A daily guide to what's happening in the Catholic Church

Australian Cardinal George Pell has said that Coptic communities are being persecuted “even outside Egypt“.

Bishop Hugh Gilbert of Aberdeen has compared the Nashville Dominicans’ arrival in Scotland to the moment “the US 7th Cavalry appears over the hill” in Westerns (full text).

A Catholic priest in Nigeria has reportedly killed himself while “cleaning his double-barrelled gun”.

Megan McArdle urges western countries to give asylum to Egypt’s Copts.

Joseph Bottum, former editor-in-chief of First Things, has said “there are a couple things” he regrets in his widely discussed article on same-sex marriage (full audio of interview).

Sandro Magister argues that two figures appointed by Pope Francis are “the living negation of his programme of housecleaning and reform“.

And Kevin Jones considers why the Hilton Foundation is giving the National Catholic Reporter a $2.3m (£1.5m, €1.7m) grant to create “a website devoted to the coverage of Catholic Sisters globally“.

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