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Pope expresses shame at child abuse in the Church

Pope: ‘I express my deep sorrow to the innocent victims of these unspeakable crimes’

By on Saturday, 18 September 2010

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  • logos27

    The apology was a BIG mistake in my opinion. He's apologised once, and there was no need for an apology in the UK – which hasn't even had a major abuse scandal. He should have spoken with the victims and that's that. All this has done is made sure that nothing else he says for the rest of the day will get reported. After a week of nothing but abuse in the media, we had finally got to a stage where people were listening to what the Pope had to say on the mainstream themes of Christianity's place in society. Now he's given the media an excuse to drown that all out in more forty year old abuse stories. If he was going to apologise again, he should have preceded it by a statement that abuse was lower in the priesthood than society, but that it was still reprehensible. That would at least have struck a blow against the perception raised in the media that abuse is only a Catholic problem.

  • Mrs Doyle

    logos27: abuse is not just a Catholic problem, of course, sadly it occurs in mainstream society too. You say that numbers are lower in the church than in society, you may be right, I don't know (but please will you post your source for that? I'd be interested in the numbers, thanks :-). That's not the point, though. The point is that in society, child rape is recognised as a despicable crime for which the perpetrators should receive a severe punishment. In the Catholic Church it's called an illness and the perpetrators are shunted about so they can do it again and again; the aim being to conceal the crime, and protect the priests from prosecution.

    As I understand it, the man who is now pope was involved in trying to prevent the police from fully investigating the raping of children by priests.

    How can someone who did this have the moral authority to speak for any Christian, let alone the whole of Catholicism? Did the man who is now God's representative on Earth make a mistake that's potentially ruined the lives of thousands; a mistake made out of pride, arrogance, shame or hubris, thereby demonstrating how morally bankrupt are the power structures of the church? I hope so, because if it wasn't a mistake, then he represents an abhorrent God I want nothing to do with. There's a lot being talked about the perils of aggressive secularism, and what drives it. I'd suggest that the aggression stems from child rapist priests having been protected by the man who is now the pope. The secularism comes from thinking that if this is what God is about, then I want nothing to do with it.

  • witness2hope

    Pope Benedict's apology was not a mistake.

    The Catholic Church needs cleansing and penance. Pope's message isn't directed to the media, they are for the abused.

    If you haven't noticed, the Pope does not care much for the media because his job is not to win approval ratings — his job is to lead souls to Heaven.

  • witness2hope

    Since this is a open forum, please share your sources to everyone that leads to your conclusion that the “pope was involved in trying to prevent the police from fully investigating the raping of children by priests”?

    Educate us. Your pathos is misleading.

  • logos27

    The problem is that all these public apologies are just confirming the misapprehension among Catholics and non-Catholics that abuse is a primarily or particularly Catholic problem. They are just taken by the anti-Catholics in the media and elsewhere and used to dismay the faithful and turn those with little knowledge against the Church.

    Most people assume that the media are fair, and that the amount of coverage given to Catholic abuse relative to abuse outside the Church reflects the amount of abuse committed by Catholics compared to the amount committed by secular people and other faith groups. But it isn't.

    Media coverage and condemnation of Catholic abuse incidents

    Media comment and coverage of non-Catholic institutional abuse


    Actual proportion of abuse incidents committed by Catholics

    Actual proportion of non Catholic abuse

    That is why keeping apologising and having the critics demand more apologising and abasement without pointing out the true situation is harmful.

  • logos27

    Exactly. This is the sort of libelous slur that I'm talking about. There is exactly ZERO shadow of evidence that the Pope did any such thing. However there are so many people who just tell lie after lie about the Church.

    As for links for Catholic abuse being lower than elsewhere. How about:


    This a typical secular children's home story, but they are rarely given more than local media coverage

  • tiddles

    How about the police being allowed to see secret files in the Vatican,and criminals charged. Begging forgiveness and pious bleating will not wash.