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A community that does not have care for the aged “has no future“, Francis said at a Mass for the elderly yesterday (full text, full video, short video).

Jesuits must “row in the service of the Church“, the Pope said at Vespers marking the 200th anniversary of the restoration of the Society of Jesus (full text, short video, full video).

Tens of thousands attended the beatification of Opus Dei leader Álvaro del Portillo on Saturday.

Vatican detectives found “tens of thousands” of child pornography videos on former nuncio Józef Wesołowski’s computer, Corriere della Sera has reported.

John Allen says the Italian media is wrong to claim that Vatican Cardinal George Pell’s influence is waning.

Fr John Zuhlsdorf struggles to get his head around “what Pope Francis might really think about economics“.

And a lawyer has won the competition to write the official hymn of World Youth Day Kraków 2016.

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