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Human traffickers, slave owners and arms manufacturers must remember “they shall have to give account to God“, Pope Francis said at the general audience today (full text, full video).

The Pope appeared to be in good health today after two days of rest due to “a minor indisposition“.

Almost all of the Christians have fled” Mosul after Islamists overran the city on Tuesday, Chaldean Archbishop Shimoun Emil Nona has said.

Pope Francis could visit the war-torn region of Mindanao during his January visit to the Philippines, a cardinal has said.

Polish prime minister Donald Tusk has said a Catholic doctor must perform abortions “regardless of what his conscience is telling him“.

Kevin Clarke says the Tuam babies furore shows “how quickly misinformation can travel in our socially-mediated era“.

And deposed bishop Bill Morris has written a “tell-all book” suggesting he was the victim of “a conspiracy between Vatican bureaucrats and ultra-conservative Catholics“.

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