from raising children to have as much irresponsible sex as they like as long as they use contraceptives.

Catholic parents should be involved in their children’s education and aware of the threat that sex education poses – in this life, if children grow up to have a teenage pregnancy or STI, or if they cohabit or even choose an abortion as a result of living the life that sex ed promotes – and potentially in the next life, although fortunately that is not for us to judge.

  • paulpriest

    No correction required thank you – and the indictment stands – that while you lot were handwringing, bewailing your lot and rending your garments over the sight of bare breasts and generic secular worldviews and epithets – which children encounter every day…

    …REAL EVIL is occurring all around us – like the Catholic Education Service endorsing and allowing Connexions access into Catholic schools…like CAFOD brainwashing the kids [don't forget the promoted sustainability material for Youth Sunday a few years back?] telling them that having children is an crime against mother earth and population control is the only way ahead – that condom provision is regular Catholic pastoral practice in the developing world [Oh wait - that's the boss of Catholic Voices]

    Children are not little baa-lambs that need to be blinkered from evil…
    You cannot protect them from it every second of the day
    Therefore you have to make them able to resist it – fight it – and not be corrupted or subsumed by it…

    So please – rather than lecture – deal with the real issues!

  • Greg Clovis


    I deal with the real issues every day for the past 17 years. I rarely waste time writing blogs but I have made this is an exception. To put the record straight, we (Family Life International) which I run without salary and in what spare time God gives me, have raises thousands of pounds to fight the death culture (abortion, contraception, population control, the support of mothers and children suffering from HIV/AIDs etc) for developing countries. We have spoken to thousands of young people about chastity and making good life choices in schools, colleges and universities. We speak and train hundreds of couples to use NFP as well as informing them of the dangers of contraceptives. We run Catholic catechetics classes for teens that they may keep our Catholic Faith in later years. We organise the 500 crosses for life procession every November getting Catholics and non Catholics involved. Before Abort67 was doing the work they do, we were doing that work and have been arrested for it. We will be in Rome later this year give 6 lectures to seminarians and priest concerning life issues in preparation for their own priesthood. Over the past 17 years we have organise conferences around the country talking on every Life issues long before it was an issue in the UK. We speak to parents about strategies of bring up their children authentically Catholic. Tomorrow I’m speaking to a large group of priest about why we as Catholics we are a declining population and giving strategies we should use to counteract it. Beside that I have had to maintain 10 children 4 of whom are studying in Rome for the priesthood. You must remind me what the hell you are doing to correct the state of the Church indeed our country besides writing this nonsense which everybody knows.

  • paulpriest