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The end game of the abortion lobby

SIR – Ed Condon (Cover story, January 21) rightly notes that “the real reason for the sudden crackdown on vocal opposition to abortion”, exemplified by the “buffer zone” campaign, is that “it is changing minds”; thanks to pro-life vigils the numbers of abortions are declining.

This is bad news for abortion providers, beset by scandals involving bad practice, and it also underlies the campaign to remove all legal protections surrounding abortion, for if it is legal in all circumstances, why scrutinise abortion providers so closely?

The “pro-choice” movement would deprive women of choice – of information regarding foetal development, what abortion actually entails, its negative outcomes, and the right to receive practical help and moral support to continue their pregnancies. “Pro-choice” means no choice, because if women were really allowed to choose they might choose life, undermining the claim that women need abortion.

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