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Today’s Catholic must-reads: 11/09/13

A daily guide to what’s happening in the Catholic Church

By on Wednesday, 11 September 2013

Pope Francis's document 'take everything from the synod on new evangelisation and puts it in a wider framework' (PA)

Pope Francis's document 'take everything from the synod on new evangelisation and puts it in a wider framework' (PA)

Pope Francis urged Christians to discover the date of their baptism and celebrate the day annually at his general audience this morning (short video, full video).

The Pope has written a letter to Eugenio Scalfari, the atheist founder of La Repubblica newspaper, about whether God forgives those who don’t believe in him (full Italian text).

Empty convents should be turned into hostels for refugees, not hotels, Pope Francis said during a visit to a refugee centre in Rome yesterday (full text, video).

John Thavis says the new Vatican Secretary of State, Archbishop Pietro Parolin, is already making waves before he officially takes up the post (full text).

Jesuit priest Fr I Michael Bellafiore offers “10 ways to revitalise the Catholic Church“.

George Weigel praises GK Chesterton’s “singularly fetching way of demolishing an intellectual opponent without drawing blood or leaving bruises“.

And a priest who gave Francis a 1984 Renault claims papal security guards are terrified the Pope will “be tooling around the Vatican in my car“.

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  • Guest

    Pope Francis, homily at Mass, 15th August 2013:
    “The Apostle Paul, writing to the Corinthians, insists that being Christian means believing that Christ is truly risen from the dead. Our whole faith is based upon this fundamental truth which is not an idea but an event.”

    Pope Francis, letter to non-believers, quoted 11th September 2013:
    “I wouldn’t talk, not even to those who believe, about “absolute” truth.”

  • NatOns

    Indeed; but rather more damning of the Holy Father’s incoherent – yet pleasant – ‘talks’ (one can’t really label most of them homilies, which demand at least a minimum of forethought and accuracy and coherence) one can see a wonderful flaw in a glowing gem in his stated dislike of triumphalism in the Church but his emphasis of the Victory of Christ (for if any earthly experience must involve the truly triumphal it is this vindication of the Lord with His body, the one, holy, catholic and apostolic church and in no other saving name besides His).,_proclaim_jesus_without_fear/en1-727225

    This nonsensical dichotomy between the Triumph of the Cross and the triumphal joy of the Resurrection as lived out in the life of the Church – the Bride of Bridegroom, as His especial triumph over the Accuser, sin and death – shows abundantly that the Holy Father has not yet quite grasped the full reality of being the Sovereign Pontiff of a royal and priestly People: for ours is Christ’s Triumph, on earth as it is in heaven .. in doing the Father’s will.

    ‘This does not mean though that the truth is variable and subjective. Instead, it means that it gives itself to us always and only as a journey and a life. Didn’t maybe Jesus say the same: “I am the way and the truth and the life.”? (Jhn 14 : 6) In other words, truth, being ultimately all one with love, requires humility and openness when sought, accepted and expressed.’ Pope Francis to Eugenio Scalfari.

    The true dichotomy arises between those who do seek, accept and express the divine gift of grace-filled faith in Jesus Christ, Love all loves excelling, the Way, the Truth and the Life and those who obdurately reject this gift, freely, willingly, rationally (even if only at the death of the flesh, but before the Judgement Seat that follows this death).

    God Bless Our Pope; dear Lord Thou knowest wherein he doth need Thee – for it behoves us to glory in the Cross of our Lord Jesus Christ, in Whom is our salvation, life and resurrection: by Whom we are saved, and delivered.