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Vatican proposes a world government to stabilise the financial system

The Holy See has released a new document with ambitious proposals to tackle the world’s debt crisis

By on Monday, 24 October 2011

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  • Stephen Hand

    Is the Vatican becoming myopic calling for global authority on economic matters? Here’s the zinger line which troubles me,
    “The “new world dynamics,” it said, call for a “gradual, balanced transfer of a part of each nation’s powers to a world authority and to regional authorities.” The UN? A “part”? What, pray, would happen if a nation demands to withdraw its “part”? Sanctions? War? Will there be a clause “with teeth” which gives nations the right to withdraw?

    But what do Christ and Belial have in common even in these limited areas, given a world culture of nihilism? Catholic authorities I think should stick to Catholic nations and not presume to speak in terms of precise juridical solutions for other nations. Principles are one thing. Juridical proposals which are binding quite another.

    Then there is the question of whether any transnational authority would accept all the Vatican qualifications which amount to transforming the secularist vision of a new economic and moral order in a Catholic
    direction….See the slew of articles at this thread

    and click “older posts” at the bottom of each page to see more.

  • Greg

    Will the person who runs this one world government be the Antichrist.  Or Tony Blair?

  • Timothy

    This is prophesied in the Bible as it was taught by God, Through Herbert W Armstrong!

  • Anonymous

    Please! No world-government until we can get off.

  • Maryam

    It’s hard for me to accept that the Vatican might be calling for a world government or central world bank. If a world government or even bank were ever established, all of the power would be concentrated in the hands of a few. With the Vatican so often upset by the work of the UN and the EU, with its pro-abortion agenda, what on earth would make a world government any different? It would be far worse. Can someone please shed some insight? I’m Catholic and will stay a Catholic, but I find this very surprising.

  • Martin Nieland

    A world government is way overdue. World government is, primarily, an anti-war and anti-violence endgame (for nationalism is at the root of all war): ranking peace-justice before narrow sex-morality is equally overdue. Only secondarily is world government for banker-bashing or markets control (why must we be obsessed with the material per se as opposed to the spiritual as a first resort whence material justice may flow). Some of us have been in favour of world government for its primary purpose since we were children decades ago (inculcated with our catechism). World government, or even just global thinking, is a very Catholic way to approach things. One body. One Christ. One Kingdom.


    Sure. with the pope as the head of it all….wonder what would happen to all born again Prostestant believers?   By the way, did you ever think that the only MEN who change their names are : Gangsters, Actors, Professional Wrestlers and Popes? 

  • Martin Nieland

    History has disqualified all religious leaders from being political ones. The whole point of world government is that violence is rendered to history. In the long run, no government is necessary at all – not to promote anarchy - but because society has evolved for the better: we all have all become sufficiently mature. This can happen only by spiritual means: a complete argument for this assertion is presented in the non-partisan volume “Nine Seahorses: A Plea For Sanity InThree Parts”. “Catholic” has always meant “universal”. No discrimination of any hue is justifiable. “Catholic thinking” is not equivalent to “Catholic authority”. If we do happen to be Christian believers, we might care not to underestimate the power of the Holy Spirit wherever two or three gather to set a common and worthwhile moral compass.

  • Reuben

    Let’s not over-complicate things. History is strewn with religious/political leaders, not least Mohammad, the Kalifs and the Popes. What has been foretold in the Bible will come to pass with a world leader who in the name of peace will destroy many – the antichrist. In the end, true Christians will have to choose between Jesus (“the way, the truth and the life”) and the Pope.

  • Martin Nieland

    Blessed are the peacemakers

  • Reuben

    I agree, but we are talking about ideas and their consequences. Are we called to get into bed with future world dictators in the name of peace? I think this is a dangerous development, given human history.

  • Reuben

    I agree, but we are talking about ideas and their consequences. Are we called to get into bed with future world dictators in the name of peace? I think this is a dangerous development, given human history.     

  • Martin Nieland

    Who said anything about dictators?

  • Reuben

    I suppose you could take the optimistic view that it is possible to have a benevolent and democratic world government. Is there a historic precedent other than Babel?

  • Martin Nieland

    No precedent – the culture needs to evolve. Talking about things amongst ourselves helps!

  • Reuben

    Culture evolves in all kinds of directions and not all of it is glorifying to God. I actually think world government will be a wonderful thing, but only when Jesus Himself (not another in His place or in His name) returns to rule. As Christians we should look out that we are not deceived and be aware of the signs of the times, in politics, culture and religion. The apostle Paul certainly thought highly of the Bereans who examined all teachings, even Paul’s own, according to scripture.

  • Martin Nieland

    The mechanisms and nuances of culture are better understood within the culture itself than they are buried and hidden in it – only to be harnessed by those willing to use fear to further secular ends. Only when Christians appreciate that submission to divine authority (and loving care) trumps human authority at every trick and turn will they sing from the same hymn sheet. World government as an interim arrangement will have to serve everybody in a climate of “spiritual equality” regardless of folks’ positions, if any, along religious dimensions. The watchword is tolerance – not a new word or a new debate, but certainly an unfinished one.