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Castel Sant’Angelo: the indestructible fortress of the popes

The castle has a prominent role in the history of the Church

By on Sunday, 29 August 2010

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  • Wayneg87

    The Popes live in delicious splendor, just like Jesus did. Wait a min, Jesus didnt live in splendor. Peter didnt live in splendor. Oh, i got it. The catholic pope is a fraud. Ok, nevermind

  • John

    OH PLEASE!!!! So EVERYBODY should be born in a stable next to sheep and cows? I wasn't born in a stable. None of the people I know were born in a stable. I guess we're all frauds. Go to Rome and bulldoze St. Peters' Basilica. Or turn it into a homeless shelter. How about that? Oh wait, then you'll complain that the homeless people are living in “delicious?” splentor.

  • Denis

    You are quite right John we must not all live in squalor to prove our holiness or spirituality.Jesus was the best and his successors deserve the best

  • Tyrone Beiron

    While David and Solomon lived in fabulous palaces, the tabernacle (housing the Ark of the Covenant) was still a simple tent. God did not grudge against his annointed. Jesus' coming as a humble workman and common preacher was not an indictment against beauty, art or culture: his message was to reflect the God did not present himself in human terms, that is the beauty of grace. The splendour of our churches – its architecture, art etc. in the Vatican and elsewhere – do not belong to the Church per se, or the Pope or the clerics of Rome – but is a patrimony for all humanity. This beauty and art is intended to reflect God's greatness and glory and thereby draw more people to be inspired by the message of the Gospel. The beauty of the missionary churches across the globe attest to this, and the church continues to grow in the missionary areas. God – thankfully – does not think like men do.

  • Tyrone Beiron

    Does this apply to all civil servants of the state and the monarchy as well? After all the years of education this is the level of intellectual development we get posted online, that is the real squalor of the times. Why not demolish all the grand architectural wonders of our civilisation – why not be Amish and abandon all the conveniences of modernity and art for the sake of pietous imitation of Christ? In fact, the Gospel you may be preaching is nothing close to that which Jesus himself preached.

  • Tyrone Beiron

    Sorry Denis: the last thread was not directed at you. I had thought I misread your reply to John. I am not sure that the successors to Christ “deserve the best”. We are all heirs of the spiritual kingdom of God which is greater than all art and wealth. Sarcasm aside, we all do deserve the best and through humble toil (Jesus was a workman – tecton, in Greek), we have built great buildings and churches to reflect God's splendour. Today, many other buildings are built to reflect other splendour – like it or not, to house luxuary brands, great food joins, and corporate HQs – this is the way humanity expresses itself.