A daily guide to what's happening in the Catholic Church

Archbishop Silvano Tomasi told a UN panel today that the Holy See recognises there is “no excuse” for clerical abuse (full text).

A Mexican bishop has urged the country’s president to do more to bring peace to the troubled western state of Michoacan.

Pope Francis’s May visit to the Holy Land will mark “the beginning of a new era”, Rabbi Abraham Skorka has said.

Ross Douthat, Grant Gallicho and Matthew Schmitz respond to Damon Linker’s suggestion that liberal Catholics don’t care about doctrine.

George Weigel says that, while the Pope can’t change doctrine, “the Church can surely develop its pastoral approach to homosexuals and the divorced“.

Jimmy Akin argues that Francis didn’t give “a ringing, explicit endorsement of public breastfeeding” in the Sistine Chapel.

And the Japanese bishops are seeking the beatification of a 16th-century convert known as “the samurai of Christ”.

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