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Benedict XVI arrives in Santiago de Compostela

Pontiff begins two-day pilgrimage to Spain

By on Saturday, 6 November 2010

Syndicated from Rome Reports

  • George Hall

    Dear Editor, As a Vigo born (Galicia, NW Spain) British citizen I feel doubly blessed this year with HH Pope Benedict XVI's visit to the UK where I went to school with the Benedictines (Worth & Downside) did my National Service and studied at Christ Church, Oxford, and now His Holiness' visit to to Santiago de Compostela to whom I have a special devotion. I have also lived in Barcelona (16 yrs) where I worked for a British Company, so I had visited the early building of the Sagrada Familia, now very advanced and showed in great magnificence during its consecration by the Pope. Thank you for your cover of both events. Sincerely, George Hall –