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Madeleine Teahan says Britain is just days away from crossing a moral Rubicon

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Stephen White on the hiring and firing of Americans in the Vatican

Fr Raymond de Souza celebrates a most ‘peculiar’ saint

Francis Phillips reviews a book on a persecuted prophet

Will Gore reviews a terrifying cauldron of drugs and vigilantism

Bishop David McGough on human insecurity

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Harry Mount glories in St Paul’s, Wren’s baroque masterpiece

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Pastor Iuventus hears a confession at a Chicago Airport

Benedict Cumberbatch is the thinking man’s Hamlet, says Robert Tanitch

Charlie Hegarty reviews the book on the family that spawned terrorists

There’s something vile about the Auschwitz tourist boom, says Will Heaven

The great political scrap over the papal visit to America

Matthew Ward wants every Catholic to hear Sir James MacMillan’s new symphony

Michael Duggan on the priest who played rugby for Ireland

Mary Kenny praises the wife of Richard Dawkins

James Whitehead urges Catholic schools to resist the ‘mindfulness’ fad

Ampleforth is isolated, but not inward-looking, says David Lambon

Richard Ingrams reveals how the Kids Company story broke

Fr Ronald Rolheiser asks if human nature is at odds with God