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Meet ten amazing young Catholics

Mary O’Regan profiles ten young people from different walks of life who are living out their Catholic faith in extraordinary ways

By on Thursday, 25 August 2011

Paschal Uche welcomes the Pope (Photo: CNS)

Paschal Uche welcomes the Pope (Photo: CNS)

1. Paschal Uche

Paschal Uche is the personable young man who welcomed Pope Benedict outside Westminster Cathedral during the papal visit to Britain last September. Paschal, 22, is a pharmacy student from east London and was chosen by the Diocese of Brentwood to personally welcome the Holy Father on behalf of young Catholics.

A global television and internet audience of several million saw Paschal giving a speech of welcome to the Pope, and he was splashed all over the BBC, the Daily Telegraph and Sky News. He then summoned the nerve to shake Pope Benedict’s hand and ask him for a blessing.

The Pope replied with the words: “Thank you for your warm welcome.” The Pope was also given a royal welcome by 2,500 other young Catholics gathered in the piazza of the Cathedral. The first anniversary of the Pope’s visit is now approaching and many consider that the joyous greeting that Paschal gave the Pope dispersed a lot of the negativity in the mainstream media about how the Pope would be received in Britain.

Paschal is known for having a lively evangelising spirit, and he made three videos for Westminster diocese’s website which encouraged young British Catholics to become pilgrims at World Youth Day in Madrid. The videos were released on the UK Papal Visit Facebook page.

2. Lila Rose

Lila Rose is only 23, but since founding Live Action eight years ago she has done some of the most influential pro-life campaign work to date.

Lila is best known for her sting operations where she has exposed alleged abuses committed by America’s largest abortion provider, Planned Parenthood. For the past five years Lila has visited their clinics all over the US, wearing police video cameras to document staff practices.

Using the new media to make these known, Live Action YouTube videos have attracted millions of hits. In February Lila told The Catholic Herald that even ardent supporters of Planned Parenthood are becoming “disgusted”.

Lila was raised a Protestant but converted two years ago to Catholicism because she hungered for the Eucharist.

Most recently, Lila has turned her attention to upholding the US bishops’ firm guidelines that abortion doctors must not be employed by Catholic hospitals. She runs peaceful information stands outside Catholic hospitals that employ abortion doctors as  full-time staff.

She has spoken about her work and the role of young Catholics in the public square at two World Youth Day events, the International Youth Coalition’s conference and Viva Vida Pro-Life Youth Festival.

3. James Bradley

James Bradley is a pioneering transitional deacon of the Personal Ordinariate of Our Lady of Walsingham. He read the Apostolic Constitution Anglicanorum coetibus in November 2009 when he was 25 and studying to be an Anglican priest. In March 2011 he joined the personal ordinariate.

James and 38 other members from St John the Baptist Anglo-Catholic parish in Sevenoaks, Kent, crossed the Tiber together during Holy Week this year.

He and Daniel Lloyd were the only Anglican deacons to join the Personal Ordinariate in the first wave. They hope to be ordained as Catholic priests.

James acted as deacon at Pope Benedict’s welcoming liturgy at World Youth Day last week. He sang the Gospel, which was the parable of the house built on rock, in front of almost a million people. The Gospel was especially apt, as the very nature of the personal ordinariate is that Anglo-Catholics may keep their traditions, but continue to build their faith on the permanence of rock-solid papal authority, which reaches right back to St Peter.

James went to World Youth Day with vocations exploration group Quo Vadis? He also helps with the Ordinariate Portal website, which has attracted over 300,000 readers, and took part in the Vatican Blogmeet in May. He continues to harness new media to spread the word about Anglicanorum Coetibus, and is on Twitter as @jamesdbradley.

Bradley is a surname from both Old English and Irish, meaning broad field or wood. It is an appropriate name for so enthusiastic a labourer in Our Lord’s pasture.

4. Rocco Palmo

Rocco Palmo, 28, from Philadelphia, is perhaps the world’s leading Catholic blogger. Known sometimes as the Church Whisperer, he has written the Whispers in the Loggia blog, which focuses on recording the life of the Catholic Church in North America, since 2004.

Cardinals and bishops have on occasion made Rocco privy to sensitive information and has broken the news of appointments to major American archdioceses long before the mainstream media.

In 2010, in recognition of Rocco’s great ability to use the blogosphere to communicate the message of the Church, he was awarded an honorary doctorate from the Aquinas Institute of Theology. He has commented on Catholic affairs for a wide variety of media outlets, including the New York Times, Washington Post and the BBC.

He was a guest speaker at the recent Vatican Blogmeet, where he spoke about how Catholics can use blogs to share their beliefs with a limitless number of people. Rocco recently reported on World Youth Day in Madrid and his riveting posts gave an international internet audience a chance to savour the atmosphere and great developments at this year’s event.

5. Leah Darrow

The American public got to know Leah Darrow from her time appearing on the television show America’s Next Top Model and from her days as a model in New York. But after a dramatic change of heart Leah made a huge career change: from modelling for FHM magazine to being a full-time chastity speaker.

Leah was born on a small farm in Oklahoma to loving Catholic parents, but during her heyday as a model didn’t take her faith seriously. But one day she had a road-to-Damascus conversion at a fashion shoot and God showed her that her soul was being damaged by the modelling industry.

Leah left her high-profile modelling career and now works full-time for Catholic Answers, America’s biggest lay-run apologetics organisation.

She criss-crosses the United States and speaks to thousands about her conversion and why she advocates chastity.She shares with her audience the huge pressure that she was put under to be more sexually provocative when she was posing for fashion shoots and how this compromised her Catholic faith.

Now 28, Leah appears on several secular television programmes, as well as on EWTN. In July she spoke about chastity and youth on a United Nations’ panel.

6. Manny Pacquiao

Boxing idol and politician Manny Pacquiao of the Philippines is leading many boxing fans to the Catholic faith by his example.

Manny is 32 but has been a pro boxer since the age of 16. The eight-division world champion who has won 10 world titles is a committed Catholic who frequently acknowledges that his sporting achievements are blessings from God.

Before each boxing match he kneels in prayer, asking for the grace that he needs to win the fight. After each bout, he organises a Mass of thanksgiving, thanking God that neither he nor his opponent have been harmed.

Manny grew up in grinding poverty and his pious mother thought he would become a priest. He chose to get married and have a family. When he is not in the ring he devotes himself to helping the poor in his home country.

In his own neighbourhood he has given financial help to hundreds of local children so that they could make it through school. Manny was elected as a member of the Filipino parliament in 2010 and has fought against the controversial Reproductive Health Bill, which if introduced would mean that health practitioners in the Philippines would encourage the use of condoms and contraceptives. He supports the Church hierarchy in its opposition to contraception and has also opposed a bill to legalise divorce.

Manny has been pilloried by his more liberal political colleagues, but he maintains that marriage is an institution that should not be violated by lawmakers and that better marriage preparation must be provided instead.

7. Jeff Grabosky

On May 20 this year, New Jersey’s Jeff Grabosky became the 18th person to run across the United States.

Jeff, 28, is unashamedly Catholic and began his run on the west coast of America on January 20, the feast of St Sebastian, the patron saint of athletes. He woke at 4 am each morning, and over the course of 121 days ran up to 65 miles a day until he reached the east coast of America, in total covering 2,300 miles on foot, the equivalent of more than 141 marathons.

Jeff, a graduate of Notre Dame University and a great believer in the power of prayer, decided that he would not do this epic run for any particular charity, but for prayer. Jeff’s beloved mother passed away in October 2006, and he did the run in her memory.

Jeff’s run was an arduous pilgrimage. Each day he prayed continually. At all times Jeff carried a rosary ring and invited people to leave prayer requests on his website. He promised at least a decade for each intention. Many of the prayer intentions concerned sick children, which motivated Jeff to pray all the harder and he offered up the physical pain of the run for them.

This September Jeff will start work as a teaching assistant in a Catholic primary school in Phoenix, Arizona.To keep up to date with Jeff, or to submit a prayer request, log on to his website.

8. Robert Colquoun

Robert Colquhoun is a British grassroots pro-life activist and leader of last year’s inaugural 40 Days for Life event in London.

He encourages those opposed to abortion to pray on the footpaths surrounding clinics. He also distributes pro-life literature to the general public and advises pregnant women on where they may get help to continue their pregnancy.

Robert, 29, is from Oxfordshire. He holds a degree in history and spent some time discerning a vocation to the priesthood. He is a convert from Anglicanism and wrote an inspirational booklet that upholds Mother Church’s teachings on sexuality called Finding Love in a Superficial Age.

Robert has travelled all over the country giving talks to school students on chastity and defends the Church’s steadfast teaching against IVF.

In July, during Lewisham People’s Day, Robert gathered a group of nine young people to run a large, colourful pro-life stall that had beautiful pictures of an unborn baby developing in the womb. The hundreds of local people who milled around the stall had the chance to learn that life begins at conception.

The next 40 Days for Life event in London is fast approaching and will be held outside BPAS abortion clinic in Bedford Square from September 28 to November 6.

9. Matthew Fradd

Matthew Fradd, 28 is a native of Australia and a steadfast Catholic, but he was agnostic until he had a profound conversion at World Youth Day in Rome in 2000.

Matthew has travelled as a missionary in Canada, Texas and Ireland, speaking to thousands of teenagers about the Gospel and love of Christ. But he has developed his ministry towards spiritual renewal for people who are fixated on pornography.

Matthew acknowledges that there was a time in his own life when he was addicted to porn, and that it was only through reciting the rosary and turning himself over to Our Lady that he overcame this compulsion. He continues to fast and pray that he does not succumb to porn again.

He has since journeyed all over the world giving talks about the dangers of pornography. Not content to just talk in church halls, Matthew bravely organises talks about the grim reality of porn in clubs or bars.

In 2009 he set up the site, which gets about 7,000 visitors a day and has fascinating articles from people who worked in the porn industry and offers help on how to overcome obsession with porn.

He now lives in Donegal with his wife and two children. In June he announced that he has started writing a book for Catholic Answers.

10. Fr Andrew Pinsent

Fr Andrew Pinsent, a priest of the Diocese of Arundel and Brighton, was ordained in 2005 and in the following six years has undertaken many groundbreaking ventures.

He is both research director of the Ian Ramsey Centre for Religion and Science at Oxford University, and a member of the Faculty of Theology at Oxford.

Part of the academic research that he is presently undertaking examines how science can illuminate our understanding of personhood and also develop the traditional proofs for the existence of God.

He co-founded the Evangelium Project, which provides innovative resources for proclaiming the Gospel in the modern world, in affiliation with the Catholic Truth Society. In 2006 he published the critically acclaimed Evangelium catechetical course. As Fr Pinsent has explained on EWTN, his previous experience working in advertising before becoming a priest helped him to present the faith in an attractive way.

This August Fr Pinsent ran the fourth Evangelium Conference and spoke on the recovery of Sacred Scripture.

Along with his long-time collaborator Fr Marcus Holden he has written a number of CTS books, including Credo, which explains the faith, and Lumen, a remarkable book that shows the great things that Catholics have given civilisation.

  • Ravens Prophesy

    If amazing means being a puppet and a poster boy for the world’s biggest corporation (the Catholic church), then this article is accurate.  Being in the Philippines, I’ll refer to Manny on this one.  Against the RH bill because he says “My parents had 4 kids, and they did just fine”, which doesn’t include the fact that he ran away from home at 14 (or younger).  Because his “parents did just fine”, he says he uses abstinence for birth control, even though his wife has admitted to using birth control pills (something only the rich here can afford).  His first and only debate since being “elected” into office was to debate the RH bill, and he got his arse handed to him.  And, to top it off, he refuses to get drug tested in the states, and olympic grade drug tested anywhere.  This is rather interesting when you look back a few years ago to before he started winning all these belts.  He was a so-so fighter, with a so-so record.  All of a sudden he wins everything nonstop, but won’t get tested for steroids?  This is what the Catholic church calls amazing?  Meh!  This article is just more propaganda for the CBCP!

  • cameron812

    Raven, take a shot of tequila and calm down tiger.

  • Matthewfradd

    Raven, take a shot of tequila and calm down there tiger.

  • robert girani

    Cameron:  Little hard to do when you not only see BS like this, but you live in it as well.  It’s organizations like this (Catholic church again) that put up all this resistance to such a simple thing as letting abused and abandoned spouses move on to happier relationship, and educating young women about their own bodies and the dangers (not the sins) of having sex at a young age.  It’s just propaganda used to control and dominate uneducated people.  By using a “national hero” like they do, they exert more control over a people who only elected Manny because he’s a good boxer, not a good politician.  I guess it’s one of those “you just have to be there” kinds of things.

  • Amigoajay

    lol im from uk..only person from list that i know is pacquiao..who are the rest?

  • Jacobhghs32

    Calm down, sir. Bash Manny all you want, call him a hypocrite. I don’t know if that is true. I do know that you speak as if you have a large chip on your shoulder, and have trouble believing you. In all reality, it seems that your favorite fighter lost to this guy. 

    And don’t insult the Church. What you call the world’s biggest “corporation,” is actually the world’s largest charity. 

  • Jacobhghs32

    Calm down, sir. Bash Manny all you want, call him a hypocrite. I don’t know if that is true. I do know that you speak as if you have a large chip on your shoulder, and have trouble believing you. In all reality, it seems that your favorite fighter lost to this guy. 

    And don’t insult the Church. What you call the world’s biggest “corporation,” is actually the world’s largest charity. 

  • Anonymous

    Jealous much Raven?

  • Anonymous

    It is always nice to read about young people from The Church, who have made their mark in a good way. Not the sort of stuff you will ever hear from the BBC.

  • Neilsdad

    Neil Lennon should be on this list.

  • Onggoy24

    I think Pacquiao is the only honest politician in my country..thats why I dont want him to continue politics cause he might become like the rest.

  • TRUE Pinoy

    here you are again… HERMET the CRAB!!!! tsk tsk tsk tsk amoy na amoy ko ang pagka PINOY mo… kaka hiya ka… ang lansta moh

  • Agree with Raven

    Pacquiao, the womanizer and gambler, as ten amazing young Catholics…. Now that is amazing…..

  • sprikitik

    tsk tsk tsk… yung mga taong utak talangka talaga walang magawa, mapag husga sa kapwa eh wala namang magandang nagawa para sa bayan! WHAT A SHAME..

  • Will Phoenix

    I would have responded sooner, but I was banned from commenting.  I guess censorship is alive and well in the Christian tradition as well?  Apparently, it’s against the rules to say anything negative about Manny around here?  To wit, I say….I make a conscious choice to open my eyes to ALL of the facts, not just what suits my religious agenda.  Only those with something to hide choose cowardly censorship to mask their ulterior intentions to program the masses.  If you are a true human being, you will choose to stand up for the whole truth with ALL of the facts…or at least try.  In regards to a chip on my shoulder, there is none.  I’m not a fan of boxing, or hypocrisy.  But it is this same organization that he is a “posterboy” for that would have abused and abandoned spouses live in misery to support their religious doctrine.  If you lived here in the Philippines as I do, you’d see it more clearly.  As for the “Crab” comments, since when did this become preschool?  I’ve been respectful of the commenters here (I’m quite skilled in dodging trolls), I expect no less than the same. -Ravens

  • Will Phoenix

    Manny did not get elected because of his political skills.  He got elected because of name recognition.  As we all know, he’s VERY popular here for his boxing wins.  Most people here don’t have an education, but they know TV.  When Manny fights, they’re glued to that box.  So when he ran for politics, people voted with what they know, not what was vetted out.  Manny had no verification of his stance, his past, his views.  Nothing.  Taking office, he did nothing until the CBCP asked him to take up the cause against the RH (Reproductive Health) bill.  He stepped into the “ring” in a debate with an average politician and was defeated with relative ease.  All Manny had for his defense was “My parents had 4 kids, and they did fine”.  That’s not debating the facts, nor is it representing the millions of young kids who don’t know a thing about their own bodies, let alone why having children at 12 years old is bad.  The fact is, the bible isn’t working.  Their parents don’t know the information to teach them, and likely wouldn’t due to the religious fear that exists here.  They need an education so they can make better choices.  When they do, overpopulation will lessen, and so might poverty.  Isn’t this what Manny SHOULD be promoting?  After all, his wife takes birth control pills, why shouldn’t underage girls?  What’s really wrong with using methods of control, even after a marriage?  The church needs to adapt to the modern times, and should be using Manny’s celebrity status to guide his country through a reasonable compromise that benefits both sides. -Ravens

  • Qwerty

    And you and Raven? You don’t even wash your hands b4 eating. You don’t even pay your taxes. You slept with your pet dogs yesterday. Now your talking.

  • Will Phoenix

    Ladies and gentlemen…I present to you the ever present troll.  As you can see, this troll is a solitary creature which feeds off of sowing discontent in public forums using whatever scraps of garbage it can find laying about.  Often, people find themselves ensnared in the slime they spread about the topic.  Fortunately, it has been proven that, by ignoring this pitiful creature, it will tend to shuffle off to other feeding grounds.  Though we try to preserve all species of life, this is one acceptable exception to that rule, and we can only hope they find eternal extinction in the near future. -Ravens

  • Oneng19

    What facts are you talking about…to say that filipinos are mostly uneducated is distortion of the fact.  For your info, the literacy rate in the Philippines is more than 90%.  

    Manny may not be a catholic apologist, but he believes in the catholic church as the only christian church which could trace their lineage to Jesus Christ through Peter and his successors.  To say that any other church has the authentic teaching of Christ would be saying that Jesus Christ is a liar cause he had promised the church the guidance of the Holy Spirit.  Read the scripture, and learn from the teachings of the apostolic fathers who knew what was not written but was taught by Christ.  Again the scripture without any doubt respects scripture and tradition.  

    A guy like you pretends to know something but actually you know nothing.  All you have is a cursory information and yet you pretend to be factual and scientific.  YOU EPITOMIZE THE ADAGE…IGNORANCE IS LOUD.

  • Ravens Prophesy

    As they say, “Cite your source”.  Here’s mine (one of many I can provide), posted in the (a Filipino newspaper) in July of 2009.  I give you this excerpt:
    “Speaking at a forum on education at the Asian Institute of Management in Makati, Escudero urged the Government to work sharply to reduce, if not eliminate, dropout rates in public elementary and high schools in six years.  He cited a UN report in 2000, which showed that in nearly five decades since the 1960s, dropout rates at the public elementary level had remained high, with 28 to 34 percent failing to complete Grade 6.  Of the 65, only 58 enroll in high school and 45 are able to graduate, Escudero added.  Citing the latest data from a separate study he did not identify, Escudero estimated that of the 100 children who entered Grade 1, only 86 moved on to Grade 2, 76 to Grade 4, 67 to Grade 6, and only 65 finally completed the six years of elementary education.”

    Manny doesn’t have to be an apologist, he just has to abstain from hypocrisy while representing the TRUE plights of his people.  There is abject poverty here amongst the 94+ million residents of this island nation.  Of those, MILLIONS are victims of spousal abuse and abandonment, which largely results in uneducated teens and even preteens having children.  These children poorly raise their children to repeat the cycle.  Manny, and the church, has no answers for these people except to pray.  Prayer isn’t helping.

    Lastly, isn’t it a bit ironic to say I pretend to know something I don’t when your entire argument rests on words written by men in a book thousands of years ago?  I have nothing against religion…just when it oppresses uneducated people.  But if you really want to debate the logic of that book, we can do that.  Though I think we’d get censored here. -Ravens

  • Cheryl Anne

    Leah Darrow was a model.. interesting & inspiring story!

  • Eenuff_said

    Pacquiao’s like King David….King David was a womanizer like Pacquiao but G-d eventually forgave him.

  • Jossef

    You’re too wordy… all I can say is that God uses anybody to defeat satan. Manny, our boxing hero is one of them. Hope you will realize what side of the fence do you belong!:-)

  • Jossef

    And I say you’re a propagandist and a ploy of the condomists! Hehe. Dont cry brother!

  • John

    But Manny had already done a lot for his people in Saranggani than you geniuses had ever done to your own community.  pls dont scatter your ignorance in this international forum.

  • wilbert

    Manny got to this roll because of good thing he has done as member of the Church, if anybody will try to discredit him for his shortcomings – well, like everybody else here nobody is perfect. Being in this roll for me doesn’t equates to something like being in a state of perfection like the sound of your thinking. Remember what Christ said on John 8:7 “When therefore they continued asking him, he lifted up himself, and said to them: He that is without sin among you, let him first cast a stone at her” -wilbert-

  • wilbert

    Propaganda for CBCP? Catholic Church biggest corporation? Another person who sounded like he knows everything in the Church and a person’s inner mind like to that of Manny Pacquiao. This is an article of United Kingdom not of CBCP and certainly for everybody. If you are a member of any “church” organisation and you call your “church” a corporation well that might be accurate because most “churches” established by so and so (self proclaim preacher, messenger) in Philippines operates really like a corporation = for money. First, it is worth knowing the teachings of the Early Christians (Christians who lived next to Apostles) when it comes to contraception and birth controls which is the main subject of RH Bill to understand why the Catholic Church opposes it instead of trying to relate Manny Pacquiao and his personal opinion maliciously to the Church. Visit www(dot)catholic(dot)com and search contraception and birth control, this is a very good website as well for every Catholic Christian who would like to know more about the faith.

  • wilbert

    It is good knowing them being commended for their good deeds to serve as an example to everyone than people who are envious, malicious and may have loss their self worth spreading vicious hate to everyone. 

  • tommo

    Wonderful examples to us all.  May God bless them in all their work.  

  • Pgbuskador

    Correction…it is NOT TRUE that Manny refuses to get a drug test. Manny ALWAYS CONFORMS to boxing rules of drug tests before and RIGHT AFTER the fight, but not the random drug test that Mayweather demands.

  • Froilan Grate

    Manny Pacquiao, seriously? Now I know what it takes to be an amazing young Catholic:
    1. beat people for money
    2. be the country’s largest beer endorser
    3. and cheat on your wife, not once or twice, but with as many woman as you can pay and fool

  • Mikayla


    It seems you don’t know much about the Catholic Church’s teaching about procreation.  While children are regarded as blessings, the Church permits family planning to space or limit children within marriage.  This permitted family planning is known by an umbrella term “natural family planning” (NFP).  The “natural” within the term refers not to being the antithesis of “artificial” although it is true that these methods do not place barriers between the sperm and egg or flood the woman’s system with artificial hormones.  Rather, the “natural” refers to Natural Law – a concept first articulated in ancient Greece but accepted and adapted in Christian theology. 

    Catholic couples requires “serious reason” (often mistranslated as “grave cause”) to use NFP to avoid conception, but Pope Paul VI made clear the field of serious reason can be very broad and are not limited to such grave externals such as famine, war, etc.  Basically, couples should be both generous and responsible in the transmission of new life and in their vocations of marriage and parenting.  John Paul II wrote extensively on this in “Man and Woman He Created Them: A Theology of the Body” – a work that has been interpreted and simplified for the non-philosophers among us or average “layperson in the pews” by writers such as Popcak, West, Smith, and many others.  These works explain why it is that NFP is permissible for serious cause while contraceptive methods  are not.  It comes down to metaphysics and theology, a Christian anthropology (or theology of the person), and an approach to the objective nature of an “action” more than simple “intent.”

    What being both generous and responsible means will be different for each couple, depending on their circumstances, individual natures and abilities.  For some, a very large family will combine generosity and responsibility harmoniously.  Others may have fewer children without being ungenerous.  Couples must prayerfully discern their circumstances and God’s call for them, and decide how best to live faithfully within the creative world of marriage with proper regard to their spouse and children already born.  Using NFP allows this decision to be made anew with each cycle of fertility. 

    There are a number of methods within NFP, including the Billings method (founded in the 1950′s in Australia, still being further developed and researched), the Creighton method (based on Billings and taught only by registered medical professionals) and the Marquette method (which uses the Clearblue Easy Fertility Monitor to detect ovulation and combined with an algorithm to determine the fertile window).  Georgetown University is currently working on two methods that would be of particular use for women/couples in developing countries, the “standard days method” and the “two-day method” – neither of which require literacy, charting or gadgets that may be out of financial reach. 

    These methods are all subject to proper scientific study and their efficacy rates are available in secular publications.  The perfect use and typical use efficacy of modern natural family planning methods varies somewhat between methods, but all are comparable to the efficacy of condoms or “the pill” in avoiding conception.  Modern NFP is not the maligned “rhythm method” with its famed poor efficacy. 

    NFP can also be used by couples wishing to achieve conception, and is helpful for couples struggling with infertility.  NaPro Technology gets the most press for this, with success rates similar to or higher than IVF for most couples, with much less cost involved. 

    I understand you are not Catholic and likely not religious.  I don’t expect you to agree with the theological or Christian anthropological underpinnings of the Church’s teaching on marriage, sexuality and procreation.  However, I do expect you to do a little research and avoid mischaracterising those teachings. 

    Also, the Church abhors and has always abhorred the abuse and/or abandonment of spouses and children.  I’m not even sure how that’s relevant, or why you brought it up.  Even grave abuse cannot nullify a sacrament (becoming a genocidal
    dictator cannot nullify baptism if done in proper form and with
    appropriate intent at the time; beating a spouse cannot nullify a
    marriage if it was done in proper form and with appropriate knowledge,
    freedom, consent and intent at the time.)  Perhaps because you think the Church believes a spouse should stay with their abuser spouse?  No – although the marriage may continue to exist, there is allowance for a spouse to separate from the other for serious cause.  Perhaps because you think a spouse must continue to have children with an abuser?  No – a spouse who is a danger to the other and/or their children would fall under “serious reason” to space or limit children.   Those who abuse and abandon spouses do so against the teaching of the Church.  One of the Church’s oldest works is the care of widows and orphans – whether these be literal, or figurative due to abandonment. 

  • Mikayla

    I just realised that I forgot to mention another prominent modern method of NFP in my list – the Sympto-Thermal Method (STM).  Apologies.

  • Anonymous

    How I wish I didn’t have to work for a living.

  • wilbert

    Manny got to this roll because of good thing he has done as member of the Church NOT to the criteria of a swallow and ill  minded, if anybody will try to discredit him for his shortcomings whether true or not, well, like everybody else here nobody is perfect. Being in this roll for me doesn’t equates to something like being in a state of perfection like the sound of your thinking. Remember what Christ said on John 8:7 “When therefore they continued asking him, he lifted up himself, and said to them: He that is without sin among you, let him first cast a stone at her”

  • Lcasibo

    My name is Leonides J. Casibo and Baptized in the name of the Father, the Son, and of the Holy Ghost……
    I am a Happy Catholic!

  • Diahann Dy

    God does not adapt to us. We men adapt to Him.  The Church is not there for a popularity contest or survey. It only speaks the Truth that has been established by Jesus Christ 2011 years ago. The sin of Onan (Onanism) in the Old Testament is the withdrawal method. When he spilled his seed to the ground while making love to his wife, God was angered and punished him with death. Why? It’s the misuse of sex.  It’s like bulimia. You find it disgusting to be eating and vomiting it bec you just want the pleasure of eating. The 10 Commandments are there to be followed not to be chosen like a multiple choice. Pills have always the component progesterone that will work as an abortifacient in case the ovulation is not prevented. 

    Bible isn’t working??? Whose fault it is? Not God for sure. The Church esp in the Phils may not be perfect in that it has not been too good probably of teaching and passing on the truths about the faith, but it’s not too late to start and there are many lay Catholics who are taking up the responsibilities of making sure that the future generation will not suffer the same fate. However, there are many who want to smother up the truth esp in the media. Satan is indeed working overtime. 

    Manny Pacquiao is honored as top 10 Catholics for his humility to acknowledge the graces of God in his winning fights and taking a strong stand in the (Un)Reproductive Health Bill which he is experiencing persecution in an unbloody manner. He may be a gambler and womanizer at times but remember he is not being hailed a saint as nobody is while living. And besides, the Catholic church can be both ways, a hotel for saints and a hospital for sinners. 

    And before you start parroting the sick, worn , old and weary arguments of overpopulation, maybe you should start reading more what is happening with the population implosion problem happening in Europe, in North America, in Japan, in Singapore , Russia and even in China!.  The up-to-date news is these countries are desperately trying to beg their people to multiply for the survival of their economy and race!.  So stop deluding yourself that Philippines is overpopulated. It’s population mismanagement and very very corrupt politicians. Aim your attacks on the media who just tries to  enthrall and numb the people’s mind with stupid entertainments catering to sensual and the baser instincts instead of being a tool for education and uplifting the minds of the people. 

    God does not owe us any change to his commands (remember it is not a suggestion, it is 10 Commandments), we owe Him allegiance and obedience for we find true Love and Freedom there. He has basically given us a choice. The narrow gate to Heaven or the wide road to perdition.  It’s like the GPS (global positioning device) or the road signs. We know where our destination would be but if you choose to follow your own path, be happy momentarily with the different stopovers towards the wrong direction but in the end you will be misery after arriving at the wrong destination.  

    THe world offers us comfort but we are made for greatness. And it follows tough training and personal sacrifice like what a boxer would do to prepare for world championships. No guts, no glory!

  • Diahann Dy

    Well, St. Peter denied Jesus 3x but Jesus still trusted him to be the Shepherd of His Church. All the apostles fled except St. John during his hour of trial and crucifixion. Matthew was a cheating tax collector. Mary Magdalene was an adulterer. Augustine had a child out of wedlock, a womanizer. I can go on and on and on even upto the present time wherein all the members of the Church in one way or another have skeletons in their closet. The whole point to be an amazing Catholic is to know that there is a good fight going on for the Kingdom of Christ. The Catholic Church is both a hotel and a hospital. Hotel for saints, hospital for the sick. As long as you struggle to overcome vice and sin and stay faithful to the teachings of Christ, anybody is amazing. He just stood out bec the Reproductive Health Bill is an epic battle going on, a clear fight between light and darkness and one can get persecuted by name-callings or harassments and can get anybody with weak faith to succumb to political correctness and pressure. That is what is being looked at by the Catholic Church.  We don’t seek perfect people but people striving for perfection. Christ did not come for the healthy people but for the sick people. 

    He is not being praised for his stand on an issue were many will turn their back and run away or stay apathetic or become disobedient to the teachings of Christ. 

  • Joy Kallivayalil

    Feels good to read about the young who keep their faith

  • ekn

    I’ve read that Manny Pacquiao, sadly, is now under the influence of a couple of Evangelical preachers. He is said to be “Born Again.” The Church in the Philippines asked him to become a “bible ambassador.” Any news if he has accepted it yet? I hope Pacquiao is still strong in his Catholic faith and not be influenced to leave the Church.