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Medieval churchmen would recognise the imagery of the anti-Zionist movement, says Howard Jacobson

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Catholics should take no pleasure in Orthodoxy’s woes, warns Fr Mark Drew

Jonathan Wright admires the super-tough New World Jesuits

Bishop David McGough reminds us that faith cannot cling to the comfortable securities of the past

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Melissa Kite is ambushed by Europhile dog-walkers

Fr Raymond de Souza has some advice for the Vatican’s bewildered press office

James Jeffrey sees the Church reborn in a Muslim nation

Lucy Russell on accepting that MS is now a part of her life

Quentin de la Bédoyère says we mustn’t call evolution a theory

Mary Kenny recalls a creepy dinner with Sir Clement Freud

Jenny McCartney is gripped by a film exposing the Eternal City’s dark side

Jonathan Wright admires the super-tough New World Jesuits

Pastor Iuventus thinks there’s nothing ‘unpastoral’ about canon law

‘Human rights’ has become a byword for injustice, laments Michael Tugendhat

Fr Ronald Rolheiser explains why we need pacifists

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