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Today’s Catholic must-reads: 07/05/14

A daily guide to what’s happening in the Catholic Church

By on Wednesday, 7 May 2014

Pope Francis (AP)

Pope Francis (AP)

The Holy Spirit’s gift of counsel is “a treasure for the entire Christian community“, Pope Francis said at today’s general audience (full video, short video).

Paul VI is likely to be beatified on October 19 after the Congregation for the Causes of the Saints reportedly approved a miracle attributed to the pope (video).

The Church is “not against birth control at all“, Cardinal Walter Kasper has said in a radio interview (audio at 24:55).

The Irish government has appointed its first resident ambassador to the Holy See since 2011.

Andrew Revkin sums up the conclusions of the four-day Vatican summit on the environment.

Brandon Vogt explains how you can receive text messages from Pope Francis.

And Sister Cristina Scuccia has once again wowed the judges on The Voice, with a rendition of Mariah Carey’s “Hero”.

The next Morning Catholic must-reads will be on Thursday, May 15


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  • Guest

    ‘Andrew Revkin sums up the conclusions of the four-day Vatican summit on the environment.’

    But will the Holy Father listen up, and actually implement the changes that can make a real difference .. or cling to the faux humility of fossil fuels pumped out of smaller motors?

    ‘Decisions at the scale of cities, towns, school boards, corporate boards – even households – will, in a cumulative way, be enormously influential and are more apt to be directly shaped by the worldviews and priorities of individuals.’

    Yip! Shanks’s Pony and a generous submission to letting others help is the answer .. but then, who’s listening anyhow!

    And one can still have a nice, occasional, and well deserved trip ..

    God Bless Our Pope!

  • Liturgically Abused

    “The Church is “not against birth control at all“, Cardinal Walter Kasper has said in a radio interview (audio at 24:55).”
    Either he is playing with words or with the Faith.

  • Liturgically Abused

    “Paul VI is likely to be beatified on October 19 after the Congregation for the Causes of the Saints reportedly approved a miracle attributed to the pope (video).”
    Let’s have a CH blogger blog on this so that the conversation about the merits (or otherwise) of this beatification can start…

  • Guest

    A bit of a churlish move based on politics (of the churchy sort) not the merits wrought by divine grace in a wonderful, flawed, witness to Christ; a quietly enduring yet valiantly expressive witness to the Faith, even a miraculous one.

    His elevation to the altars of the Catholic Church, in memorial, is not a matter of dispute but of witness; none who knew, and shared in, the profound suffering of this soul in his troubled pontificate could doubt the divinely wrought merits of his tangled saintly heroism .. plagued not least – but not solely – by the consequences of his own decisions.

    It is the Lord our God who makes saints-in-calling and Saints too in the joy of His Beatific Vision, the Catholic Church, of course, merely points out the heroic virtue involved and the gift of the Holy Ghost in both the moral flesh and the heavenly glory; his ‘political’ achievements and calamities are also worthy of debate, I agree, but not in the context of publicly recognising the heroic virtue of his witness to Christ .. in season and out, received and rejected, occasionally as acclaimed and more generally as crucified – under brutal ignominy.

    ‘The transmission of human life is a most serious role in which married people collaborate freely and responsibly with God the Creator. It has always been a source of great joy to them, even though it sometimes entails many difficulties and hardships.

    The fulfillment of this duty has always posed problems to the conscience of married people, but the recent course of human society and the concomitant changes have provoked new questions. The Church cannot ignore these questions, for they concern matters intimately connected with the life and happiness of human beings.’ Venerable Paul VI, Humanae Vitae.

    God Bless Our Pope! Lord, help us all!

    St Michael defend us in the day of battle!

    Papa Pacelli, Santo Subito!

  • Guest

    Yip! But then, L A, he is one of many pastors crafted in Modernism as if it were the ‘new’ orthodoxy (sic) .. so it is probably both not ‘either / or’ – and with a great deal of skipping merrily through the Accuser’s vile smoke screen spewing up still through that fissure wrenched in the sanctuary – which made Venerable Paul VI’s difficult reign a living martyrdom (troubled already as it was by the consequences of his own decisions): aka priestly disobedience.


  • lewispbuckingham

    ‘Scientific knowledge reveals options. Values determine choices.

    That is why the Roman Catholic Church — with
    its global reach, the ethical framework in its social justice teachings
    and, as with all great religions, the ability to reach hearts as well as
    minds — can play a valuable role in this consequential century.’

    All too true.
    That’s why the Church must get the science right before jumping onto a ‘Green Party ‘
    Morally we are obliged to not only’ subdue the earth’, but not destroy it in the process.
    Morally we are obliged to question any science that proffers a theory which cannot be validated, such as the extreme sensitivity of the climate to increasing CO2 levels and alarmist rhetoric about this fiction.
    Particularly when such a theory is effectively unfalsifiable as the dire predictions keep changing and end up in one or two life times.

    Morally we are obliged to look at the consequences of warming vs cooling and the utility of making adaption to either.
    Particularly on the poor who need cheap base load power to obtain clean water, cooking sanitation, housing and health care.
    For if we get this wrong, the Church will be making another apology to the poor, when

    the climate predictions that have failed so far, are shown to be spurious.

  • Miriam

    I hope the daily must-reads blog is not being discontinued.
    I enjoy it’s quirky tangents.

  • Fides_et_Ratio

    Men speaking of birth control is only “amusing” to people who haven’t overcome the childish attitude that girls and boys should fight each other. It is only mature to hear what a person says without attacking the person’s sex.

  • Fides_et_Ratio

    97% of scientific papers dealing with the question of AGW agree it is true.

    The greenhouse effect is not a conjecture invented yesterday. It is a theory that dates to the XIX century.

    If I had symptoms of cancer, and I visited 100 oncologists, and 97 of them said I had cancer and should have chemotherapy, I would listen to the oncologists, not to a crazy right-wing lunatic who claims it is all a left-wing conspiracy.

    I have never been accused of being left-wing. It is just that I put science before politics.