A daily guide to what's happening in the Catholic Church

Francis told Belgian young people that he is “absolutely” happy in an interview broadcast yesterday (full English text, video in Flemish, English and Italian).

The Pope proclaimed three new saints from the Americas yesterday by a step known as “equivalent canonisation” (Canadian bishops’ statement).

Rome officials have promised to provide four million free bottles of water, 106 ambulances and more than 1,000 chemical toilets to the three million pilgrims expected at the papal canonisations.

Islamic leaders in Chicago have honoured Cardinal Francis George for strengthening ties between Catholics and Muslims.

Matt Ford wonders if Pope Francis will condemn the persecution of gay people in Uganda.

Whiskey Catholic says the single malt Queen Elizabeth II gave Pope Francis yesterday is “supposedly pretty good”.

And Joseph Kenny meets an ex-Navy SEAL who describes himself as “a painter for God” following his conversion to Catholicism.

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