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Morning Catholic must-reads: 04/07/13

A daily guide to what’s happening in the Catholic Church

By on Thursday, 4 July 2013

Cardinal François-Xavier Nguyen Van Thuân in Rome in 2001 (CNS)

Cardinal François-Xavier Nguyen Van Thuân in Rome in 2001 (CNS)

The diocesan phase of the Cause of the heroic Vietnamese Cardinal François-Xavier Nguyen Van Thuân will conclude tomorrow.

The Vatican’s financial watchdog has become a member of the Egmont Group, a financial intelligence network combatting organised crime.

The Archdiocese of Seoul has launched a “rosary marathon” for the canonisation of 124 martyrs.

Cardinal Nicolás de Jesús López Rodríguez had caused uproar after using a pejorative term in reference to the new US ambassador to the Dominican Republic.

New evidence suggesting that Cardinal Timothy Dolan attempted to shield assets from abuse victims as Archbishop of Milwaukee is “shocking“, says the New York Times editorial board.

Yoel Cohen considers what impact Pope Francis will have on Catholic-Jewish relations.

And John Burger says the Pope has quickly established a remarkable rapport with Orthodox Christians.

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  • NatOns

    Yoel Cohen considers what impact Pope Francis will have on Catholic-Jewish relations.

    “Since then, Catholic and Jewish theologians and leaders have engaged in an interfaith dialogue, which culminated in the Holy See and the State of Israel establishing diplomatic relations in 1993.”

    This shows the different planets on which the Catholic Faith and Jewish politics must reside. Israel, while a blessed concept and to be supported (even if critically), is a saecular state not the faith of Jewish people .. which rests on the Promised Land not any one particular political expression of it (passing as politics must be). And Catholic politics – if there is any single political stance that is particularly of the Church as Catholic – must consider all peoples, Arab and Israeli, Christian and non-Christian, in communion with Rome and beyond it .. or it cannot claim to be Catholic in the sense used by the Church.

    Much indeed has changed since Nostra Aetate. In 1965 Jewish scholars, leaders and press still treated the Venerable Pius XII as one of the very few great beacons of Light in Europe’s Darkness during WWII – with its unforgivable scientific-eugenics experiment in exterminating God’s Chosen People; and, besides, no small number of Catholics still liked to view Jews (per se) as perfidious – even as deicidal traitors to the Messiah, the Word of God incarnate, rather than as but part of mankind’s disobedience toward the Lord, the God of Abraham, Isaac and Jacob. Today few Catholics even of the more reasonable Traditional stance would sit comfortably with a finger pointed squarely and solely at the Jews and their descendants as the doers-to-death of Jesus, while now the vast majority of Jews have indeed changed volte-face in their public (and private) opinions on Pius XII, few only seeking to challenge the deformation of his character (and that in the glare of bitter opposition from some Catholics and many Jews alike); yet Nostra Aetate could not have come about without the ground breaking love of Pius XI and Pius XII for the Jews as Jewish (not converts from it), whether or not the state of Israel politically recognises their work or Jews at large appreciate Pius XII’s incomparable – and not less astonishingly successful – efforts to save many (and thus to save all, even if only in saving one soul).

  • Isabel

    Thank God for Cardinal Van Thuan!!!!
    And shame on all the bishops and Cardinals WHO embrace homosexuality and same sex unions.
    Why don’t you just put up a huge sign, hanging it on your breasts, writing in scarlet letters, that “the only thing I as a bishop/arscbishop/cardinal is burning for is same sex unions.”

  • Guest

    With reference to Cardinal Rodriguez, I once took a Brighton-bound train in which a group of men dressed in leather bondage gear paraded up and down the aisle making profane comments. I have never seen a so-called “pride” parade, but many pictures have been published showing them to be equally worthy of “pejorative comment”. Yet there is never any “uproar” about them.

    In the case of the Dominican Republic, Obama is the one being provocative.

  • godswill