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Anian Christoph Wimmer proposes a remedy for a Church that’s wealthy but in decline

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Julian Filochowski on Oscar Romero’s Christ-like sacrifice

Ed Condon explains why Catholics can’t be Freemasons

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Nick Hallett asks what makes appropriate church art

Richard Ingrams says Hilaire Belloc could face the same fate as Cecil Rhodes

Alex Polizzi on the true meaning of marriage

Fr Mark Drew says unity with the Orthodox could happen

Quentin de la Bédoyère looks at how Catholic poetry brings us face to face with mystery

Mary Kenny on a pioneer of plastic surgery

Michael Duggan delights in Westminster Cathedral

Dan Hitchens on a chatty but erudite history of affirming faith

Melanie McDonagh has a requiem for her local bank branch

Fr Ronald Rolheiser says it is we who need God, not the other way round

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